Parents Fail To Notice Their Young Son Is Hitching A Ride On Top Of Their Minivan – Even When He Falls Off

shutterstock_82425367__1372763681_74.134.205.46I’m trying super hard not to be judgey mom here, but as someone who has left many a cup of coffee on top of the car and driven with it on the roof I sort of think I would notice if something bigger than a mocha frappe was on my car. Not the case with these parents out of Alaska. According to the Daily Mail:

Alaska State Troopers say a 6-year-old boy climbed on top of his parents’ minivan and rode it for three miles down a highway without them noticing before he fell off and suffered cuts and bruises.

The boy had apparently ridden on the roof before by hanging on to the bars mounted on the minivan. 

He lost his grip at Mile 49 but his parents who were driving didn’t notice a thing and continued traveling along the highway.

Another motorist picked the boy up, drove him to a gas station and called 911. 

A parent showed up at the scene after another family member reported the boy missing from the home, police said.

Trooper Ipsen says no one has been charged with a traffic violation or crime.

When you notice your kid climbing on top of the car when it isn’t moving, isn’t that sort of when you lift them off the car and give them a stern lecture about how they should never do that and how dangerous it is? I find it so odd the parents didn’t notice him up there, because at the very least – well, this is how it is for me, so feel free to give me your opinion in the comments- don’t ya’ll feel like you have some weird spidey sense with your kids? I always get sort of a weird feeling when something is going on. The other night I woke with a start and discovered my daughter in the bathroom getting ready to puke. Even when my house is totally quiet I can just KNOW if my kids are being jerks to each other in another room. And when one of my kids are away I can sort of SENSE if something is going on with them. I think if my kid were on my roof I would get a feeling something, somewhere was off. Yeah, yeah, this has never happened to me so I have no technical way of knowing if I would notice or not, but I like to think I would. I’m sure it’s awful for these parents and I feel terrible for them , but it’s hard for me to totally understand it because I get so paranoid about being away from my kids I call home to make sure they are OK when I am pulling out of the driveway. At least this little guy wasn’t hurt too badly.

(Photo:  Zurijeta/shutterstock)

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  • JLH1986

    Wouldn’t you notice a freaking kid on your car though? I mean feet/hands etc. I feel like there is more to this. If this is all this is, it’s awful and a lesson hard learned. But it just doesn’t add up for me.

  • keelhaulrose

    Someone was supposed to be watching this kid. They couldn’t even do that from minute one.
    Something smells fishy. Who lets their kids ride on top of a bloody minivan?

  • March

    Do we have any sources besides the Daily Fail?

  • Tea

    I’m kind of shocked that no one else noticed and flagged them down, or that he could be so quiet up there. I mean, the occasional acorn hitting our van was loud as hell on the inside.

    Also, I have totally done this, at 10 mph with my dad’s permission. I have no idea what my parents were thinking.

  • Véronique Houde

    Perhaps while they were getting ready and going in and out of the house, he snuck up there and hid behind a rooftop storage box or something? Kids can be both idiots and sneaky sometimes. Perhaps the little one wanted to “surprise” his parents when they got to their destination? And maybe no one saw him on the roof on the road because they live in the middle of nowhere and no one crossed their paths. That’s my theory at least! I think we all wish we could “know” when our kids need us or are up to no good, but hey… Sometimes parents “lose” their kids, call the cops, only for the cops to find them hiding in the closet. Stupid stuff happens! Especially when your kids are acting stupid ;).

  • LiteBrite

    Three miles doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is. I can’t believe no one noticed the little boy on top and flagged the parents down (although there are some pretty remote areas of Alaska….).

    On a similar note, a friend of mine was on a family trip when she was nine. They were in a large RV and stopped at a restaurant gas station. She got out to use the bathroom (the RV one wasn’t good enough I guess), and her parents, thinking she was in the RV, took off. They were two hours down the road when another patron finally caught up to them, flagged them down, and said, “Your daughter is back at [insert name] restaurant.” She laughs about it now, but man, that must have been traumatizing at the time.

    • JLH1986

      Having been on a long RV trip, if you don’t have to use the RV bathroom…don’t. It’s like a traveling port-a-let. Yuck!

  • Justme

    First of all, doesn’t this sound like a busted version of Home Alone?

    Secondly, a kid in my high school died from carsurfing…that kid is pretty lucky that he walked away with just bumps, scrapes and bruises.

  • Rachel Sea

    If spidey sense were that reliable, no parent would ever accidentally forget their infant in a hot car.