This Husband Would Like To Use His Wife’s Breast Milk To Make A Delicious Mushroom Sauce, No Big

shutterstock_147444134__1375013567_142.196.156.251I have job envy. I’d really like to be Dear Prudence. People respect her opinion and are dying for her opinion and are always asking for her opinion. People usually just yell at me when they hear mine. Not fair. On this beautiful Sunday morning, I am going to morph into Prudence and answer one of her reader’s questions.

Dear Prudence,
I am a new mother of a lovely 4-month-old baby girl. My husband has been curious about my lactation, and I allowed him to taste some (from a bottle that I pumped). Now, he wants more. He thinks this sweet, fatty milk product would be perfect for a creamy mushroom pasta sauce. This disgusts me. Turning breast milk into food for adults feels a bit like making margaritas from my sweat. My husband argues that since we have plenty of supply and it wouldn’t hurt the baby, I should just let him try it and get over my repulsion. Am I being unreasonable?

—Lactating Lady


Dear Lactating Lady,

Your husband sounds like a total weirdo. If he wants a sweet, fatty milk product, tell him to add some sugar to heavy cream and call it a day.

– Maria

I don’t want to drink my breast milk. I don’t want my husband to drink my breast milk. Breast milk is for babies. You’re not convenience store, you’re a lactating mother. What’s next – is he going to want to dip some Oreos in a nice, tall glass of it? Are you going to have to work overtime to keep up your supply for your baby and whatever newfangled recipe your foodie husband decides would work better with breast milk? I’m pretty sure there is a reason why breast milk has never been listed as an ingredient in any cookbook, ever.

My husband tasted my breast milk once. He said he wasn’t comfortable giving anything to the baby that he hadn’t tried. He also tried the formula and the first batch of baby food I made. Whatever. I thought it was a little weird. I would have thought it was really weird if he wanted to come back for seconds. Why? Because he can just drink regular milk that can be purchased and not produced in my mammary glands. I don’t need the extra work, thank you very much.

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  • Valeri Jones

    Meh. Personally, I don’t really see the big deal about it. You drink milk that comes from a cow’s boobs. Why not use the milk that comes from your wife’s to make pasta? If she’s grossed out by it, she doesn’t have to eat it. And, obviously, he can’t be using breastmilk for any and all recipes because that would be hurting the baby by taking away his milk supply. I guess it all comes down to what the mom is comfortable with. And it seems this mom is obviously not okay with it. So I’m gonna say no to that. But if my husband wanted to try it? I think I’d be okay with it.

    • Andrea

      Maybe this analogy works: we eat cow flesh..we don’t eat human flesh.

      But I agree that I may take that too far. I personally would have found it kinda gross, not to mention a little weird. I felt enough of a cow when I was breastfeeding, I didn’t need additional “customers”

    • Valeri Jones

      I don’t think consuming a person’s milk and consuming their flesh is in the same category at all. We are talking about drinking a fluid that is produced by the body. Eating the body would mean the person would cease to exist. I feel like that’s on a totally different level.

      Also, I agree with other commenters. Why is it considered weird for an adult to drink it, but not a baby or a toddler?

    • Andrea

      I don’t know. It’s probably a cultural bias. I think it’s icky. In this particular letter however, the woman doesn’t like it. I think that’s enough of a reason for husband to back off.

    • Valeri Jones

      I don’t find it icky or anything, but I think how the mom feels about it needs to be THE MOST important consideration.

    • Anonymos

      No Andrea…
      A wife should understand that….she should do such which is better to keep her family healthy.

      As i can imagine that every wife want to see Her HUsband and Kids in Better HEalth…and Her Milk is quite beneficial for the whole family…as it comes from a Hygienically safe source…made as per the need of the human body…
      Although Cow milk is used generally…But just think…Hoe could an animal Metabolism produce milk according to the need of Human Body
      Human Metabolism is entirely different than thee animal
      Google the effects of Breast milk vs Cow milk

    • Anonymos

      Boobs produce Milk…regardless Who is consuming Child or an Adult
      The more a woma breastfeed or pump out the more she would consume

      Its a supply & demand process

    • Eve Vawter

      You guys are having “Cannibalism sunday” with out me :(

  • allie

    My husband uses mine in his coffee. I wouldn’t care if he wanted to make a sauce out of it. Its no weirder to me than drinking other milk products. Cow and goats milk are the same thing really. We just have mine at home on tap.

    I don’t see what makes the husband in question a weirdo…the answer is kinda offensive. Its not weird or gross to give it to a human baby or toddler why is it weird for anyone older to drink it?

    • Valeri Jones

      I’ve often wondered what kind of health benefits there would be to humans if they never stopped drinking breast milk….

    • ElleJai

      Better kidney health for a start. I found out after being diagnosed with kidney problems that breast milk would have helped but I’d given up on trying to boost my supply by then. Ah well. I didn’t like the taste anyway .

    • Anonymos

      It increase Immune in Adults…Good for their HEalth…Save from Prostate Cancer…Better for safeguarding from Asthama…A Cure for Cancer…
      As well as save Females from Ovarian,Breast Cancer, Save from Arthritis etc

    • Eve Vawter

      Back up! I need to know things!
      1: Do you just stand over his steaming mug oh Joe and squirt it in?

      2: WOULD it work it you foamed it like a cappuccino?

      3: Do you ever use it against him and say stuff like : ‘NO PAL, I GET THE LAST OREO BECAUSE I MAKE YOUR COFFEE IN THE MORNING? ”
      I need to know these things.

    • Annonymus

      I agree….Every mammal produce milk…Same as HUman Female got Boobs to Produce… Boobs function is to produce milk not for Fashion….So if a female produce milk for the Better health of her family
      There is nothing Bad in that…But todays woman has just wan to present their boobs to show off

  • ElleJai

    The only reason I wouldn’t do it is because my supply was ridiculously low. That and I didn’t like the taste (neither did DH, way too sweet); the only thing worse was the taste of formula lol. It’s no weirder than cow’s milk and has some wonderful healing properties for adults.

    Also, China sells breast milk ice cream. And I’ve seen a semen cookbook, so I’m pretty sure breast milk cookbooks exist too..

    • Valeri Jones

      I’ve also read that there’s a big market for breast milk for adults in China, because of the health benefits. I can’t say how much of that is really for health benefits, or just some creepy guy wanting to suck on a girl’s boobies. But still… If we found out that it could cure or prevent cancer and help brain injuries heal, it wouldn’t be such a big deal then, huh?

  • Mikster

    Nah. I’m not a cow, nor are my nipples spigots. You’ll have to use standard cream for cooking sir.

  • Aja Jackson

    Why do people keep comparing it to the fact that we drink cow’s milk? It’s also considered weird to eat a person, but it’s not considered weird to eat a cow. It’s not considered weird to eat a chicken egg, but it’s weird to eat a human ovary. Do what you feel but the comparison is not the right analogy. Plus, sperm has nutrients too and there is a time and place for swallowing it but it doesn’t mean that I’m about to ask my husband if I can put it on a cupcake and serve it to our dinner guests.

    • Eve Vawter

      WAIT WUT

      ” It’s also considered weird to eat a person,”


      There goes my sunday dinner menu, shiiiit :(

    • Aja Jackson

      What I meant to say was that eating a person is weird without breast milk mushroom sauce and sperm cupcakes for dessert. As long as you have those two essentials, carry on.

    • Eve Vawter

      I am still amused by cannibalism Sunday

    • Justme

      How do you decide who you’re going to eat? Is your house like an episode of Survivor during the week and whoever gets voted off the island serves as the main course on Sunday?

    • Eve Vawter

      WHAT are you doing? You know sanctimommies will see this and be all OMG DID YOU SEE TWO POSTERS ON MOMMYISH WERE TALKING ABOUT EATING THEIR YOUNG CALL CPS

    • Justme

      That’s why I don’t use my real name… :)

    • anonymos

      Milk is Milk…
      To be frank every Mamals milk is as per the requirement of the Mamal Body
      The milk produced by the cow is for the Calf…although human being use that…But its not completly suitable to our body as our body need is different than an animal

  • whiteroses

    If she’s comfortable with it, no biggie. If she’s uncomfortable, she’s the one who gets to say what happens to her bodily fluids.
    Simple as that.

  • jasdfgh

    We have all tried mine. It is so delicious.

  • Zoe

    To each their own, though really she gets the say on what happens with her body and what comes out of it. I met a woman at a party some years back and we got into some deep discussions, as you do with strangers. After a few wines, she confessed to me that her husband discovered he had a major breastfeeding kink after she had a baby. He liked to suckle from her while they had sex, or as a precursor. He loved it, and she was happy to indulge him because she had an oversupply, but they had to give it up when their kid turned 5 (and hadn’t breastfed since she was 2!) because her friends were starting to give her strange looks – the lady with swollen milky boobs and a child in kindergarten. She said it was a wonderful bonding experience for the two of them and they both missed it. Hearing her story, it was actually kind of sweet! I felt sad for them that it was over.

    This guy doesn’t sound like he really sexualises it though, he’s just ‘culinarily curious’.

    • blh

      I think sexualising it it it VERY creepy.

    • Kitiem3000

      Of al the fetishes out there (and there are many that just should never happen but are enjoyed by a variety of people regardless) drinking breast milk seems to me to be fairly harmless. Both parties enjoyed it, and at least this particular fetish employed a bodily fluid that is supposed to be drunk.

    • Eve Vawter

      I think we can all name like at least ten worse fetishes, including the people who trample stuff like mice :(

  • Rachel Sea

    I don’t think it’s a big deal, but everyone has a different philosophy, and no one should feel that they have to eat food that grosses them out. Lots of people in other countries eat horses, or cats, or monkeys, or grubs, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to.

  • Tony
  • Pickee

    The only weirdo here is Maria. Why should humans drink cow’s milk but the not milk of their own species? I’ve had breast milk, and I have to say it’s the best tasting stuff I’ve ever had.

  • John

    When my wife was nursing, I tried it and honestly it was delicious. I have no other fetishes, but breast milk is now my only one. I suckled at her during sex and she loved it. The release only amplified her orgasm.
    You should try it.