This Woman Who Runs A Daycare Is The Reason I Don’t Want My Kids In Daycare

shutterstock_68693470__1374330099_142.196.156.251Admittedly, I am paranoid about leaving my children with other people. I think this is because we could never afford daycare in Brooklyn, so my almost 3-year-old has never been watched by anyone but close friends and family. This will be changing soon, but the spat between an Arizona mother and the woman who runs the daycare her child attended makes me think it may be hard to find a daycare we can trust.

Maggie Jones brought her two children to a daycare run by a woman named Carmella Sul. After a couple weeks, her 5-year-old began complaining that he wasn’t getting enough food while in her care. Jones asked Sul about the food situation, reminding her that food was supposed to be included in the price of the daycare. Soon after this discussion, both her kids were kicked out of daycare.

Jones did what so many do these days when they are disgruntled, she took to the Internet to complain about Sul. Sul saw the Craigslist post, and posted one of her own in retaliation – a picture of Jones’ 2-year-old son that said, “Beware of this kid. He bites.”

Um, no. Sorry lady. When you run a business, you open yourself up to people complaining about that business. Have you ever heard of Yelp? I know it’s annoying and totally subjective, but people have a right to complain about services they pay for. Most people that see these complaints understand that they are subjective and take them with a grain of salt. But posting a photo of someone’s child on the Internet to ward off other daycare providers? That is crazy. Seeing something like that would make me stay far, far away from that woman and her daycare. She’s doing more damage to herself and her reputation than any negative review could do.

Her crazy didn’t end there. After she posted the ad, she sent a text to Jones saying, “Your kid is a dog and he keeps biting.” Not surprisingly, Sul has had run-ins with other parents. After another mother took to the Internet to complain, Sul sent her a text that said, “I hope you die and your kid.”

The Suls are even operating without a license, because in the state of Arizona you don’t need a license to provide daycare to children if you are watching no more than four at a time. Dateline NBC was observing the center to cover this story and several times saw anywhere from 10 to 22 children at the facility.

Bottom line – check to see if your daycare provider has a license or complaints filed against them. A pattern of online complaints would be an indication that you don’t want your chid going near a certain provider. Google is your friend.

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  • chickadee

    This article will not reassure you ( ) but iI recommend you read it before searching for a day care facility. I feel lucky that he one I used was good-not-great because it was affordable. Most aren’t, and when you need one that has room for a 3-year-old and an after-school-kid that just makes a good one harder to find.

  • Justme

    This makes me sad because there ARE great day-cares out there full of people who will truly love and care for your children.

    I worked with the school-age kids at a day-care all through college and often baby-sat for many of the kids on the weekend as well. In fact, one of my more special kiddos is entering his Senior year of high school and just asked me to be a reference for his Eagle Scout application. I went to his First Communion and he attended my college graduation and my wedding (with his parents as well).

  • Emil

    Maybe I am paranoid but Google is not always your friend. People are not always honest online. It is not hard for an ex-employee, ex-boyfriend or ex-friend to create a “pattern of online complaints.”

  • NeuroNerd

    I went to daycare in some form or fashion from about 2 years old until my tenth birthday (when I became a latch key kid). Barring a few memorable exceptions, I would say my experience was overall pretty positive. Keep in mind that what the media reports is going on in only a fraction of centers.

  • CleaK

    Daycare isn’t the end of the world:there are bad examples that spoil it for the good ones. Just rely on recommendations from those you trust. I take my nine-month old to a wonderful daycare, that is thankfully mostly affordable, that I know about b/c my sister has taken her daughters there for years. They are wonderful, kind women who genuinely love the children. I’m fairly sure they raise my son better than I do. So, good daycares are out there, they just sometimes take a bit of searching.

  • TngldBlue

    Many states have licensing and violation information online. I am thankful each and every day when I drop my daughter off that we found a good one. It’s not fancy and expensive like some of the others we looked at but we knew as soon as we walked in it was the place for us. They love the kids like they are their own, it feels like they are a part of our family. She has made so many friends and just thrived under their care, I will be forever grateful to all of them-especially since I know they work for minimum wage and most of them do it simply because they love kids. So do your research and trust your instincts-good centers are out there!

  • Chantelle

    Anyone that has taken on the responsibility of caring for other people’s children should expect the parents will have questions, concerns or even complaints. Especially for those that have children that are not able to talk yet. Shame on that woman for kicking those kids out and posting the child on the internet. I hope the other parents pull their children out as well.