Horrific Tragedy As Man Commits Suicide In Maternity Ward Of Hospital After Wife Gives Birth

shutterstock_104336624__1376381678_74.134.205.46This is so sad for so many reasons and I think I personally have always assumed that babies signify hope and promise and it’s hard to be really sad or depressed when you witness a baby coming into this world. But this is obviously a naive thought and babies don’t solve everything, especially for someone who is severely depressed or suffering from suicidal thoughts. A man in Houston shot himself in front of his wife an hour after she gave birth on Sunday. According to KHOU.com:

Police said the 32-year-old man, who had recently been distraught, shot himself while in a room with his wife at Willowbrook Methodist Hospital.

No one else was inside the room, but some reported hearing what sounded like arguing shortly before the shots were fired.

The man was flown to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The hospital has a strict “No Gun” policy, but the shooting left some hospital visitors wondering  about security.

How awful for the poor parents of this baby and also the other patients in the hospital, especially those who were on the maternity ward. There is no information about why the father was so distraught and I can’t imagine what would drive someone to suicide, especially in a public place after his spouse just had a baby.I think we all wish something could have been done to prevent this.

I hope the mother is getting the support she needs to heal from this and I can’t help wondering about  the baby, especially when they are old enough to learn about the circumstances of their birth. What a terrible way to come into the world.

(Photo:  VILevi/shutterstock)

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  • LadyClodia

    This is just so incredibly sad.

  • Annie

    This story makes me want to set everything aside and slowly curl up into a ball on the floor. How awful for everybody.

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      The worst thing is I just saw a picture of the couple. amazingly cute family too

  • Ptownsteveschick

    This is super sad. But all I can think of is why did they take him to a different hospital?

    • MeganSayers

      I just had the exact same reaction.

    • Justme

      Maybe the first hospital wasn’t a trauma center?

    • Alex

      It’s possible that the hospital that she delivered the baby at may not have had an emergency department or trauma center sufficiently equipped to handle gunshot patients.

  • http://sarahhollowell.com/ Sarah Hollowell

    Nope I can’t deal with this. The idea of having her husband commit suicide in front of her and her newborn is more awful than I can handle today, and on top of that, gunshot suicides are not pretty. Like they are completely horrifying. I can’t. Jeez. I really hope she has a lot of support around her right now.

  • Justme

    Fucking asshole.

  • Chad

    Pretty damn obvious what happened here. White couple. The Woman was the typical modern day White female – she cheated. Baby was different color. She told him about her affair. He’s stressed out because the baby might not be his.

    Baby is born and it’s Black – he can’t stand it. She turned what should have been the best day of his life (Fatherhood) into an absolutely hellish nightmare, and he ended it.

    The reason he had the gun was obvious – he knew he was going to do it if the child wasn’t his, and it wasn’t.

    A prime example of why White males have to let White females go. They aren’t worth it anymore.

    • Caitlin

      All I have the say to this comment is holy what the fuck?

    • Chad

      What are you having trouble with, Caitlin?

    • Sundaydrive00

      Everything, I’m going to guess she (and many others) are having trouble with everything you just said. I hat Caitlin’s exact reaction when reading your comment. What the fuck?!

    • Chad

      But I’m not getting what’s confusing about it?

    • Sundaydrive00

      Nothing is confusing. Its just that is a very strange (not to mention racist and sexist) scenario you came up with.

    • Chad

      It’s the logical and most likely scenario. Not sure how it’s racist or sexist.

    • Sundaydrive00

      Saying that your typical modern day white female cheats is sexist.

      Saying the father shot himself because the baby is black is racist.

    • Chad

      First comment is factual; they absolutely do.

      Second comment is semi-factual, and wholly logical. A White father who’s wife cheats on him with a Black guy and has a Black baby is not going to be happy about it and stay. In most cases, he’d leave out-right and leave her disgusting self, in some cases, like this one, he’ll be crippled by shame, hurt, sorrow, humiliation, agony, and the soul-crushing effect of having his best moment (Fatherhood) turned into a living nightmare, he will kill himself in utter defeat and hopelessness.

    • Sundaydrive00

      I’m going to need data and sources to back up what you claim to be factual information.

      And we don’t know what happened, so you can’t say “in this case” because you don’t know. I would say with almost 99.99% certainty though, that it is not actually what happened.

    • Chad

      Simply be honest with yourself and look at all the White women you know.

      Finding the stats will require digging. Female infidelity is not really looked at, or calculated the same way male infidelity is. In-fact, Female infidelity is largely celebrated and/or sympathized with.

      You’ll see a lot of women use the “I’m sure she had a good reason”; “He must have been doing something wrong” etc. excuses.

    • Iwill Findu

      White women or white trash, because I happen to know lots of women from both groups, and I think you’re confusing the two.

    • Chad

      I don’t see much difference today, honestly. I think we like to call them ‘White Trash’ because their behaviour is trashy.. unfortunately, they are just what passes for the normal, modern day White female these days.

      Look at the plethora of cases of married White female teachers cheating on their husbands with students. Heck, I remember the one with the White female teacher having trains run on her by Black students in her own home she shared with her husband and children.

      And the weak, pathetic loser stayed with her.


    • Iwill Findu

      You clearly don’t know the right women then, because I for one would never cheat on my husband, and I don’t think my close group of friends would, but I can’t really speak for them. I know they haven’t as of yet. And the women that I know that have cheated on their husbands were white trash and prone to cheating long before they got married.

    • Véronique Houde

      clearly you are hurt and scarred and taking out your frustrations on a feminist blog. it’s sad, really… Can I buy you a coffee so you can let your frustrations out? Actually, never mind. Perhaps you need more serious help than what I can offer.

    • Chad

      Actually, I’m far from ‘hurt’ or ‘scarred’. I simply observe reality. Reality shows how White women are. I type about how White women really are. You think all those articles of married White females cheating on their husbands with their students are fake or something, Veronique?

    • Véronique Houde

      you’re just so awesome.

    • Chad

      I’m ordinary. Nothing special. Just a guy who sees reality and exposes it.

    • Iwill Findu

      sees reality and exposes it? I’m pretty sure you’re wrapped up in your own little reality that has little to no ground in the reality the rest of us live in.

    • Mark N

      He (was) obviously not the father I think we can all agree on that :/

    • Mark N

      Chad man idk in a way it could have been his out. He couldve left her skank ass along with the other mans child and started over. Im not sure suicide was really necessary this guy had no brains sheesh

    • Ennis Demeter

      Did he bring a gun along to the hospital just in case the baby was born black? Also: you are hilarious.

    • OhHeyDelilah

      Er, moderators, can we get this trolling bullshit removed please?

    • Chad

      How is it trolling?

    • http://www.theepicadventurer.com/ Julia

      Because it is willfully prejudiced and derails the thread.

    • http://www.theepicadventurer.com/ Julia

      Yes – mods please get in here.

    • Tusconian

      You know, us black folk always get a shrieking barrage of hateful “race card” comments every time we discuss race in a situation where race is an obvious factor, yet here is a situation where race isn’t even remotely relevant, and you cooked up some Birth of a Nation, anti-woman bullshit on the spot for no apparent reason. WHO IS PLAYING THE RACE CARD HERE?

    • Annie

      Sounds like somebody has a dog in this race!

    • Iwill Findu

      Sorry I just reread the thing and nowhere does it say anything about the race of the women, her husband or their child.

    • Chad

      Michael Carl Nobles

    • Iwill Findu

      A persons name doesn’t tell you what their race is jackass.

    • Chad

      Google his name.

    • That one guy with a funny hat

      I’m in agreement with Chad.

      The manner of which Michael choose to kill himself in front of his wife seems to be revenge driven. I think he knew the baby wasn’t his and has probably been struggling with this for awhile now.

      I honestly hope she looks at her mixed baby everyday and feels shame and regret for destroying her husband.

    • Chad

      I don’t think a woman capable of doing that has the qualities needed to feel shame and regret. Hopefully her family abandons her in shame, though.

    • wholtone

      The name of the mother is Kendra German Nobles. She has a Facebook profile with public photos posted. Guess what? The baby is WHITE.

    • Natural Harmonia

      Doesn’t mean the baby was his though. Could’ve been from another white man.

    • S.S. Stokes

      I hope you’ve received help for your apparent mental illness.

    • Timothy Johsnon

      I agree. Clearly, she cheated and he knew it. Rather than deal with having all of his money taken from him in the misandrous court system, and being forced to pay alimony and child support for some ghetto-rat’s baby, effectively ruining his life, he decided to get even.

      Its the most logical scenario.

    • Ennis Demeter

      Yeah, he showed her.

  • Soubiet

    Bet he was on anti depressants.

    • Otis

      I call BS on the whole story. No mention of the hospital name or city.

    • Mr Wong

      lol yes like everyone else in the USSA. the problem is there is no moral guidance in the US anymore and the women suck. If I was an american cauasian male I would learn russian, get to moscow and do business, because there women are BEAUTIFUL and they do not have this femininst BS which you seem to get in the western nations.

  • Guest

    this is happened because some men always cheat many men doing this for revenge

    • Mark N

      What? Post that gibberish one more time please

  • annika larsdottir

    this is happened because some men always cheat many women doing this for revenge

  • Guest

    if long time ago, before the ide of feminism arise men is faithful this tragedy wouldn’t hapened women do some revenge and cheating too like men always did, don’t blame women infidelity for what hapened today, it’s all previous generations of men fault,

  • annika larsdottir

    if long time ago, before the ide of feminism arise men is unfaithful, this tragedy wouldn’t hapened and some women do some revenge and cheating too like men always did, don’t blame women infidelity for what hapened today, it’s all previous generations of men fault,

    • Chang Ling

      bull shit, women cheat because they want strange cock, it’s that plain and simple. It’s got nothing to do with the husband, or their feelings, or lack of attention, they want strange dick and they don’t care who gets hurt as long they get a strange hard one between their legs. End of story!!

    • Mark N

      See this is what i dont get. You are saying since men (some sure) act like dogs, women should do the same…. Im confused wouldnt women want to take the higher more self respecting road rather than mimicking the behaviors of sleazy men they so passionately hate?

  • M Woods

    I feel so sorry for his spouse and child. How selfish was he to do such thing. Maybe he is happy now burning in hell.

  • the

    my wife just had a baby. i know how he feels i want the same my life is over, im glad he had the guts to do what he wanted. R.I.P my friend

    • Mark N


  • Christian Brouillette

    Some men really do not want to have children. I believe this guy was upset about the prospect of being a dad and felt this was his only way out. Sad really.