Frantic Bride Calls 911 To Report Stolen Wedding Dress And Dispatcher Saves The Day

This story can only be summed up in GIF form so sorry because I am all:


EeeeEEeEEEeEEE! OK so get this, a bride in Washington State called 911 in a total panic because some jerkface broke into her car and stole her wedding dress. Who does that to a bride? WHO? I mean, come on, it’s not like you can mistake a dry cleaning or garment bag for a bag of drugs or a laptop bag or a bag of money, it’s obvious when you steal a garment bag from a car it has clothing in it. Stupid criminal, stupid wedding ruining criminal. So the bride calls 911 obviously freaking out and the 911 operator takes down her information and and and!!!!

From Fox News:

“I finally figured out what was going on, and asked when the ceremony was scheduled,” Candice, who only wanted to give her first name, told The News Tribune. “When she said ‘today,’ my heart broke in two for her.”

When she got off the phone, Candice asked her supervisor if she could offer her dress, which she wore in her own wedding just 18 months prior, to the bride.

“All through the call I was thinking, ‘I have a dress …’” she said.

With her supervisor’s approval, Candice got hold of the police officer who responded to the scene and texted the officer a picture of her dress to show the bride.

The bride said she believed it would fit her, so Candice and her husband went to her parents’ house, retrieved the dress, and dropped it off at the bride’s fiancé’s home.

It was all:

And the bride wore the dress and it fit her and she texted the 911 operator to tell her thank you and her wedding went off without a hitch!

Do you love people? I love people. How awesome that the dress fit and that the operator offered and I NEED TO GO HUG MY CAT AND DANCE AROUND WITH HIM NOW.

(Image: Maryna Kulchytska/shutterstock)

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  • TwentiSomething Mom

    What an amazing story! Not only because the operator actually cared, but the fact that she had a dress and it fit the bride. I hope the new bride and groom take the operator and her husband out for dinner to celebrate.

    • Eve Vawter

      all I want are a million followups to this story where they both have babies at the same time and those babies grow up and get married and one of them wears the dress.

  • keelhaulrose

    Faith in humanity restored. For now.

  • kitten

    omg i love this. *tear

  • CrazyFor Kate

    This is a lovely story, and criminal is a massive douchebag…but why did the bride call 911? Yes, it was an important emergency to her, but the regular police line would have been better. 911 should be, like, heart attacks or house on fire or intruder in your room. Sorry, just really bugs me when people call 911 for something NOT a life-threatening emergency.

    • Sundaydrive00

      Someone broke into her car and stole something. If a crime happens it is perfectly acceptable to call 911.

    • Amber

      It’s regional. Where I live it would be absolutely unacceptable to call 911 for someone breaking into your car and stealing something.

    • Sundaydrive00

      So you’re just expected to have all the local police numbers in the country memorized? That just seems odd.

      What if she wasn’t from the area?

      I while ago I was having problems with my neighbor being loud at all hours of the night, what sounded like violent fights with his girlfriend, and drug use that was causing my apartment to smell. I asked my local police station who to call when I have problems, and they told me that if I need the police for any reason to call 911. Even if its a late night noise complaint. I would do the same if I was traveling somewhere else in the country. And really, a car break in where stuff was stolen seems to be a perfectly good reason to call, and not just someone being a bridezilla.

    • Amber

      We have a non emergency police number which is 311. I’m guessing that larger cities probably are more likely to have a non emergency number so that 911 doesn’t get overwhelmed and just let people having true emergencies die.

      I never called this woman a bridezilla or told you what you should do in your community. I said it’s regional, which it is.

      If she was in my city and called 911 for this, they would tell her to hang up and call 311. If you were here and called for a noise complaint, they would politely tell you the same and hang up on you. If you called back, then you could face criminal charges for a false 911 call.

      I’m not insulting anyone by saying any of that, it’s just the facts. Which is why some people think calling 911 over this is a little weird. In some communities it would be, in some it wouldn’t. Nothing to get worked up over.

    • Annona

      It depends on where you live. Here, they want you to call 911 for EVERYTHING. My husband has to call 911 all the time at the park where he works because of things like vandalism and car break-ins. They used to call the “non-emergency” number, but they got bitched out by the watch commander for doing so…if it’s a crime, no matter how small, it has to go through 911 dispatch, even if a cop isn’t going to the scene right away. The “non-emergency” number is for things like following up on police reports or trying to get in touch with a specific officer. Everything else is 911.

    • CrazyFor Kate

      Ok, wasn’t aware of that. It’s different where I live. Unless someone’s in serious danger you go through the non-emergency line, driving to the ER instead of an ambulance, etc. Of course any fire goes straight to 911 because that spreads fast.

    • SusannahJoy

      That’s the way it was where I used to live. You’d get in major trouble if you called 911 when it wasn’t an emergency. Where I am now though, they don’t have a non emergency police line, so I think I’m supposed to just call 911? There was a big fight down the street a few months ago, and I seriously spent half an hour trying to find a number to call, before giving up because one of the people fighting drove off anyway.

      But how amazing is that dispatcher! And how lucky that the dress fit! And yay for the bride for not being all “But now I don’t have my dream dress and my wedding is ruined!”

  • Whitney

    YAY for them and awesome people! Cue waterworks!

  • bernadette

    Who the hell calls 911 to report a stolen wedding dress? What a colossal waste of community resources.

    • BLeighve

      Where I live, you’re supposed to call 911 no matter what happens, even for like, stray dogs and noise complaints and stuff like that. Someone stole her property, and her wedding was *that* day, what else should she have done??