I’m A SAHM And I’m Bored Out Of My Mind

housewifeBeing a stay-at-home mom is boring. There I said it. Sorry if I’m offending anyone. If you’re a stay-at-home mom and you’re not bored to tears by  two p.m. everyday, good for you.

I’m reluctant to call myself a stay-at-home mom because I work from home and for the time being I am our family’s main provider. But working from home and having an infant and a toddler to care for means I’m home about 80 percent of the day – every day – so I think the shoe fits.

Believe me, boring does not equal easy. It is not easy being a full time care-giver to two kids. I guess I just always thought that not having to show up physically to a job would make me feel more free. It’s kind of had the opposite effect on me.

We moved out of New York a few months ago so we could get more for our money. We wanted a house, a car, and a yard. We wanted to stop hemorrhaging money every month  trying to keep up with the ridiculous cost of living in our neighborhood in Brooklyn. We realized that if we moved close to my family in Florida we would be able to live off of our creative hustles. I could bring in enough off of my freelance writing and my husband could travel back and forth to New York for his commercial work. Our family could actually live comfortably – with amenities we could never afford in Brooklyn. No more restaurant and bar work to supplement our income! Yay – right?


It turns out the work that I thought was such a thorn in my side was actually what was keeping me semi-sane. Six hours in a restaurant also meant six hours of adult conversation and a solid six hours out of the house. Toddlers are great and all, but their conversational skills suck. They are so damn self-centered. They never ask you how you are doing. It’s all gimme, gimme, me, me, me, Yo-Gabba-Gabba, blah, blah, blah. Don’t even get me started on infants. They’re just adorable, little cuddly-lumps of incessant, repetitive need.

What’s that honey? You’d like to read Tickle Time again? Awesome. Maybe after that I can make you the third plate of food you’ll turn your nose up at today – that will be fun. Then we can play that game where you dump literally every single toy in your drawers and toy chests on the floor and kick them all around the room. I’ll be sweating by then. It will be 11 a.m. Only 10 hours to go until I can pour myself a glass of wine.


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  • MessedUp

    You can thank feminists for the loneliness that women suffer while being in the most honorable position on earth, raising a human being. Communities are broken and children raised without mothers (daycare children) leads to a society full of sociopaths.

  • Jules

    Your post is right on! From one “bored out of her mind” mom to another, this is spot on! Glad there are other mom’s feeling the same way….

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  • nlb

    Just wanted to say I loved this post. I have been a sahm for 10 years. I miss working but my hubby works enough for 3 people and it just wouldn’t be wise for me to work and still do everything at home.. Even on the weekends, because yes, he’s working. All of my kids are in school now… I need to find something to do with myself during some of those days or I might go insane. And something that doesn’t involve the PTA because I find that crap boing too…. I’ve organized one too many valentine’s day parties.

  • Amy

    So nice to know I am not the only SAHM that is struggling with, “what do I do with you now?” My son is 13 months, I love him but Dammmmmmmmmit! I wasn’t happy at my job, but I do miss the structure of an office job & the socialization….the extra income was nice too ;-)

  • Klee03

    Omg I needed to read this today, it is 2:17 and I can’t deal with any more cleaning, tantrums or peppa pig!!!!

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  • MovingFromStuck

    I LOVE YOU!!!
    It’s like you read my mind. I am currently on the hunt for a job. My youngest starts school in September and I can’t WAIT!!! I always fought with my guilt about wanting to get away from my kids. To not have to worry about them for a weekend or something. And all that business about Pinterest and shaving cream paint? LMFAO!! Ya…..right. :-P
    Thank you so much for sharing. I definitely feel better knowing other moms are on the same wavelength as me! :-D

  • Sam Slytherin is a Bitch

    You should clean your baseboards. Everything aquires dirt after a while and everything needs to be cleaned. Not every day and not even every week. They gather dirt, dust, and hair, etc. They should be cleaned when they look dirty or once a month. I live in Arizona and I swear that tis is the dust state. Ok? So I have to dust and lean dirt everywhere every few days.

    This article is geared towards mothers and I am not even a mother and I know what baseboarda are. If you have a housr and you dont know what they are, you should probably read more.

  • Mcgee

    OMG.. I am so glad to read this, I have been feeling like this for 1 year now. I quit my job to stay home with my new born, this pleased my husband greatly. I thought I would be so happy, but I don’t know how to get anything done anymore. The baby is now 11 1/2 months old and I feel really cooped in. I don’t have adult conversations anymore, my husband doesn’t have a clue because he has conversations all day with people. He tries to say he understands but really he doesn’t. I don’t want to seem ungrateful because a lot of moms don’t get the option of staying home with their children. But man this is harder than working a full time job with overtime. Before I had my baby my children where 20, 18, and 12, so yes I am starting all over again, boy that was a great idea. lol. I used to take care of them when they were babies and clean my home plus work outside of the home. Now with this little guy I can’t seem to do the things I used to with the other ones. I’m feeling depressed and lonely. I love being with the baby he is the sweetest little man. But some days are really hard. Thanks for listening

  • B

    I have a 5 year old only child, and I don’t like to take him about because I don’t know who’s watching us or him in the distance. Wish it wasn’t like that but fuck that, after razor blades and poisons being discovered in playgrounds and parks, I choose not to take the chance by going outside. Instead we stay in the a/c cooled house and play games, do some learning, play video games, watch t.v. I won’t be able to help it once he starts Kinder next month since I’ll have to let go a little bit, he’ll have to be outside with god knows who watching from outside the play yard fences. But until then we stay in doors.

  • sahmahhhh

    Great article! Eactly how I feel right now…on maternity leave with a 2 year old and newborn. 2 weeks in and I’m losing my mind.

  • Guest

    Haha! I typed “bored out of my mind” in the search bar and found this article. I’ve worked outside, and inside the home, and I am literally bored to the point of insanity at home.

  • tori uk

    This is so funny and so so true, I feel so bad being so sick of my life. But its not a bad one its lovely really. But its the same day in day out :( and I swear my iQ goes down weekly from watching cartoons all day!

  • Sanaa

    Omg you are so funny and everything you way is true, I found myself agreeing to everything you said and I don’t feel guilty anymore.. I’m not the only one right ?
    Bored to tears at 2 pm ? Yep. Besides I’m living in a foreign country where I not really have any close friends to talk to. Or complain to actually haha.
    But anyway great article :)

  • givemealobotomy

    I wholeheartedly thank you for writing this. I feel so guilty that I’m not over the moon about my current existence. I spend every day if the week in my house with my three year old and 8 week old. I am bored out of my mind. I’m so sick of the monotony. We are a one car family so I literally feel like I’m losing my mind. I have no friends in the area so spend most of my life with my kids. Husband is at work til 7 in the evening. Something has to change or I fear I’ll slump into more of a depression and actually become a crap mother.

  • Charles Reed Canaday

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  • table4seven

    Baseboards?? Really?? Eh….that lady is full of crap!!!

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