Woman Gives Birth To ‘Triplets Plus One’ In Super Rare Uterus Dance

four white kittensWhat’s more fabulous than a lady welcoming two babies within a month a part that are not twins? Or getting pregnant again naturally after welcoming five babies via IVF? Why welcoming four babies that are not quadruplets. The uterus works in mysterious ways.

The Huffington Post reports that in early 2013, Sabrina Negus of Nebraska welcomed four healthy baby boys: Logan, Mason, Porter and Connor. But Sabrina says that her four babies were conceived via two eggs, resulting in some outlets dubbing this a “triplets plus one” scenario:

In a typical quadruplet pregnancy, there are four eggs, one for each baby. But in the case of the Negus brothers, three of the boys — identical triplets who shared one placenta — developed from one egg, while the fourth boy, Connor, developed separately.

“Sabrina’s pregnancy was one in a million,” Negus’ perinatologist Dr. Todd Lovgren told the Omaha World-Herald in January after the foursome’s birth. “In fact, there have been fewer than 100 pregnancies of this type reported in the United States.”

Negus and her husband Lucas were reportedly initially expecting twins. But that tricky ultrasound just kept changing! The couple had apparently been trying for a baby after “several years” and some fertility treatments.

Not surprisingly, Negus’s pregnancy was deemed high-risk and she was hospitalized a whopping 11 weeks before doctor’s decided to push ahead with a c-section delivery at 31 and a half weeks. Thirty-three members of medical staff and two operating rooms later, “triplets plus one” entered the world.

After a “a scary and stressful pregnancy,” according to Negus, the couple is on round the clock baby care since they had their bundles:

Having four growing infants in their lives can be challenge, the couple admits, but they say they’re taking the endless diaper-changing, baby-feeding and entertaining in stride.

“We’re incredibly real blessed. I mean, there’s not a thing wrong with these guys. They are absolutely healthy and you could not ask for anything more than that,” Negus said.

Well, maybe a sleep doula.

(photo: Grekov’s / Shutterstock)

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  • http://sarahhollowell.com/ Sarah Hollowell

    “Uterus dance” might be my new favorite thing.

    • Koa_Beck


  • Myriam

    I find this “triplet plus one” thing weird… Why do we need to qualify them like that. Sure, it is a rare phénomenon, but having multiples from a different number of eggs is more and more frequent with the increase popularity of IVF. It is like qualifying non-identical twins as 2 singletons born at the same time…

    • Chelsea

      Agreed. Especially because most triplets (natural or the result of fertility treatments) are the result of two eggs, one of which splits into identical twins. No one calls them “twins plus one.”

      That said, the fact that she had quads from only two eggs does add an extra layer of craziness to this story!

  • Justme

    Maybe I think WAY too much about things…but I wonder how the sibling relationships will play out in the future. Multiples usually have close connections with each other due to a shared womb and shared DNA but what about the fourth little guy? He was in the womb with the other three but he doesn’t have the exact DNA. Is he going to feel left out, like the runt of the litter or something?!