Johnny Depp Says His Kids Handled Split From Vanessa Paradis Like Champs

Johnny Depp Jerry Bruckheimer Honored On The Hollywood Walk Of FameDivorce or the splitting up of a family certainly isn’t easy, but neither is raising kids in a toxic hell hole of a relationship. Assuming the later scenario with Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Depp says that he was awfully “proud” of the way his kids reacted when the parents announced their split. Kids are often tougher than we give them credit for.

In promoting his new film Lone Ranger, Depp answers some rather personal questions from Charlie Rose. Nothing like prodding an actor about his personal family life to plug a new movie! To be fair, celeb ladies get the poke, poke, prod, prod, tell us about parenthood on the regular. So it’s rather equalizing that Depp gets the same treatment as an A-List Dad.

When prompted, he had this to say about how his 11-year-old son Jack and 14-year-old daughter Lily Rose handled the news:

“When you have children, there is no room for lies, no room for anything but the truth. Anything other than that is a bad example, I believe. We were just very truthful with them and they were just incredibly understanding, incredibly accepting. I was extremely proud of them, the way they dealt with it.”

Gold stars to the Paradis/Depp kids! And hey look, now Daddy has 27-year-old Amber Heard on his arm! All is well that ends in a hot 20-something blonde girlfriend for old dad, right? Right?

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  • SDA

    I tend to get nervous when people tell me how “great” their children are handling the divorce. From what I’ve seen (obviously with only the people I know) it is usually those children who aren’t doing well at all. Children are definitely tougher than we give them credit for, but they are also good at hiding emotion as well.

    • Emmali Lucia

      And they are the best at hiding their emotions from their parents.

      I hear ya. When parent’s say their kids are handling some personal tragedy well, it’s often close to the opposite.

  • jessica

    Yup. I remember when my parents sat me down and told me that they had decided to begin divorce proceedings. Literally, the first thing that popped in to my head was “Oh, thank god”. And that wasn’t because things were so hellish around the house. My parents were actually doing an amazing job at working together despite their growing dislike for one another. But, I could tell that their hearts weren’t in it and they were just going through the motions. It was my personal experience that things just got better and better with our family from the initial announcement on out, though of course I realize that our situation may be unique in that way.

    • Daisy

      I tell my parents all the time they need to get a divorce already. (I’m 23 years old now, it should’ve happened at least 10 years ago, and yet they’re still making each other miserable on a daily basis.) When I was a kid I was terrified of the possibility, by high school I was secretly hoping it would happen, and now I’m just really blunt about saying to their faces. “Seriously guys. Split up already.”

    • CrazyFor Kate

      I babysat for three kids who were absolute monsters and clearly miserable. As soon as the parents split, they immediately improved. I think living in a house where a marriage is crumbling can be much more traumatic than the actual split.

    • JLH1986

      I grew up in a similar household (though if we were monsters my parents would have had our asses, that was one thing they agreed upon). As an adult I wish they had split earlier. My father passed away not too long after their divorce so he never had the chance to find happiness, but my mom is crazy happy! I wish she could have been this happy years ago, even if it wasn’t with my dad.

    • jessica

      My dad finally found his soulmate lady friend at age 78. My mom is still working on it. It is nice to see people you love happy. Truly happy.