Netflix Makes A Push To Include More Kid’s Shows But Will Probably Still Suck

proxy__1376838161_142.196.156.251Netflix hasn’t pinned down the family demographic yet, and I’m not surprised. Its selection of kid’s shows sucks.

This week the company announced it would be partnering with Scholastic to bring more children’s shows to the site. Multiple seasons of Harry the Dirty DogDanny the DinosaurThe Magic School Bus and Goosebumps will be available for instant streaming.

From Huffington Post:

While Netflix has 38 million members worldwide, the majority of its subscribers don’t have children. According to digital advertising company Quantcast, 56 percent of Netflix’s streaming customers are childless. Enticing parents, ever eager to find new ways to entertain their children, to subscribe is one way Netflix can substantially grow its number of customers.

Honestly, I’ve never recommended Netflix to anyone. I kind of think it sucks. If it weren’t for Orange is the New Black, Arrested Development, and Breaking Bad – I would have cancelled my membership already. I almost never use it to entertain my child.

If there is some awesome programming I just haven’t found yet, please let me know. I keep seeing the same old movies my child has no interest in. He’s an animation snob. There’s virtually no Pixar stuff on Netflix and if you try to find a newer Disney movie – it won’t happen. Apparently there’s a Disney Pixar agreement on the books for 2014, but until then -what to watch? No Toy Story, Despicable Me, Monster’s Inc, Bee Story, Shrek, Rio -nothing. I don’t think I should keep letting my almost 3-year-old watch Rango – the only movie he is currently interested in. It’s pretty creepy and dark.

So, let’s share some shows, shall we? If you are a parent who uses Netflix to occasionally entertain your child, what shows does he or she like to watch? I am desperate here. I also exist and occasionally watch things that are not animated so if you have any cool movie recommendations you can include that, too.

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  • Aniangel

    I love netflix, head over to and use their search tool to find some great older movies. They recently dropped Viacom and lost the nickelodeon shows, my kids don’t miss them, but they are slowing adding disney content.

    • Kiers Kay

      This is great! I just found Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Lol…

  • Justme

    How old is he? What about some classic older movies like The Sandlot or The Goonies? Are they available on Netflix?

    And I’m right there with you on OITNB – it’s pretty much the only reason I signed up for my free month subscription.

    • Maria Guido

      Ugh! I binged-watched it over the past few weeks and already finished it. I guess that’s good because I will finally start getting some sleep – i’ve been staying up waaaay to late.

    • Justme

      But as with anything, I’m kind of sad I finished it so quick – now I have to wait until next year to watch Season 2!

  • Snarktopus

    My daughter is obsessed with My Little Pony lately, so we let her watch that via Netflix. They also have some older Cartoon Network offerings, like Powerpuff Girls and Courage the Cowardly Dog. As far as kids movies, they have a few Studio Ghibli films like Ponyo.

  • Valeri Jones

    My son loves My Little Pony, Curious George, and The Lorax. And I watch Bones on Netflix, even though I’ve seen every episode a thousand times. It’s my go-to go-to-sleep fix.

  • Blueathena623

    Curious George, Super Why

    • Maria Guido

      He does love Super Why – but we can also get that one on PBS.

  • LilStinker

    My 2.5 year old loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Chuck & Friends, Noonbory and the Super Seven, Lunar Jim, Handy Manny, and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

    • LilStinker

      Also, Wild Kratts.

  • curiositykeeper

    H2O, Mako Mermaids, Princess protection movie, Good luck Charlie. It’s plenty for $7 a month.

  • Kiers Kay

    My 5 year old girl likes The Andy Griffith Show, Wild Kratts, Martha Speaks, The Reluctant Dragon, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and DreamWorks has a bunch of shows on there. The Lorax is streaming right now, there is a lot of content. We’ve canceled cable and have Netflix, Hulu Plus, and we have Amazon Prime which comes with free streaming.

    • Maria Guido

      Amazon Prime comes with free streaming? Did not know this and I have it!

    • chickadee

      Yes! It’s really excellent.

    • Eve Vawter

      It’s awesome . Between amazon and Netflix it’s wonderful. Also Marie I think the iron giant is on Netflix which is a big fave of ours plus that jerkface Ted Plath wrote it

    • chickadee

      LOVE the Iron Giant. Also, Amazon has MST3K episodes….

    • Eve Vawter

      My kids are all so into MST3K…

    • Kiers Kay

      Yes! You can also purchase movies and shows. We have bought Yo Gabba Gabba, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, Monsters Inc, Rise of the Guardians, Frankenweenie, and a goofy Olsen twins Halloween movie. We’ll never buy another DVD. My mom and sister are going to buy her Amazon gift cards for her b-day so she can buy her favorite Disney Chanel shows. I don’t think we’ll ever go back to cable.

    • Kiers Kay

      And I swear we don’t sit around and watch TV all the time. We actually watch less now. We have a Samsung smart TV and all the apps just download to the TV.

    • brebay

      My son rolled his eyes at Andy Griffith because it was black & white, but I made him sit through a couple episodes and now it’s his favorite, he’s watched every episode.

    • Kiers Kay

      Hahaha… My daughter was like, “Why is this show grey? I like color.” But now she wants to watch it.

  • EB

    Ditched the cable and have Netflix, hulu plus and amazon prime. Love it and don’t miss cable at all. My daughter currently likes The Aristocats. For a while she was all about The Lorax. She also likes the Shrek and Madacascar short stories. As for series, she likes Wild Kratts and Sesame Street.

    • chickadee

      And they have classic episodes of SS, which is awesome.

    • Sparklepony

      Word! No cable. I use my Roku and it has a PBS app, with new episodes of crap like Arthur, Word Girl, etc.

      Plus, what kid wouldn’t like King of the Hill?!

  • Paul White

    Netflix DVDs is awesome. Netflix streaming? No. Amazon Prime is much better and a bit cheaper.
    It’s not exactly Netflix’s fault; content providers are being absolute butts about streaming in general and are trying to charge absurd amounts of money for streaming access.

  • CK

    I’m so glad that I’m not the only one that found Netflix to be lacking. We tried to go satellite free earlier this summer, and rely on Roku, with a Netflix subscription. It did not go well. There was a severe lack of Disney, which is what we gravitate towards. I think I only found a couple things that made me want to keep it, but not really enough to actually keep it. I just canceled it this week.

    If your little one is into ocean life, they did have an animated Jacques Cousteau series.

    • chickadee

      We wanted to go cable-free, but there were a few crucial shown that weren’t available on Hulu plus, and then there’s the major issue of MotoGP, football, and soccer. Also PBS.

    • CK

      Yeah, we were worried about missing the few shows that we really like, too. Hooking up the laptop to the TV just didn’t cut it for us. Having to remember when things air, then watch while it’s online seems like way too much work, especially with DVR. I like not being tied to the TV, but still able to watch things we like at our leisure. Even when I was high school, I would set my VCR to tape things so I could watch them when I had time. The original DVR. lol

    • Sparklepony

      I went cable free. I got a cheap HD antenna to get HD PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC etc. I get like 7 PBS stations free! Then I got a Roku (2 actually), and signed up for Netflix, HuluPlus and AmazonPrime. Amazon Prime just got HGTV, so I am so happy.

      Took my tv budget from $60.00+ a month to $15. I don’t include Amazon Prime in that because we use it for groceries, cat food, books, etc.

  • chickadee

    I love Netflix, but my children are watching stuff that we watch. But Netflix has tons of stuff that you can’t find other places unless you buy them–documentaries and foreign films and anime. We have cable for sports and for Bravo, AMC, and the Food Network.

    When the girls were small, though, they would watch the same movies over and over again, so our collection usually sufficed.

  • Sarahsa

    My kids- aged 3, 5, 9 and 11- all love netflix. They watch Jem, My little Pony, Xmen, old Disney shows, older Disney movies like Mulan, Hunchback, & Pocahontas, Guess with Jess (kind of like Blue’s Clues), Johnny Test, Pinky Dinky Doo, all the PBS shows (yes, you can watch them on TV but watching a specific episode whenever you want has its perks), Frannie’s Feet, all the Tinkerbell movies, Eloise, all kinds of super hero stuff… the list goes on and on. They can always find something. My older kids watch stuff like Malcolm in the Middle and Futurama, and a lot of documentaries.

    • Rebecca

      Yep. My Kids Are 4 And 5. They Love The Old Super Mario series, And The Magic SchoolBus, On ToP Of Everything You Mentioned. The Authors Kid Must Be A Budding Movie CRitic, BecauseMy Kids Will Watch Anything.

  • Emmali Lucia


    They need to bring in Golden Girls and Are You Afraid of the Dark and I will never leave this house again.

  • Emmali Lucia

    They have some really good kids shows from the 90s on Netflicks by the way. Rugrats and Hey Arnold were my favourites when I was a child (I’m aging myself, I know).

    In fact, I’m going through the kid area of netflicks right now and they have TONS of good stuff. I won’t lie, about half of them I wouldn’t show to a three-year-old (Courage the Cowardly Dog, Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and Rango are wayy too dark for someone under 8)

    In fact, why the heck is Rango on the kids section? That is not a kids movie.

    Also, have they seen Nightmare Before Christmas? It might be too much for your son but I watched it for the first time when I was three, it’s one of my earliest memories. :D Great movie, probably one of the reasons why I have such a large vocabulary.

    They have the Master of Disguise on the kids section of Netflicks, too. HOW OLD ARE THESE KIDS SUPPOSED TO BE? 20?

    I also didn’t see it on here, but if you don’t want to scar your children for life (And this is a warning to everyone) DON’T let them watch Scooby Doo on Zombie Island, I was about 6 or 7 when that came out, I was scared out of my wits by the zombies for at least a decade.

    • Eve Vawter

      I love billy and Mandy sooooo much

    • Emmali Lucia

      My favourite quote from that show was something along the lines of “Fish don’t have feelings, they’re made of cardboard/Styrofoam!”

    • Eve Vawter

      It’s just so brilliant. so many great lines. I love how badass Mandy is too

    • Sundaydrive00

      Master of Disguise and Rango are totally a kids’ movies, and there is nothing wrong with that. Kid doesn’t mean preschoolers, its movies that kids 12 and under would like. When you look up the information for each movie on Netflix, you’ll see on the right side that there are also many sub categories for the movie/tv shows. They both listed as movies for children 8-10 and 11-12. Most kids over 8 can easily handle both those movies.

    • Tusconian

      I think you’re biased regarding what counts as a “kid’s show” based on the fact that your kid is 3. Rango and Master of Disguise are kid’s movies, or at least “family movies.”

      Not an attack, it’s just a trend I see everywhere, where “children” is code for “preschoolers” and “family” is code for “adults with preschool aged children and babies,” as if teenagers and children over 6or 7 don’t exist, or aren’t part of families.

    • Emmali Lucia

      I don’t have any kids. My dogs are 3 and 4 though. But they don’t really watch television.

      I think of kids shows as shows for those under the age of 9ish, I guess 3 would be more “Baby” shows. I was totally under the impression that Rango was PG-13, I guess I was wrong. I actually just went on IMDB to check out their parental guide, apparently MoD wasn’t as bad as I thought (I thought there was a lot of profanity in it, I guess there was a lot of potty humour though).

      Here’s Rango’s, in case anyone was interested:

  • Toaster

    If you think US Netflix sucks you should try Canadian Netflix! There’s a huge amount of content that isn’t available to us and it’s really annoying. It’s one of the only streaming services we have so it is better than nothing.

    We actually get DVDs from the library a lot, free and still no commercials! On Netflix my son watches My Little Pony and Sesame Street.

    • brebay

      I’m dying for the new Dance Academy, you lucky Canadians! We won’t get it until long after you have it!


      True dat. I didn’t even realise Americans even had Disney content until now. :( I’m pretty sure we still have Nick programs on there though, at least I thought I remembered seeing them recently. Some of my own favourite shows are on Netflix in the US but not here. Kids selection doesn’t look too horrible though, honestly. My kid sister LOVES Netflix, and there’s that entire section that shows you just the kids selection.

    • BłuOwl

      I’ve recently moved to Canada and missed my Netflix something fierce as well. You can try finding a VPN service, you can access US Netflix using one very easily. It’s a godsend!

  • Eve Vawter

    I think powerpuff girls is on Netflix

    • Rebecca

      Yes It Is!

  • lin

    My kids love Netflix. They’ve never complained about missing cable. I thought they may miss Disney Jr, but they have gotten into new shows. Wil Kratts, Mario Show, lots and lots for my 5 year old like Beyblades and superhero stuff. So many movies too. I don’t think we’ll run out of things to watch anytime soon!

  • Liz Hollingdale

    Garfield!!! Both the new and old version…my son loves it!

  • LadyDream

    My 7 year old nieghbor loves to come over and watch Netflix. We usually watch it together, Wild Kratts is our current favorite. I also have a 3 year old boy who comes with his mom. Kids can watch the same thing over and over and over again, so that won’t be a problem if we watch everything. And I can entertain them both with the same show while they play. Both like Super Why. I can also preview any movies to make sure it IS a kids movie. I was pick about what my own child watches and there are even more bad choices to be made now. So, yes, I like Netflix. I love Pixar so I’m happy to watch with them. I haven’t watched TV since before it all went cable. I much prefer watching shows without commercials, idiotic news flashes and previews that I don’t want to see, and certainly wouldn’t want a child to see. Netflix has finally started to make good on their cc for the deaf and both kids like that I always have it on. The little girl’s family does have cable off and on, but she likes coming over and picking out her own show on Netflix.

  • Gretta

    Yes we had Netflix but we dropped it. Kid selection sucked.

  • brebay

    Yeah, they suck, but for 9 bucks a month I get a few good shows. I like to watch re-runs of shows I’ve already seen while sleeping or doing paperwork, then I don’t focus on it 100%. And a movie night with the kiddo once a week, you can usually find something. It’s practically free, really, but if the rates go up, I’m out!

  • Sparklepony

    They have Disney movies on Netflix. Dumbo, Mulan 1 and 2, Pocahontas, etc. I know they’re getting more. Plus lots of episodes of Arthur. I love that fricking aardvark. And My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Jem, etc. No older MLP episodes unfortunately.

    Have you tried browsing here? They have a crapton of the Cartoon Network and Adult Swim shows too.

  • kris

    When I was in England, it was really interesting to pull up my Netflix account and see what we could watch. We watched a lot of Charlie and Lola for three weeks.

  • Luke

    there is all kinds of disney movies on their already, just need to know how to search for all the tinkerbells have been their since just after release