Teen Charged With Murder After Hitting A Cyclist And Tweeting About His Love Of Idiotic Driving

cody hall charged with murderPeople like this kid scare me to death. Cody Hall, who is 18, was very fond of posting Tweets saying stuff like “Come on a death ride with me” and posting photos of his speedometer clocking high speeds. he also referred to his car as a “death trap.” I’m sure he would have happily been living his life, driving like an asshole and endangering everyone, until he struck and killed a woman riding her bike. From The Huffington Post:

Cody Hall, of Pleasanton, was being held without bail after he was charged Wednesday with the murder of 58-year-old Diana Hersevoort, the San Francisco Chronicle and Oakland Tribune reported.

Hall was going more than 80 mph in a 40 mph zone when he hit Hersevoort and her husband along a busy boulevard in Dublin on June 9, prosecutors allege. Hersevoort’s husband only broke an arm, but she was killed.

An analysis of Hall’s driving record, along with Twitter posts in which he discussed how fast he liked to drive, persuaded prosecutors to change the charge to murder, the Alameda County district attorney’s office told the Chronicle.



I have a teenager who is just learning how to drive and stuff like this makes me so nervous. I’m not crazy about driving to begin with, but the idea of my easily-distracted teen getting behind the wheel really freaks me out. I know he will follow rules and speed limits but I also have to worry about people like Cody Hall being out there on the highways too.

( Image: Pleasanton Police/twitter)

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  • DMH

    Smh. I’m just speechless. *sigh*

    • DMH

      Afterthought: in my town, there aren’t a lot of sidewalks. Just some areas along the main road heading north, and part of a street by a retirement community. We live on the side of town where grass meets road. That said, when I take my 14 month old for walks in his stroller, we always walk in the direction of oncoming traffic, on the same side as the oncoming traffic, and stop well off to the side when a vehicle approaches. Even yet, I’m still extremely cautious and watching out for our safety when we’re walking. Idiots like this little bastard make me scared to even walk my son.

  • chickadee

    And we’ve landed back on the issue of social media as confessional platform. Do these kids understand the lack of privacy regarding social media? Unlike the Roman Catholic confessional, Twitter isn’t sacred. Or consequence-free.

    • JLH1986

      No I don’t think they do. Mostly because their parents aren’t checking or providing consequences before the law is involved. One of my friends has a teenage son who completed a drug deal on Facebook. Her response? He is a teenager. No consequence. So they think police following up is a fluke thing or when it’s a major deal and someone “narcs” on them to the cops. Again it starts at home. Had my mother seen posts where I was driving recklessly and needlessly fast, she would have taken the car from me. This boy’s parents either didn’t think to check the social media (which I think is just ridiculous at this point to not even know to check, or they did and didn’t follow through with any repercussions.

    • whiteroses

      Wow. I wonder if these parents know that eventually, their kids won’t be kids anymore. It’s a lot easier to teach your kids to take responsibility for their own actions BEFORE the cops get involved. Not being able to drive for a week is a hell of a lot easier to swallow than doing 15 to 20 because you killed someone.

      Ever since my son was born, I’ve always tried to keep in mind that eventually, he will be an adult. I can’t raise him as if he’ll be a child forever. Right now, he’s an adorable 1 year old with chubby cheeks who can barely walk- but eventually, he’ll have to answer for his own actions.

    • JLH1986

      Agreed. My parents were very stern when I was young, but when I became older they didn’t need to be as stern because I already knew the score. Once I was friends with the bully girl, she wrote a nasty letter to another girl and I knew and did nothing. My mother and father made me write an apology to the girl for not stopping the bully, I was grounded for 2 weeks (felt like a lifetime at 10), and I was forbidden to see that girl again. My parents warned me if it happened again my ass was grass. Now though so many parents are like “he’s just a baby” or “boys will be boys” “ugh, teenage girls”. So few seem to get that this baby will one day be an adult and if you don’t do a good job parenting, there is a real possibility that they’ll be an asshole adult. Kudos for making the hard call and providing discipline and being a good role model. There are so few it seems.

    • Rachel Sea

      It’s not just kids. Last night a friend of mine who is 56 years old posted about punching some guy who was yelling at him, and by his description, it was criminal battery. Stupid criminal behavior aside, how can ANYONE think it is anything other than a monumentally stupid idea to post about breaking the law on social media? I mean, honestly, if you have 600 “friends” what are the odds that one or two of them don’t actually like you enough to cover for you when you commit a crime, hmm?

    • Emmali Lucia

      This has been happening long before Facebook.

      Apparently this man was put in jail for drug smuggling and he got out by getting his wife to hide drugs and then he would miraculously “Find” them for the cops. Only problem was that the wife took poloroids of herself hiding the drugs.

      Human beings in general are really dumb, we like to show off when we break the rules, which just makes it that much easier to get caught.

  • Annie

    I hope they do a thorough psychological test on this kid, because after reading through his posts and seeing what other people have to say about him, it sounds like he might have trouble with manic episodes.

    Not that this excuses his actions, and on that note I believe his parents should be held partially responsible for giving him access to a vehicle despite knowledge of his behavior, but it should be taken into consideration.

  • Tea

    I read this as I am waiting for my new bicycle to arrive (Really, I got dressed like a not-slacker and everything to camp out for the UPS guy). Now, as a visually impaired person in a country town with no sidewalks, I’m kind of terrified.

  • Iwill Findu

    What I want to know is how the fuck did he pass his drivers in the first place?

  • http://www.facebook.com/valerisexton.jones Valeri Jones

    So, my best friend all growing up liked to drive all fast and crazy like that. We have a street in a neighborhood here that has what we like to call “butterfly hills” on them. You know the ones that drop off suddenly and make your belly feel all full of butterflies? Her favorite thing to do was to drive about 80 mph (in a 35 mph speed zone) over these hills. And it was all fun and games…. Until she wrecked her car and killed herself (age 17), her little sister (age 15) and permanently disabled another passenger in her vehicle, as well as seriously injuring a 4th. And the very worst part about it? There is absolutely no way that I can wish she would have survived if the other people didn’t. She never would have been able to live with herself knowing that she killed her little sister and hurt those other two boys.

    Please don’t text and drive, people. Please don’t drive like maniacs. Please watch the road and be conscious of other drivers and pedestrians and everyone else. PLEASE.