TGI Friday Open Thread: Where The Hell Did Summer Go?

It seems just yesterday I was complaining about my kids being home for the summer and now it’s all ready back to school time. What the hell? Where did the summer go?  My kids go back on Tuesday and I am scrambling getting their clothes and supplies ready and dreading waking up 30 minutes early to pack lunches for three kids and trying to get organized so I don’t end up losing my mind. I am excited for them to go back but I will admit I will miss them hanging around all day. I just feel like the summer has gone by so fast.

I haven’t done half the things I wanted to do! I didn’t get to go anywhere or tackle half the fun and not so fun projects I had lined up around my house. I haven’t had nearly enough fun yet and I am all ready getting catalogues in the mail featuring Halloween costumes!

When do your kids go back to school? How have you spent your summer vacation? Did you all make fun foofoo cocktails and have giant water balloon fights with out me? Are you looking forward to BTS or are you dreading packing lunches like I am?

Tell meeee! GO! GO! GO!

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  • keelhaulrose

    My oldest is going to Kindergarten a week from Monday.
    I’m sure that weekend and that day I’ll be a wreck and wanting another week or year or so, but I’ve counted seven back-to-school events from last night to the day she goes, and I’m ready for all that mess to be over.

  • TngldBlue

    I live in the mitten where this year we had two seasons: winter and almost winter…except for those five days where it was 110 degrees and you couldn’t enjoy being outside anyway. Mother nature can be a real bitch.

    • Blahblah

      Preach it. We didn’t even bother to go to the lake once this year. The weather was just wrong for it.

  • Katie L.

    My kid isn’t school age yet, but I am a teacher and I head back to my classroom next week to start getting it ready. Part of me is looking forward to it but I am not looking forward to the getting up early.

    I did make pretty good progress on my summer chore list though. I’m currently taking a break from cleaning out our laundry/storage room. And by cleaning, I mean arguing with my husband about his pathological need to keep t-shirts from college.

    • Rachel Sea

      Your husband and my wife could start a club.

    • Katie L.

      If their clubhouse has big closets where they can keep all those damn t-shirts I will cut a check for dues right now.

    • Paul White

      My wife has bras and dresses she keeps solely for sentimental value. I do not get it.

  • Ptownsteveschick

    My daughter isn’t in school yet, but I can’t wait for school to start so that the tourists will go home and I can use my cell phone on the weekend again. And I went to bed last night thinking well, I guess it is fall now, and woke up to sunny blue summer skies.Still getting used to this North Coast living.

  • Alex Lee

    We still have two weeks of summer before school starts.

    Combine that with us taking the kids out of school for a week in November for a Disney Cruise. With the AquaDunk water slide. And the new Avengers Academy on ship. And mojitos. And riding dolphins in Cozumel. And Christmas with Mickey.

    OK. ready for downvotes.

    • Eve Vawter


    • keelhaulrose

      When my youngest is a bit older my mom wants to resurrect our family tradition of a week in December or January at Disney, but not winter break weeks. So I’d have to pull the kids out of school. I don’t think it’s the end of the world, as long as you talk to their teachers well in advance.

    • Rachel Sea

      Can I be one of your kids? I would very much like to bugger off work for a week in November.

    • Tea

      … Need a disabled Disney guide? :D

    • Alex Lee

      Yep. That will be me cutting in front of everyone to get a soft pretzel and a Mickey ice cream bar.

      I’m left-handed. That’s a handicap.

    • Beth

      The mojitos are what would make that survivable. The combination of a drunken state and a sugar high is the only thing that would prevent me from looking at my watching saying “We are pulling into port in two days, eleven hours and fourteen minutes…”

  • Charlene Ross

    It’s true, summer does seem to go by too fast. My kids go back next week. And while I’m ready (my 13yo is driving me crazy), I feel like we didn’t do enough this summer. We had a few beach days and a day at the water park, but no vacation, nothing very thrilling. And yeah, I’ve got to get my back to school shopping done too. (And don’t even talk to me about packing lunches – ugh!)

  • Justme

    I’m so ready for a routine again, but also dreading transitioning my toddler back to full-time day-care. She’s going to HATE not being able to be naked all day long.

  • CrazyFor Kate

    No kids. BUT I am heading back to school next week – on the other side of the desk. MWAHAHA FEAR ME CHILDREN!

    • Eve Vawter


  • Blahblah

    How I Spent Summer Vacation.

    By: Blahblah Age 23

    I tried to take some PTO at work. When I looked at the calender in May, every single week this summer was booked up. So my summer was spent working in a hospital laundry. It was stuffy and hot and I work with crazy people. The End.

    Snax now?

    • Ptownsteveschick

      My husband works in hospital housekeeping, as a stay at home mom in a town where I know no one, the drama between the crazy people keeps me endlessly entertained.
      *Throws snax*

    • Blahblah

      My fiance loves to hear the crazy stories. “You work with grown adults! How does this happen!” We also have a war with the housekeeping department. And the dietary department. It’s crazy.

  • Emmali Lucia

    My summer vacation doesn’t even start until August 24th. It ends on September 23rd and I’m not looking forward to having nothing to do for a whole month. Maybe I’ll find a good place to volunteer for, I need to be around people. Either that or I’ll just sit around the gym. They have free classes and I could just work out all day long.

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