In Yet Another Move As Best New Grandma Ever, K Middy’s Mom Isn’t Jabbering In Her Ear About Baby Names

royal baby picsKate Middleton, Prince William, and their freshly born future King of England have finally left the hospital where the couple indulged in some postpartum pizza cravings. But although the royal couple have yet to decide or announce a name for the original P.O.C, one lady is keeping her mouth shut on baby name suggestions. And that fabulous person is Kate’s mom Carole.

Carole is quickly racking up points for the Best New Grandmother ever. Not only did she seemingly respect Kate’s wishes to not be in the delivery room when she was birthing, but now she is showing some restraint when it comes to naming the new princeling:

The Middletons spent just over an hour with their daughter Kate and son-in-law William, and a smiling Mrs Middleton, speaking about mother and baby, said: ‘They are both doing really well, and we are so thrilled.’

When asked by the world’s media, who have been camped outside for nearly three weeks, how the proud parents were doing, she replied: ‘Fabulously.’

Asked what the first cuddle with her grandson was like, Mrs Middleton, who had been ushered forward by her husband to speak to the press, said: ‘Amazing, It’s all coming back.’

Carole was also asked if she and Michael had suggested any names for the third in line to the throne, and she replied laughing: ‘Absolutely not!’.

Love the “WTF, what do you take me for?” that’s implicit in that retort. With an English accent, of course.

(photo: Euan Cherry/

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  • Daniel Glanz

    The Royal baby name will be Peter. Kate’s Grandfather was Peter and he was a very special man. He flew in the air force and used his airplane to divert missiles from hitting london. Will was an airman so it just makes sense. Kate also waited to announce her engagement to Will until after her grandfather Peter passed away.

    • whiteroses

      I doubt that his name will be Peter. Chances are pretty good that it will be a name that has already been used before. There’s a pretty good chance that the baby will have some combination of James, Edward, Albert, Charles, Philip and Louis in his name.

      I can’t really picture a “King Peter I”.

    • Justme

      King Peter sounds like somebody’s nickname for their nether regions.

    • CrazyFor Kate

      Russia would beg to differ, even if that is technically Pyotr.

    • ElleJai

      If Peter means that much then it may well make it into one of the six odd middle names.

      I doubt it will be bubs first name however. We’re still bound by tradition for that.

  • ElleJai

    Isn’t she Catherine Windsor now? Or Kate Windsor. But I guess K-Windy isn’t as catchy… It just seems odd because no one ever wrote “Diana Spencer and Prince Charles” so why are we still using Kate’s maiden name?