9 Questionable Back To School Displays

By this time, hopefully you’ve stocked up on your various back to school essentials. But for those of you who are dashing off to Staples to scrape at the bottom of the barrel back to school bargains, be prepared for some rather unconventional store displays. The new school year may have started but that good old summer brain fog remains.

1. Back 2 School Booze
BTS Liquor

(Photo: Twitter)

 2. E.P.T= Good Deal For School

back to school pregnancy tests

(Photo: Twitter)

3. Back to School Knivesback to school knives

(Photo: Twitter)

4. Back to School Corona

BTS Carona

 (Photo: Twitter)

5. Back To School WINE (now we’re talking)

BTS Wine

(Photo: Twitter)

6. Back To School Trojans

BTS Magmums

 (Photo: Blogspot.com)

7. Back To Campus Essentials: Plastic Limbs

BTS feet and hands

(Photo: Failblog.org)

8. Back-To-School Maternity!

BTS Maternity

(Photo: FailBlog.org)

9. College Central In The Lingerie

BTS college

(Photo: FailBlog.org)

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  • Paul White

    Every teacher I know is stocking up on the booze….so I think those are expected

  • Emmali Lucia

    I think most of these are for college students going back to school.

    Except for the maternity wear, I have no idea about that one.

    • Justme

      Pregnant zombie walk?

  • TwentiSomething Mom

    I guess when the kids go back to school, mom and dad will be having lots of sex and drinking lots of booze with all of the free time they’ll have.

    • LadyClodia

      Thus making more kids (ie. pregnancy test and maternity clothes.) It’s a vicious cycle.

  • keelhaulrose

    You need a little booze to celebrate at the bus stop!

  • Psych Student

    Plus, all the college students should be using the condoms!

  • Andy

    I’m assuming a lot of these are taken in college towns? Seriously, some of them could have been in the Walmart or Target in the town I went to college in, and I can understand the knives for a culinary student. Well, except for the maternity one, that has me stumped. Not to mention the severed hands and feet.

  • http://sarahhollowell.com/ Sarah Hollowell

    That last one is just badly placed. It’s from Target, where I do almost all of my college shopping, and the one in my town has you going PAST the lingerie section to their giant college sale.