Evening Feeding: Back To School Prep – Daycare Edition

Back to school prep – Daycare edition (Babble)

Guns on the playground? Really? (Parents.com)

Move over Christian Grey, the new Star Wars casting has begun (The Stir)

Is porn sabotaging your relationship? (Your Tango)

Why she hates the phrase “work – life balance” (HuffPo Women)

McDonalds CEO “I’m gonna let my kids have fries” (HuffPo Parents)

Skepchick and STFU, Parents face off over the royal baby’s sex and gender (The Frisky)

A poem by Patricia Lockwood (The Hairpin)

Hottest app at the moment, according to Ava (Celeb Baby Laundry)

(Photo:JJ Studio /Shutterstock)

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