Dad Films Every Day Of Son’s First Year Of Life, Gives You A New DIY Parenting Project To Aspire To

indigo babyIf you think those growing belly pregnancy videos are super hip, that’s so 2008. Welcome to 2013, where one photographer by the name of Sam Cornwell made the equivalent of a moving baby book for his son Indigo‘s first year of life second by second. The bar has officially been raised so get your iPhone and Final Cut Pro ready.

The video, which begins on the day Indigo is born, captures a second of EVERY SINGLE DAY OF HIS LIFE as shown with the subtle dates in the right hand bottom corner of the screen. What you’re treated to are first smiles, first giggles, first sneezes, first steps, and bouncy chairs — and all under seven minutes. Basically, everything you want to see (so no diaper blow outs). While there are some wailing cries thrown in there for good measure, they’re adorable balances to the tear-inducing music that will make you either a). feel like a profoundly less creative parent for not coming up with this yourself b). swear that you’ll do this for your next or c). just bawl with happiness. Perhaps all three.

A baby’s first year has been said to go by faster than you can imagine. For which Sam’s DIY video is the perfect, perfect metaphor.

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  • Stephen

    This is awesome but not new. Watch the one the dad made of quite a few years of his daughters life. You get to see this baby grow into a girl.

    • Jessica

      Isn’t that one a commercial now?

    • Sundaydrive00

      Yeah, and he also did the same thing for his son. Although I think only the girl is in the commercial.

  • Lisa

    I didn’t video,but I took a photo a day (365project) for my son’s first year 3 years ago, and I’m doing the same thing right now for my second son.

  • Rachel

    This strikes me as a cuter version of what some linguistics profs do to their kids…except with sound recordings of their own baby’s vocalizations that they then transcribe for research.

  • KayleenWare

    It is so very Inspiration Video when anyone Kids may be Born .

  • guest

    Woah that’s an ugly baby.

    • Amy

      Because you’re just a fucking gem, aren’t you?

    • Stephen

      He was an ugly newborn. No denying it. However he becomes quite the little cutey.