Hilarious Bride Walks Down The Aisle To Buckcherry Song, Gets Slut Shamed

There is nothing more boring than a wedding that takes itself too seriously. You know the type: the ceremony is an hour long, they play Wagner‘s “Wedding March” and someone reads from Corinthians (VOMIT). Nope, not my kind of wedding at all. My kind of wedding needs some PIZZAZZ.

Theresa Semonski, who I have dubbed the “Crazy Bitch Bride,” has gotten a lot of flack from various websites about her controversial choice of wedding song. Namely, Buckcherry’s “Crazy Bitch,” a song whose claim to fame is being inspired by the Paris Hilton sex tape. Now I understand some of the criticism. I wouldn’t personally perform a song with lyrics like “scream so loud / getting fuckin’ laid” and “she’s fucks so good / I’m on top of it” in front of kids, but I’m withholding judgment.

The little kids in attendance aside, this mom rocks. The video was uploaded by her daughter to YouTube a few days ago.

Predictably, the YouTube comments go beyond simply calling it tacky as they attack this woman’s family, her kids, her looks, her weight, her lifestyle, etc. They call her a “redneck,” a terrible mother and a whore, and many of them poke fun at her being a 43-year-old grandmother:

crazybride3 crazybride2 crazybride1

The best part? I am fairly certain Theresa is trolling all of us. After reading the literally hundreds of angry and annoyed comments, Theresa responded with this gem:

“who made the rule on how my wedding should be and just so you know it was my wedding at my house and they were my guests if and when you ever find anyone to marry your narrow minded self you can have your wedding at your location with your guests in your way and guess what I will respect your choice because I live in the USA and that is what we do here. And thank you to all my friends and family (including my son) who fight or have fought for my freedom to do this

Wow I can promise I am not pregnant and I will bet my IQ is higher then yours and guess what I am employed with a great job and in my job I care for all different people with no judgment. WE had a wedding for us the craziness that is in our heads and all our friends and family get it. Have been told it was greatest wedding people have been too. You all just upset that you don’t have creativity or the balls to live your life freely like we do. Thank GOD I live in the USA

See everyone loved it I have total self respect and proud of everything I do with no regrets and thank GOD I can defend this. All those people are my family they grew up with me and raised me. I stand by this and so does my husband friends and family. All I wish is that I can find a wider shot so you all can see all the guests dancing and rocking out like we always do. I am a 43 year old grandma who rocks out and enjoys life. Proud of me and my family so all that are out there ROCK ON”

Whether she’s a clever troll that wanted to capitalize on her kick ass wedding or a regular ole’ biker chick who just wanted to live her life, I say rock on indeed, Theresa. Rock on.

(Photo: YouTube)

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  • Momma425

    Having just gotten married, I can tell you that planning a wedding can be so lame. You want to do something out of the box that people will remember. And then you visit websites and realize every idea in the whole world has been thought of before and your wedding that you worked for an entire year to plan, caused endlessfights with your fiance as well as probably your mother…will be forgotten about faster than the guests digest your thousand dollar cake.
    This is not the route I would personally choose, but hey. Nobody is ever going to forget this wedding.
    Rock on indeed!

  • Andy

    Not my choice, but also not my wedding-good for her for doing what SHE wanted for her day. As an aside, I flat out refused to have The Wedding March and walked down the aisle to a fiddle playing “Down by the Salley Gardens”, as a nod to my Irish heritage. Oh, I also scandalized more than a few people when I refused to have some crazy updo and a blusher veil-neither one of which is my style at all.

    • Katherine Handcock

      Oh, so much love for using “Down by the Salley Gardens”! I love that tune!

  • Gangle

    Millions of people all over the world get married every single day, and they choose to celebrate in a variety of different ways. This woman chose to have this song. Really, is it worth judging her over it? Aren’t there more important things out there?

    • Rachel

      Aren’t there more important things out there?
      Not to internet trolls…some people just don’t seem to have a life.

  • Rachel Sea

    The stupidity of the trash-talking aside, I’m baffled by people hating on her for being a 43 year old grandma. My grandmas were both in their early 40s when I was born, because they had their first kids in their early 20s, and so did my mom.

    • Gangle

      Yeah, I had to wonder at that too. My mum became a grandmother in her 40s.. what is so weird about that?

    • Ptownsteveschick

      Yeah totally not weird. My mom only just turned 49 and my daughter is 2. She had me when she was 23 so I could have easily gotten pregnant at 20. Everyone in these people’s families have babies in their late 30′s or what?

    • Emmali Lucia

      I WISH my grandparents were in their forties when I was born.

      My mother was 41 when I was born, not only do I not have very good memories with my grandmother (The only one who survived long enough for me to remember her, I only remember visiting her in the old folks home and her funeral), I’m not going to have my mother able-bodied and around as long as I’d like.

      Sorry for unloading on you. I just always wish I could have a younger family. My oldest cousin is old enough to be my father.

    • AStewart

      I understand, my mum was only 27 when she had me but she’s the baby of the family by 10 years so her sisters are 66, 64 and 60. My Nana was 65 when I was born and got Alzhiemers when I was a teen (died when I was 15). On the contrary, my boyfriend’s grandma is only 69 (would have been 46 when he was born) and still going strong.
      Something I think is that we can make our own family out of friends, so I hope that helps.

      In Britain in the 1950s/60s it wouldn’t have been uncommon for daughters to have their first babies while their mother was either still having them or raising a baby (pre-contraceptive pill). My Aunty Ann had a baby when my mum was a toddler, and my Nana would have only been 40 then. It’s really not that weird! Odd how it has become that way.

      I wouldn’t have that song for my wedding, but I do enjoy it, for what it’s worth.

    • Muggle

      Funny story: My grandmother was a grandmother in her early 40s. Bonus points: she was a grandmother before my mom was born!

      I think people just can’t do math and didn’t realize that the ages in their heads only matched up to 33, because I made the same mistake.

  • name

    The only problem I see is the kids in attendance, but if their parents were aware of what was going to happen and brought them anyway, well, that’s their thing.

    • Rachel Sea

      Meh, if the kids didn’t understand the song lyrics, there is no problem, and if they did, it’s too late anyway.

    • CG

      Yeah I think she should have had a disclaimer for the parents in attendance…it should be their choice to expose their kids to that or not. Otherwise, its pretty funny and I imagine it was great fun for people who actually know that couple.

  • Ptownsteveschick

    I probably would not choose that song. But I do love blonde guy’s face when he hears the swear words, like “what? is that a swear? Oh no! Another one! Let me hold you close 10yr old son who has certainly never heard a swear in a song lyric before! Oh hang on a sec, let me snap a cell pic of her walking down the aisle.” Pure hilarity.

    • http://fairlyoddmedia.com/ Frances Locke

      Right? That is my FAVE part. I honestly think this whole thing was planned out (and the vocals seems a bit too clear, so there may be some dubbing) but regardless, that part cracked me up! This woman is hilarious.

  • Mary

    I think it would have been more appropriate at the reception with a warning to her guests “i’m going to be singing about fucking so keep the kids at home” she was singing, right?

  • JLH1986

    Not the song I would choose but as someone who was recently married. Everyone has an opinion on EVERYTHING. We opted not to have kids at our wedding (fucking meltdown, the vitriol I received was ridiculous) but it was OUR wedding. This was THEIR wedding, if that’s what they wanted, more power to them.

  • Beagle321

    Well, I support her right to have whatever song she chooses at her wedding, but I have the corresponding right to have an opinon about it. I would keep it to myself normally, but since this is a public discussion, here goes: that song is totally inappropriate for a wedding. It is a song about a man who hates this woman and uses her simply for sex. She is using that song as she walks down the aisle to her husband-to-be? It seems that her intent is for us to presume that theirs is the relationship of the sort described in the song: he thinks she’s a “crazy bitch,” but will marry her because she’s good in bed. Nice. I think that’s a trashy way to celebrate a marriage. It’s not slut shaming at all. There you have it.

    • Amber

      You can have your own opinion but you don’t get to decide what she thinks of her marriage based on a song choice.

      She did it because she thought it would be funny and fun not because her husband hates her and just sees her as a sex doll.

  • Elisa Probert

    From some of the comments she’s gotten, I expected some half-naked pole dancing or something. LOL Not just a few gyrations! But hey, maybe she IS a crazy bitch. I would’ve picked something less swear-y to convey it. On the plus side, not in a church, so not violating some holy tradition, because guess what – non-religious people get married too! (though I got told by a preacher’s wife I would not be able to find anyone who would conduct a non-religious ceremony)

    I had no music. I had a song set up on my phone, but my father in law couldn’t figure out how to start it. So no musics for me. I was playing it safe with “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, which I only found out that day was also the wedding song in Twilight, which made me sad because I freakin’ hate Twilight.

  • SDA

    Meh, it is pretty trashy, but to each their own. It isn’t so beyond the pale that I would tear her apart online.

  • Ashley Bottoms

    I am all for freedom of choice and freedom of speech, but there is also a little ditty that I like to call “respect for others”. This bride, in my opinion, has none and only thinks of herself…not a great way to start a “union”.

    If this bride wanted to have a backyard barbeque with the neighbors, that is one thing. But they invited families and their children, and what she did was completely disrespectful to them all. We all make choices, and we all do things that make us happy, but these people came out to celebrate the couple. The least that the couple could do is to show back that same mutual respect, instead of trampling on it.

    I can see from watching the video that there were some people who were confused and highly offended by this display, and they had a right to be. Were they even told in their invitations what was going to transpire, or was this someone’s idea of a sick joke gone awry?

    I do not care what this bride does or who she is. It is her actions that ultimately define her…and her actions here in this video have spoken volumes…and it is atrocious! Shame on you!

  • Justsaying

    To the guys that are talking shit, you must be out of your mind. Why would you even care about some chicks wedding. You guys need to look down and make sure that you are not really female. All of the people who know her are just laughing at you guys.

  • ElleJai

    Here’s my thoughts.

    Did she enjoy her own wedding? Did the husband and most guests?

    If yes, great wedding. If no, there were probably more reasons than the song she walked down the aisle to.

    None of my damn business anyway. I wasn’t there and one short video cannot reflect the entire wedding.

  • NickNack

    Weddings are supposed to be unique, and fit the people that are getting married. I’d much rather see a unique wedding that is memorable, than some generic thing that’s put together the way “everyone else” has done theirs. Would I have chosen that song? No, I wouldn’t, but I’m also not this bride. I can tell you I didn’t walk down the aisle to the wedding march though. I’m sure her family and friends know her, and after it was all said and done, I doubt any of them were really that surprised. Initially a little taken aback, sure, but surprised after it sank in? Doubt it. Also, if those people commenting want to act like they don’t have that song in their iTunes, let them lie to themselves. Everyone listened to that thing when it came out, questionable lyrics or not. Also, why do these strangers even care that much to call someone something as horrible as a slut? They don’t even know this woman.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rick.mossop Rick Mossop

    I don’t think she was “slut shamed”. I think she was “trash” shamed. What do you expect with all the class warfare being promulgated in the U.S.?

  • Persistent Cat

    A wedding ceremony is about your guests as much as it is about the couple. Hosting an event means taking your guests into consideration. We’re now in a society where everything is about “being myself” so it no longer matters how your actions affect others. And she brought the military into it? Really?

    And no one’s wedding is unique. Everything you think you’re doing for the first time has been done. Kooky cakes, kooky songs, kooky dances, it’s all been done.

  • Talia Gamble

    I think this is AMAZING!!!