Steubenville Case Prompts ‘Social Media Education’ Project, But It Should Be Prompting ‘Don’t Be Lecherous Rapist’ Project

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 3.22.26 PMA federal prosecutor in West Virginia is using the Steubenville rape case to educate athletes about being responsible when texting and making posts on the Internet. Because if Steubenville taught us anything it’s that teenagers need help figuring out what is and isn’t okay to post to social media, right? Yeah, no. I’m going to go with it showed us that some teenagers need to be taught how to not violate others, commit felonious acts, and generally be despicable rapists with no remorse.

From The Associated Press:

U.S. Attorney William J. Ihlenfeld called the combination of alcohol, smartphones and social media “extremely volatile” in introducing a program Thursday that will be rolled out this month at 11 high schools.

“We thought, ‘Let’s start calling athletic directors and coaches to see if they’re interested.’ That investment of time hopefully will pay dividends down the road, not only because you hope the kids are going to stay out of trouble. Social media creates so many distractions off the field for coaches. Maybe we can help them avoid that situation as well.”

Yeah, maybe we could kill two birds with one stone, huh Ihleneld? Teach students to be sure not to tape their next rape and also teach them to concentrate more at football practice. Genius. Am I conscious right now?

The program was unveiled in Wheeling, which is 26 miles south of Steubenville. It comes on the heels of a drug education program started by Ihlenfeld’s office last year called “Project Future.” The latest program, dubbed “Project Future Two-a-Days,” includes 15 minutes focusing on drugs and alcohol and 15 minutes on social media.

“We bring the perspective of ‘OK, if you do this, this is what can happen. We don’t want to see you in court,’ ” Ihlenfeld said.

We don’t want to see you in court! It’s too bad a young girl’s life was changed forever and she had atrocious, felonious acts performed on her – but “Project Future” definitely won’t be talking about rape. We’ll spend 15 minutes on drugs and alcohol and 15 minutes on social media. If only the Steubenville rape hadn’t been taped and everyone wasn’t so drunk those fine young gentlemen would still be playing football. That’s the real lesson here, isn’t it?

Ihlenfeld said the Steubenville case “was eye opening – one night with high school students involved with alcohol, (smartphones) and social media, how that can change the lives of those involved forever.”

“Ihlenfeld invited colleges and other high schools interested in the program to contact him. Ihlenfeld’s district in northern West Virginia covers 32 counties.” Great. Could someone please tell this guy he is full of shit?

(photo: YouTube)

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  • Paul White

    So….the problem is NOT that the raped her, it’s that they put pictures up?
    Yep, priorities. They matter.

    • alice

      I read more about the program, and apparently it deals with scenarios like “if your friend asks you to hold these illegal pills for five minutes, you could go to jail for 20 years if you’re caught…”

      which is all well and good. i could see a District Attorney wanting to (re)educate teens on the consequences of what they might perceive as noncriminal or victimless actions.

      but he is DIRECTLY relating this program to a Rape Conviction and Social Media.


  • Kheldarson

    I’m gonna go be ashamed of my state over here in the corner, kay? We are so backward when it comes to sex ed…

  • Mystik Spiral

    Awesome. So now, instead of teaching people not to rape other people, we’ll just teach them not to take pictures. So not only will the raping not stop, but now there will be less or no concrete proof.


  • AlexMMR

    So the message I got was “hey you dumb dumbs, don’t get caught! The first rule of rape club, don’t post pictures of rape club!”

  • Cee

    Ah, teaching people how to get away with a dehumanizing crime. Yep, right direction.

  • Blueathena623

    The only positive message I could see from this would be “if you receive *something* (pictures, video, incriminating texts) don’t forward them and alert authorities immediately.” Because with so many other cases like this, a girl has to live with what happened (bad enough) and the fact that the material has been seen by so many people.
    Obviously, obviously, the primary message HAS to be don’t rape, but if it does happen and gets distributed, teens need to learn that it should stop with them and they should tell an adult (although maybe not a football coach)

  • Haradanohime

    “Rape did not exist before social media. Therefore if people stop using social media the raping will stop!” At least that’s what I seem to be reading. If people didn’t drink and use drugs they wouldn’t be tempted to take naughty pictures that could ruin their football careers! Forget about the fact rape is one of the oldest crimes in the book. It’s all about the EVIL Social Media!

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