A Lot Of American Parents Are Cool With Recreational Pot Smoking

pot in bagThis isn’t your parents’ house (assuming that your parents weren’t the laid back hippy types). As irked as your own mothers and fathers may have been about marijuana in your day (à la OMG DO I SMELL CRACK ON YOU?), today’s set aren’t nearly as straight-laced, suggests a new survey.

The Huffington Post reports that “a majority of American parents support medical marijuana legalization, and nearly half support legalization for recreational use.”

The study, “Marijuana: It’s Legal, Now What?” reportedly cites new pot laws for incentivizing a proper gauge on where Americans stand on weed:

“With marijuana now legal for recreational use in Colorado and Washington State, for medical use in 18 states and the District of Columbia, and effectively decriminalized in 14 states, it’s clear that society’s approach to marijuana is changing dramatically,” the authors wrote.

Seventy percent of respondents said they favor medical marijuana legalization, 52 percent favor marijuana decriminalization and 42 percent favor legalization for recreational use. The Partnership interviewed 1,603 adults, 1,200 of whom were parents of children ages 10 to 19.

While medicinal marijuana for children is still a hotly debated sphere of parenting, I’d go so far as to say that the after bedtime smoke between hardworking parents is not*. True, there is always some sanctimommy waiting in the comment thread to pot-/wine-/cocktail-shame any of you who so much as stray from conventional mom de-stressing activities like washing your baseboards. But a large of chunk of you would, seemingly, not call the mommy police.

*depending on your parenting circles

(photo: mikeledray / Shutterstock)

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  • LET

    My husband & I don’t smoke, but we’re both for legalization. It’s a waste of government time & money to go after pot smoking & we don’t believe the govt should protect us from ourselves, anyway. I’d be perfectly happy if pot were legalized & reasonable restrictions were in place to protect minors & the public, just like alcohol.

  • Andrea

    I don’t think it should be given to children or even teens, I’m down with once in a while smoking.

    I only partake when the kids are (obviously) not home, but also, they have to be away for the night…I wouldn’t want to have some kind of middle of the night emergency and be high. I can’t say scientifically, but it seems to me it takes longer to come down from alcohol than pot.

    So bottom line: I’m down with it every once in a while.

    • http://www.facebook.com/RetiredSceneQueen Emmali Lucia

      I’m the opposite, when I’m high, I’m high FOREVER. I don’t like smoking weed but I don’t care if people over the age of 18 do it.

      I think before we legalize pot we need to lower the drinking age, I think it’s a little bogus that it’s at 21, I think it should be at 20. That way, the person is no longer even a teenager, but doesn’t have that awkward year where you’re not a teenager but you’re technically not an adult and it’s annoying because all your friends are out and you can’t partake even though chances are you already do partake in private.

    • Andrea

      I actually made a mistake on my post: I think it takes LONGER to come down from POT than from alcohol.

      And yeah you are right. 21 to drink is ridiculous. If they can vote, own property, be held liable if they commit criminal acts and be killed serving their country, they should damn well be able to have a drink (and pot)

  • Rachel Sea

    Once it’s legal I’ll have no problem with it, but as long as it is illegal, I’m opposed. I was raised among adults who were heavy recreational users, and all us kids were responsible for keeping the secret. That’s a rotten burden for a kid.

    • Andrea

      You knew? My kids have no idea. I don’t smoke often (once or twice a year), but never EVER when they around. Usually at someone else’s party.

    • Amber

      You said you smoke once or twice a year, that’s not heavy recreational use. My father smoked daily. There’s no way to hide it from your kids when you smoke daily. I agree with Rachel, it’s a shitty burden for a kid. It’s also shitty to have a parent who is high all the time.

    • Andrea

      Agreed. I suppose it should be the same as with alcohol: as the commercials say, “responsibly”

    • Gangle

      I agree with that. I guess I don’t see the problem if it was once in a blue moon on a weekend away from the kids, but it is totally unfair for kids to have to be in on your secret. I also think it is unfair to have to be around intoxicated parents.

    • Paul White

      Not to mention, I don’t want to deal with legal fall-out; drug convictions can screw your life up. I may not agree with the penalties we enact for possession, but it does mean I don’t want my kid getting busted with it and suffering them!

    • Justme

      And since it is illegal…God forbid the police get wind of it and now your private business is very public and can potentially have some serious ramifications for your family life and children.

      But I do think it SHOULD be legal.

    • Rachel Sea

      That was the bulk of the burden. We knew if the authorities found out that our parents could go to prison for decades.

  • keelhaulrose

    Yeah… my parents were the hippie type. They would come down and pass one with my friends and I every so often. Their only rule was they kept the keys of anyone smoking until morning. It was fun at times, but at times I wish they were a little more straight-laced, as sometimes I felt pressured to host a party when I really just wanted some me time.

  • Blueathena623

    I’m for legalization, but I would still have serious talks with my kids (as I will with cigs, alcohol, and all other drugs) about it and tell them I don’t want them to use it. I don’t like pot, and I’m not going to play the “cool mom” about it.

  • kitten

    Hippie, Koa. Hippy means “wide in the hips”

    • http://www.whatwouldshethink.com/ Rachelle

      Them damn wide-in-the-hips!

    • Koa_Beck

      thefreedictionary.com does not agree with you, kitten. Thanks for reading!

  • http://www.whatwouldshethink.com/ Rachelle

    All I have to say on this is that my husband and I, being consumers, will be very strict on the approach to pot and alcohol when she comes of age. At the end of the day, I’d much rather have to deal with her being high (on pot and only pot) than drunk or wasted on anything chemical. We know, personally, of too many people who have endangered their lives and that of their loved ones and strangers while being drunk and, for some, becoming alcoholic – yet know of no one who has endangered anyone, themselves included, while enjoying a blunt. All other drugs, including cigarettes – oh hell to the no!, with SEVERE tough-love consequences – which she will also know about as soon as she can say “can I go to a party”. Information is our best tool, and she will definitely get “the pot talk” and the “alcohol talk”, just like the sex talk, the cigarette talk, the car talk, the work talk, etc. When she’s a teenager who starts having a social life, we’re going to be very real with her about the consequences of pot smoking on a teens brain – depression, long term emotion and anxiety-management issues, etc. I’ve dealt with those and so has my husband. She’ll learn about the difference between indica and sativa, she’ll learn about THC crystals, how much is too much, different strains, and the laws surrounding marijuana.

    Of course, I say this in the hope that we will have raised an intelligent, mature and responsible daughter (a dream is but a dream, right?). Should she prove to be in any way irresponsible and disrespectful, consequences will oh-fo-sho be applied with a lot less leniency in regards to pot or any partying. I do NOT want to have to pick her up from a bad situation where she was taken advantage of. Then again, I wonder how many girls were taken advantage of when their only recreational consumption was a joint, sans alcohol… I’d be surprised to read of any situation.

    • Amber

      Your idea that no pot smokers have ever endangered themselves or anyone else are naive at best.

      Bad people smoke pot too.

    • http://www.whatwouldshethink.com/ Rachelle

      You’re absolutely right. There are some dumbass potheads out there.

  • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

    If I didn’t worry about pot containing other garbage like PCP (I have watched too many after school specials) or killing brain cells than I would have NO issue with my kids getting stoned when they are (way) older. I don’t get high, it just makes me sleepy, but it is just not something I FREAK out over.

  • SDA

    I don’t see smoking pot as a big deal at all. As long as parents are doing it after bed or at the very least with one of those new contraptions where you don’t actually exhale pot smoke, I don’t see the big deal. I personally don’t because I am like a frazzled cat when I smoke and long ago decided that wasn’t enjoyable and I was going to stop trying to act like I could smoke and be ok.

    On the kid level, I won’t freak out, but I won’t allow it; 1) it is illegal in my state; and 2) I think that allowing it would lead to more frequent use and I’d rather her brain get developed to its adult state until she can figure out how much she wants to smoke pot or not.