Dolphins Are Magical Underwater Ultrasound Machines And They Can See Your Fetus

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 7.43.36 AM__1373543077_74.134.205.46Scientists have discovered the reason why you always hear about those crazy magical dolphin creatures swimming up to pregnant women while they are enjoying a dip in the ocean, and it’s because these rapists of the sea know that you got yourself knocked up and they can see your unborn fetus. Awkwaaaaard. What if you didn’t want anyone to know you are pregnant and you go swimming? You have to totally make peace with the fact that at least one other living creature knows, and it’s a damn nosey dolphin. From

Using echolocation, dolphins might be able to detect a pregnant woman’s developing fetus, some experts say.

Dolphins emit sounds in their environment and listen to the echoes that return — a process that helps them identify the shapes and locations of objects. Doctors use a similar technique to image a developing human baby. Both involve ultrasound — high-pitched pulses of sound above the range of human hearing.

At least one study has found that dolphins can perceive shapes through an opaque barrier, such as a box. “It would seem logical that they would have the potential to discriminate between different humans” who are pregnant or not, said Mike Walsh, an aquatic animal veterinarian at the University of Florida. After all, water is the perfect medium for ultrasound, Walsh said. Still, the dolphins may not know that what they’re seeing inside the pregnant woman is a person, he said.

Marino said she thinks dolphins probably see some sort of image of the baby. “We know from other studies that they are very good at going from a visual image to an acoustic image,” and vice versa, Marino said. Just as sonograms give people a visual image of their babies, echolocation might give dolphins a mental image of them.


“An opaque barrier, such as a box.” LULZ, science just called your personal private lady baby area a box. Because no one knows if the dolphins actually see a growing fetus, because no one has bothered asking the dolphins, get with it science!- the dolphins may not know what they are seeing inside a woman is a person. So for all we know, dolphins are either seeing a person growing inside of you or they may just think it’s a box of Twinkies or something. All of this means to you, dear reader, is that if any of you are knocked up and planning a trip to Sea World, I demand that you take notes on whether or not the dolphins enslaved in captivity act all weird around you or question if you have set up a registry at Target yet. I need to know these things and science won’t tell me!

(Photo: Pannochka/shutterstock)

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  • srsly

    Article: No one knows if the dolphins can see…
    Headline: Dolphins can see…

    Not that I expect more from Mommyish…

    • Eve Vawter

      I’m sorry you are disappointed with this exciting vague dolphin news. They can totally see, but when they tried to ask the dolphins what they were seeing they did not reply.

    • vicentewakk under two years can sustain very serious injuries if they’re
      thrown up in the air, shaken, or bounced vigorously. This “shaken baby
      syndrome” is most often the result of violent shaking done in anger, but
      can also occur during play.
      That’s because a baby’s head is heavy in proportion to her body and
      isn’t well supported by her underdeveloped neck muscles. The action of
      the head whipping back and forth can cause the brain to rebound against
      the skull, resulting in swelling, bleeding, and possible neurological
      problems, as well as damage to the optic nerve and vision.

    • Rachel Sea

      The title includes “magical” and you’re concerned about seeing/not seeing?

    • Blah

      It’s supposed to be funny. Stop acting like a snob.

    • Véronique Houde

      her nick name is seriously. guess she likes her “news”/blog pieces to be serious… :S

  • StillBelievin

    Can they see if it was just a bacon burger from lunch?

    • Eve Vawter

      we need to test this theory. We need pregnant women and not pregnant women and snack foods. FIELD TRIP!

  • SDA

    OMG. This is perfect. First the dolphin birthing story and now THIS. Who needs an OBGYN? Ultra-sounds and deliveries in the one-stop dolphin shop – no insurance required.

    • Eve Vawter

      YES! Now we just need a story like “dolphins, experts at changing diapers” and then we can all move under the sea!

  • MKH

    My husband and I were in the Bahamas when I was almost 6 months along and we did a “swim with the dolphins” excursion. I hadn’t gained much weight (So much morning sickness the WHOLE pregnancy) and was wearing a color-blocked wet suit so I was not obviously pregnant. I think the trainer just thought maybe I had a little beer belly. As soon as I got most of me underwater, our dolphin swam right up to me and knocked me over. The trainer couldn’t get him under control. My husband rushed forward and helped me up and kind of turned and explained to everyone else, “Sorry she’s pregnant” to account for why he was freaking out that I had fallen under. The trainer then nodded explained that some of the dolphins react really strongly to pregnant women. So, after he let the dolphin swim around me/up against me (a little like a cat will), the dolphin calmed down and we were able to continue. It was actually a pretty cool experience!

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