Yet Another Mom Left Her Kid Trapped In A Car To Get Her K-Mart On

shutterstock_143715760__1372856095_74.134.205.46What is up with people leaving their children or their pets in sweltering hot cars in the middle of summer with the windows rolled up while they go shopping or drinking or whatever? I don’t even leave my LIPSTICK in my car when it’s hot out. I just can’t imagine the mindset of people who do this, but according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution we have yet another mother who just had to go get her K-mart on:

A Buford woman is facing charges after allegedly telling her 5-year-old son to hide under a towel on the floor of her car and leaving him alone while she shopped at a Covington Kmart, police said.

Mary Amber Moore, 32, faces charges of contributing to the deprivation of a minor, obstructing a law enforcement officer and tampering with evidence in connection with the incident that happened Saturday night at a Covington Kmart.

According to a Covington Police Department incident report, a passerby contacted 911 after seeing the crying child alone in the car with the windows up.

Officers found the boy in the unlocked car “sitting on the floor of the back seat of the car, sweating and holding a towel.”

“The car the juvenile was in was sitting in direct sunlight in the middle of the parking lot, without shade on an 89-degree day,” the police incident report said.

The boy said his mother told him “to stay in the car and stay on the floor with the towel covering (him), so as not to be seen,” according to police.

The story gets more bizarre because when the cops searched her purse they found a bunch of perscription bottles containing things like Adderall which the mom tried to swallow when she was being arrested. The little boy is safe with a relative now but I feel horrible for him being locked in a car. Was it that hard to take him in the store with her? And now I’m going to get even more judgey because when I tried to look up stories like this the majority of them (when related to shopping) happen at places like Wal Mart and K-mart, which means that moms who are buying junk at Target do it less often. You can take from that what you will but I have decided that K-mart shoppers are worse parents than Target shoppers. I’m just joking so before you guys get all pissy at me for making this sweeping generalization, let’s all get mad instead at people who also leave their poor dogs trapped in hot cars while they go to buy bulk paper towels. I think we should all form a vigilante group and wander discount store parking lots and rescue kids and pets left in hot cars. I will buy us all frappes if you design the logo for our Mommy Hot Car Rescue league!

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  • Emil

    I’m absolutely terrified of forgetting my baby in the car and this mother does it on purpose! Horrifying!

    • Eve Vawter

      Oh man, I used to have NIGHTMARES about that when my kids were infants, like waking up and crying nightmares

  • JLH1986

    Accidents like this make me want to buy the car seat alarm. Stories like this where its purposeful? Make me want to throat punch a bitch.

    • DMH

      She’s my nomination for Throat Punch Thursday.

    • Eve Vawter

      That’s my favorite time of the week/best weekly holiday!

  • Amber

    She doesn’t care if her son dies. That’s what’s up with this. She just doesn’t care. Some parents don’t.

  • Iwill Findu

    I think it depends on the age of the kid being left in the car. I remember being 10 and not wanting to go into a fabric store with my mother I wanted to sit in the car and read my book. Of course at 10 I could have gotten out of the car a followed her into the store any time I wanted, but how many people just saw me and got all judgie with my mother for “making” me sit in the hot car. (I mean I looked pretty young for my age)

    Clearly there’s a difference between leaving 10 yr old with a book, and leaving a 5 yr old to hide under a towel. But it make me wonder how many of these stories are parents going “Fine stay in the car” shopping can be pretty darn boring a kid.

    • That_Darn_Kat

      My mom used to do this too, but she would leave the keys, so I could keep the car cool, and would only do this if she had one or two items to grab quickly.

  • Carmen

    Thank goodness someone got help for that kid! Too often people turn a blind eye or think it’s none of their business to get involved. Thank you to the hero who spoke up! I’ll definitely do something if I see a kid or pet in distress in this oppressive heat.

  • trish

    I have had to “rescue ” infants and dogs left in cars here in Texas. Outside Blockbuster video store a mother left her infant in her BMW! I love the idea of Moms checking in parking lots for dogs and kids. We all have to get involved.

  • Sarah

    When I moved to Nevada in the summer, we were told that if we ever saw a child left in a car, we were legally obligated to break the window and get the child out at once, even before calling 911, because it only took minutes for brain damage to set in in that heat. I doubt they prosecuted people who called 911 first… They just wanted to make sure no one would hesitate to do it for fear of getting into trouble.

    • Eve Vawter

      That is awesome.

  • footnotegirl

    Usually I’m against torture, but this is one of those times when I’m all for the punishment exactly fitting the crime. Lock that parent up in a car on a hot day. (Note: this does not apply to those poor people who legitimately forgot and have lost a child due to this situation, it does happen. It only applies to the complete bleeping mcbleepersons who leave their kids on purpose).

  • LiteBrite

    There was a similar story a few years ago in a city just outside of mine. The mom left her newborn and 2-year-old child in the car while she went tanning. An employee had heard the toddler crying for her mom and not knowing the parent was actually a customer called the police. When the kids were finally rescued, the temp in the car had reached 93, but it was 102 in the area where the baby was. (He was in direct sunlight wearing a long fleece outfit.) The mom had only been gone 10 minutes, so in that short time the temperature in the car had reached that high. What makes the story even more bizarre is that her boyfriend (the kids’ father) was home and said he would’ve watched the kids, no problem. Last I heard, she was facing 5-15 years in prison. Was getting a tan really worth that?