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My Son Is A Really Militant Feminist And It’s All My Fault

Raising Feminist SonsYesterday afternoon I was happily doing my housewifey duties, which included me cleaning cat vomit off my newly re-done floors, and I overheard my 10-year-old chastising his younger sister over her choice in movie viewing:

You can’t watch that, that’s sexist. The way those girl chipmunks wear short skirts and dance around to Katy Perry, that’s really sexist. You should watch something else.

I mean, 10 points for Gryffindor for him being aware that scantily clad lady chipmunks shaking their little lady chipmunk booties like little lady chipmunk Miley Cyruses to saccharine pop music ditties is not the epitome of girl power. But the dude is taking his quest for equal rights for all people to sort of extreme extremes.

Like when I put on lipstick.

Mom, you don’t have to wear makeup. You are really beautiful without makeup on. Dad doesn’t have to wear makeup. That’s sexist.

When I cook dinner:

Mom, I know dad works and gets home late a lot but you work too and I don’t think it’s fair that you always have to do the cooking. That’s sexist. When I get married both my wife and I will cook. Even if we both work.

And when I purchase the food that goes into his little militant belly:

MOM, I know the cereal you pick always has guy mascots on it but could you maybe start buying cereal that has women on the boxes too? Why can’t that captain be a woman? MOM, you cannot tell me that rabbits can only be boys don’t the people who make this cereal know that women can also be rabbits and captains and vampires and leprechauns?


I’m happy my little guy is exploring his own identity and principals and absorbing the issues that I personally care about into his own little life code. But it’s gotten to the point where I spend a lot of time explaining to him how some of the things he is concerned about being “sexist” aren’t really “sexist” and how he doesn’t have to constantly be the sexism police of every aspect of everything he encounters. He is danger of becoming a mansplainer.

I love how all of my kids are starting to form their own views about what is right and wrong in the world, how all people should be treated equally regardless of race, sexual orientation and gender, and how my son is really concerned about equal rights for women. I am wacky in love with my son, and I’m happy he cares so much about this issue. It’s just getting to be a bit much. He’s his mama’s boy, just taken to a really militant extreme where everything from breakfast cereal to television to what shoes my daughter puts on to Barbie is questioned.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find my copy of Revolution From Within. I have a feeling it’s under my son’s bed.

(Photo: Rylie Rasler)

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  • CB

    My brother can be a bit like this when it comes to feminism, as well, although sometimes a think he may be pulling my leg. Example: when I ask him to open a jar for me.
    Him: “You know, women can open things too. I thought you were FEMINIST.”
    Me: “I’m a feminist with shitty upper body strength. OPEN THE JAR.”

    • Aspen

      You and every other feminist ever. Funny how that works eh? Feminism until we need men!

    • DukeLax

      Interesting piece. Christina hoff sommers wrote a seminal book titled “who stole feminism”. In it she claims that modern “gender-feminism” is not yer mothers “equality-feminism” of 30 years ago.

    • Andrew Miller

      ‘equality’ = at least 20 pull ups for men, 3 for women (and only half can) in the Marines..
      that ain’t equality, it’s actually the exact opposite.
      The problem with the ‘equality’ crowd, is that, more often than not, they are actually preaching discrimination.

  • Ashley

    Aw, that’s so sweet. It seems like he’s working/thinking his way through feminism in exactly the same way all early feminists do, regardless of age or gender. It’s a complex issue, and it can take a while to really understand all the various competing issues (e.g. the pressure for all women to wear makeup is bad, but one individual woman choosing to wear makeup isn’t). It’s difficult for adult women to understand sometimes, let alone a 10-year-old boy. It’s awesome that you’ve raised him to be such a critical thinker of the world around him! Go you!

    • Samantha_Escobar

      Agreed! I think I went through an “EVERYTHING IS SEXIST AND I NEED TO MENTION IT NO MATTER WHAT” phase around that age, maybe a few years later. Working through feminism is different for everyone; some do it quietly and others of us really fucking wish bunnies could also be ladies and not be pink.

      He has you as a mom, and you are stellar, Eve, so I strongly doubt he will become a mansplainer!

    • zaloba

      Let us put it in a different way: Feminism is a mental disease, which leads to these kind of EVERYTHING IS SEXIST AND I NEED TO MENTION IT NO MATTER WHAT” phase. It takes years to come out of this mental disease and heal properly and become normal again.

    • blablabla

      What is a “mansplainer” anyway? To me it sounds like if a man EVER sounds like he is tryiing to explain how something may not be sexist, he automatically becomes a mansplainer to your harpies.

    • PJW

      Mainly, it’s a derailing tactic. A useful way to shut up any man who’s saying something that you don’t like.

    • Doctor

      Protip: If you don’t understand “mansplaining”, maybe you shouldn’t attempt to “mansplain” it. Here’s a tumblr full of examples, http://mansplained.tumblr.com/, but a simple definition is “where men explain things to women without acknowledging their intelligence, knowledge, or familiarity with the subject matter.”. It’s not so much something you don’t like, so much as something you already know and are familiar with.

    • Quip

      I already knew what that meant. How dare you disregard my knowledge of the subject, and discount my intelligence.

      This is outrageous.

    • Bob Jones

      You are encouraging this travesty? Really?

      You’re sick.

      You can raise a child to be mindful of both genders and sensitive to all sorts of issues without indoctrinating him into a poisonous hate-ideology like feminism.

      The boy isn’t using critical thinking, he’s parroting things he’s head from his mother.
      Monkey see, monkey do.

      And you are even worse than this pathetic excuse for a mother because you actually think screwing up her son will somehow benefit him later in life. It will not.
      Feminism is POISON.

      He will need YEARS of therapy to undo the damage done by his mother, and people like you encourage her to damage her son even more. I am absolutely disgusted by your ignorance.

    • Rosie

      All these men harping on about “men’s rights” and “male discrimination” remind me of white people who get upset about people of colour acting “racist” towards them.

      If you think feminism is a hate-ideology then you don’t know much about feminism. Feminists don’t hate men. They simply hate gender-inequality. Females face a lot more discrimination than men (although men face some too), which is why it is called feminism. Feminists don’t think all men are evil. They think that our patriarchal society systematically oppresses women and that this encourages SOME men (and women) to engage in sexist behaviour.

      I do not think the author has screwed up her son at all, or that she has caused any damage that will require therapy. She has simply made him aware of patriarchy and of his own privilege. Most likely he will grow up very happy, and will have great relationships with the women in his life because he respects them as equal human beings. If all children were brought up in this way sexism would soon disappear from our society.

      Feminism is not poison. Patriarchy is poison.
      Men who refuse to recognise their own privilege are poison.

    • Leftus Maximus II

      Men’s privilege must be doing all the jobs feminists don’t care about getting into, they only want the easy ones…..

      When was the last time some liberated strong woman decided to be a steel worker, longshoreman, coal miner, construction laborer, or anything eles that requires hard work?

      No you lot just want to be handed easy jobs and complain males have privilege. Men still do the hard thankless jobs, men still fight and die in wars, men still sit and listen to egotistical unrealistic freaks like yourself pretend to be a victim group.

      Yeah it really does seem like you have it rough, not having to be held to the same standards and expectations as us and meanwhile crying you somehow have it harder.

  • Liv Kaged

    Isn’t good that he understands that society does show different rules for men and women? Yes some of his statements are too extremist but it is hardly fair to call him an mansplainer.

    Understand that he lives in a misogynistic world but raised by parents who support and believe in equality for both genders. He probably does not comprehend such a world which is so different to how he has been raised; his “that’s sexist” is his mind going “that’s different for girls than boys, that’s bad, where’s the equality”. He fails to see it therefore he fails to understand how a world can be so one-sided genderly.

    He is only ten years old, he has plenty of time to understand “what’s sexism and what’s not”. Right now he’s only little and sees the world of black and white, and not shades of grey. He’s going to grow up to be wonderful father to a little girl one day.

    Let’s just hope he understands sexism works both ways and knows its okay to be a masculinist and that its not okay for women to degrade or discriminate against him for being a man.

    • Jade Cahoon

      I don’t understand why people are downvoting this.

    • Breezy

      I wonder that a lot.

    • QI

      Probably because the commenter seemed to misunderstand by taking the writer seriously in her lament and didn’t realize it was just a humble brag.

  • Blah

    Thank you for raising a good kid.

  • Alex Lee

    We’re missing the point here.

    Why is the cat sick?


    • http://fairlyoddmedia.com/ Frances Locke

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that immediately thought this!

    • Facepalm

      Yeah, the child was fed a steady diet of man-hate, but let’s all worry about the goddamn cat and not the mental health of the boy.

  • Rachel Sea

    Kids are so adorably militant.

  • http://wtfimalmostthirty.blogspot.ca/ jendra_berri

    Well, he’s on the right track, isn’t he? He’s seeing things usually little boys don’t see. His ability to stop policing people about it will come in time, and I think his open eyes will translate well into his relationship with women in the future.

    • Aspen

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA maybe if he doesn’t want a relationship, sure.

    • Bob Jones

      Oh, I see. So… if I had a daughter and taught her all manner of “women are evil, watch out for women” thoughts, she would be on the right track too?

      Give me a break. Put some actual thought into what you say before you say it, so you don’t sound foolish… like you do now. Seriously.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RetiredSceneQueen Emmali Lucia

    I was an adorable little feminazi in middle school, (Literally, I would get so worked up about sexism that I’d start crying, I only cry when I’ve broken bones or if someone dies, so seeing me cry is really alarming) I grew out of it though, then in high school I tried to act like I had never heard of feminism before in my life. I’m in a happy middle-ground now. I think he’ll find his, too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/valerisexton.jones Valeri Jones

    Eve, your little boy needs to come stay with me for a few weeks and teach my sons (and husband!) a few things about sexism!!! I will happily embrace his militant attitude towards it.

    • Bob Jones

      Then you are the problem, and not the solution.

  • Ashlea Phenicie

    I think he needs a dose of choice feminism ;)

  • Ashlea Phenicie

    But it’s great that he’s noticing!

  • anna

    Aw, I’m a nanny and kind of went the same way. I spend more time with the kids then their parents do, so I started having conversations with the little boy when he was old enough about respecting women and seeing gender inequality. He took it as a cue to be “a gentleman” and would open all doors for me and wanted to carry my purse.
    I think I explained it wrong, but having a gentleman around IS nice..

  • Mom59

    I’m in my fifties so I was working when sexual harassment wasn’t a crime and when it was expected that a woman be a housewife and not have a career. Things are totally different now and yet young women are totally hung up on feminism. I don’t get it! You ladies have it made compared to my generation. We fought and struggled and put up with crap you can’t even imagine, and yet you’re still whining about how women are so badly treated. I don’t get it!

    It took half a lifetime for me to realize that I can’t have everything and that that’s OK. I also realized that not all men are bad, and that, frankly, now a lot of them are worse than they used to be because of feminism. In my day, men didn’t expect women to sleep with them on the first date, nor did they expect a woman to “get rid of” an unwanted child, or to work full time and still take care of a family. Feminism has trained men to expect women to have sex with them without even dating them, to treat abortion as a “simple procedure” with no long lasting effects, and to work their butts off so they don’t have to.

    How is this better and how is the world “misogynist”? Are young women complaining that men are taking advantage of what they themselves are putting on offer?

    I worry about raising young men as feminists, not because it’s wrong for men to respect women, but because the emphasis on all things female is already too strong in our society. My son came home from school in the 3rd grade upset because he thought that boys had never done anything worth reading about because all of the books were about girls. How do you think that makes a boy feel? Isn’t he entitled to be who he is as well?

    What I’d like to see is a society where people are judged on what they have to offer the world, and where men and women both behave like the classic “gentleman” and treat each other with respect. It’s time we stop with all of the gender stuff and just let people be who they are. Women need to stop bashing men and men need to learn how to be “real men.” Frankly, real men are in short supply and a lot of that is the fault of mothers so hung up on their victim hood that they are turning out a generation of wussy men who are uncomfortable in their own bodies and who feel guilty because they exist. It’s cruel and it needs to stop.

    • Ashamed

      Now I feel doubly guilty for existing because I’m “the wrong kind of man.”

    • Candy

      Don’t listen to that bullshit.

    • Candy

      “Real men”? “Wussy men”? Are you seriously suggesting there’s only one way to be an authentic man? Is a wussy man a man who’s too much like a stereotypical woman for your tastes? You’re just perpetuating the shaming of men who don’t fit into a masculinity paradigm (as well as insinuating women are weak). There’s still too much lauding of aggression and too little emphasis on empathy with men; you still here men calling each other “pussies” and “faggots” if they dare take interest in anything remotely feminine. It’s ridiculous.

      And people like you aren’t helping.

      I don’t think we need to stop with the “gender stuff,” because it’s clear that much of our behavior is socialized. Media, from billboards to porn, influence our perception of not only gender roles but of behavior in general. There’s nothing wrong with drawing attention to these issues.

      As far as feeling entitled to sex on the first date, I’ve never met a feminist who finds that acceptable in either gender. I sure as hell don’t. And for many, abortion is indeed a simple procedure. That doesn’t mean I don’t think people should be educated on the potential harmful effects beforehand.

  • zaloba

    you are a crap mother , instilling the poison and hate in such a small boy. Girls need to feel positive about being female, Boys need to feel positive about being male. You have filled him with gender-shaming which may grow up into self-doubt tomorrow.
    read this:
    Take some corrective steps.

    And remember individual is good person or bad person, not the whole gender.
    four girls raping a girl (their classmate) : how does feminist sweeping generalization of all females good, explains it:
    What your son needs to deeply understand:
    Some males are good, some males are bad. Some females are good, some females are bad. Its as simple as that, and he needs to understand this. Males face sexism in courtrooms, media reporting of events, govt policies; Females face sexism in media advertisements,females still need discrimination is islamic countries.
    He needs to understand that still the world is not creepy, it is still beautiful, he needs not be over-hyper. World needs to be corrected where it is biased against females, World needs to be corrected where it is biased against males. You (your books, American media) are showing him only one face (just females are being discriminated), that is creating hyper-sensitivity helping in overcoming the guilt of being male.

    • Alex Lee

      >you are a crap mother ,

      Okay, right from the start you begin with an ad-hominem attack. I’m going to assume from your alias, the language, and the foreign links you provided that English is not your first language (which is fine) but there are more-constructive ways to express your notably-strong opinion.

      >instilling the poison and hate in such a small boy.

      I don’t believe Eve’s son’s feminist attitudes are as extreme as you think. At present, Eve has shown no indication of her son being adversely-affected by his support of feminine roles and causes.

      >Girls need to feel positive about being female, Boys need to feel positive about being male.

      Boys cannot feel positive about being female? How does your culture address gender identification and gender confusion in children?

      >You have filled him with gender-shaming which may grow up into self-doubt tomorrow.

      So convinced are you? From this one article? Just a few examples and now it’s already time to hit the panic button?

      >read this:


      I think the first article shares a lot of Eve’s sentiments. The author realizes that feminist feelings, while powerful, can be very beneficial and/or harmful. I don’t have the question of whether feminism still needs to be espoused, because without support for women and women’s causes, society will lose that equality that has been fought so hard for. Still to this day, women continue to fight for their rights.

      The second article is anecdotal. It is one person’s account. I could provide my own account of supporting women’s causes and yet don’t suffer from the lonliness and hatred that Edgar illustrates. In fact, my feminist attitudes draw me closer to my friends and my wife. It actually strengthens our relationships.

      >Take some corrective steps.
      The results of a boy being raised by feminist ….is self hate, loathing and endless therapy.

      OR, just maybe, now hear me out on this, just maybe, you end up with a more-understanding boy which, God-willing, turns into a more-understanding man.

      >And remember individual is good person or bad person, not the whole gender.

      I see no indication where Eve needed reminding of this.

      >four girls raping a girl (their classmate) : how does feminist sweeping generalization of all females good, explains it:

      Feminists would not condone criminal behavior – especially victimization of another female.

      >What your son needs to deeply understand:
      Some males are good, some males are bad. Some females are good, some females are bad. Its as simple as that, and he needs to understand this. Males face sexism in courtrooms, media reporting of events, govt policies; Females face sexism in media advertisements,females still need discrimination is islamic countries.

      I don’t think they need it at all in any country.

      >He needs to understand that still the world is not creepy,

      Oh, but it IS, Zaloba.

      >it is still beautiful, he needs not be over-hyper.

      YOU are making Eve’s point. This whole article is about how Eve needs to MODERATE her son’s feminist feelings.

      >World needs to be corrected where it is biased against females,

      Again, don’t you think having understanding males would be a good start for this?

      >World needs to be corrected where it is biased against males.


      >You (your books, American media) are showing him only one face (just females are being discriminated), that is creating hyper-sensitivity helping in overcoming the guilt of being male.

      If Eve’s son is *ashamed* of being male, I didn’t get that sense from this article.

    • Leftus Maximus II

      You are an idiot, quit trying to explain things away and justify them under your pseudoscientific sounding PC Marxist nonsense.

      You are condoning causing psychological damage on a developing mind for a political purpose.

      If you idiots REALLY cared about the well being of these kids you would let them develop on their own the way nature intended instead of pressuring then to conform to your perverted and corrupt anti-nature world view.

      You freaks hate nature because nature doesn’t provide for your man made fantasy “gender neutral, blabla nonsense” garbage.

      We are a product of nature and you idiots better realize that if there is some societal collapse or some sort of massive national emergency that takes down our ability to produce food and electricity and maintain order, you idiotic impotent feminists, your weak willed beta males, and your unnatural oddball transgender won’t be thought twice about when we go back to the need for traditional and natural roles and structures to survive.

      You lot will be lucky to survive a month.

  • zaloba

    Sexual abuse by “Bad Men” needs to be corrected, But here are all there links in which sexual abuse were done by “Bad Women” (not all Women). After few years, He needs to understand that there are Good Women and Good Men , who make this world peaceful and beautiful; so he needs to be at innerpeace.

    links showing the view of other side of the world:

    Mom accused of sex with estranged son she found on Facebook














  • zaloba

    It’s generally accepted that narcissists with children view them not as actual human beings but as mere extensions of themselves, to toy with as they see fit. This is what is happenning in this case: you are unintentionally manipulating your children to fulfill your ideology.
    You are basically robbing him of a childhood and this hyper sensitivity shows that it is ensured that he’ll grow up to be a miserable, misanthropic spinster, psychologically castrated, mincing gayboy. Stop this from happenning. Try to give two sided balanced views from miseries of both the genders.

    • Alex Lee

      I feel psychologically castrated just reading that.

    • EmmaFromÉire

      this may be my favourite comment ever.

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  • Leftus Maximus II

    Way to have him emasculated and insecure in his own gender. You people never think of the long term ramifications caused by raising children In Politically charged environments.

    • Jack Jack

      Agreed. The author presents this as some cute joke. In reality I see that real and lasting harm has been done.

  • Kim Detorez

    Wait until his future wife or girlfriend has him removed from his house for no reason with a restraining order.Or his ex accuses him of a sexual assault . Please read what this former feminist said bout how feminisim almost destroyed her son http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424127887324600704578405280211043510

  • Michael

    I’m happy to see your son embracing equality and sexism. But he also needs to realize that sexism isn’t just a women’s issue which there are most certainly areas we all could do better in that area. His gender also faces sexism. Few people are talking about the disparity in male suicides and homelesssness. Few are talking about sentencing disparity in the criminal courts for the same crimes. I say encourage his militant sexism that is experienced by all.

  • The Pale Horse

    well, you reap what you sow.

  • ohoh

    Ed’s Mom:

    Man Hater:

    “Augusta despised her husband, and considered him a failure”


    “Augusta relocated to the farm to prevent outsiders from influencing her sons”

    Sex is dirty and wrong:

    “Augusta, a fervent Lutheran, preached to her boys about the innate immorality of the world, the evil of drinking, and the belief that all women (except herself) were naturally prostitutes and instruments of the devil.”

    Punishes sons for all perceived evils by men (child abuser):

    “While Gein was devoted to making his domineering mother happy, Augusta was rarely pleased with her boys, believing that they were destined to become failures and alcoholics like their father.”

    All the hallmark traits of feminism…

    Feminists, raising serial killers since 1906.

    (Ed was the basis of both Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, Chainsaw massacre’s Leatherface, and Silence of the lambs Buffalo Bill).


  • Steven

    I certainly saw some sexism – in the fact you never taught him to call our women for equally sexist double standards that they spit out.

    I mean I believe in real equality, and does NOT include just having only female issues dealt with, correcting men, and having someone have some moral superiority complex and talk down their nose at me due to my genetic predisposition.
    It seems you’ve raised him to be “accuse first” and think later. Some time down the line someone is going to get hurt by those accusations. – and I hope you take responsibility for that.

  • Ricardo Aguilera

    Anyone else disgusted that she would use the word”mansplainer”on a 10 year old child. Anyhow how is this little boy anymore militant then actual feminist who lobby and protest in the real world. You have taught him a ideology that conflates his gender with rape,murder and oppression…the fact that he is still functional at this point and hasn’t considered more extreme measures is a damn miracle if you ask me.

    You teach this boy that he will potentially grow up to become a monster someday so naturally he will be militant because he wants to avoid becoming a man…ya know the thing your and your kind hate so much. I’m just shocked you haven’t decided to castrate him yet, but maybe that will come when he decides to date so you can help fight rape culture.

    • Try Making Sense

      Im disgusted by the use of the word ‘mansplainer’ on men of any age. Its a silencing tactic, used by abusive militant feminists to make men feel as though they have no right to speak. If this woman is already using it on her 10 year old son, *even though he is simply parroting her own philosophy,* then I feel deeply sorry for him. He will never truly have her respect. And thats a shame, that a mother would let her misguided radical feminist attitudes so deeply warp her relationship to her own child. Or.. Oh crap! I think I was just mansplaining.. Nevermind.

  • Gendo Ikari

    Guess what, Mom… he learned it all from you. This is how you act… how you think… without holding back. From the mouth of babes.

    This is Feminism.

  • comemiculo

    I’m reminded of:

    You reap what you sow.

  • bob smith

    Jesus. “Mansplainer”. You must be a delight to be around.

  • Natalius

    This is the most sickening thing I have read in a long time.

    “I’m happy my little guy is exploring his own identity and principals and
    absorbing the issues that I personally care about into his own little
    life code.”

    Contradictory and simply put nothing more than brainwashing. Congrats, your child is going to end up both hating himself and you for force feeding him information that clearly serves only one side of the aisle. I do not see your son crying about how men have to always be physically fit and strong to be heroes in movies. Oh, wait, that’s a feminist power fantasy and is perfectly fine in society. I forgot.

    “I love how all of my kids are starting to form their own views about
    what is right and wrong in the world, how all people should be treated
    equally regardless of race, sexual orientation and gender, and how my
    son is really concerned about equal rights for women.”

    No. They are starting to form YOUR views of what is right and what is wrong. They do not care about anyone being treated equally but women. Your son chastised his sister for watching a children’s movie when he shouldn’t even KNOW the connotation between short skirts and booty shaking. Your son will not care about men’s rights until he is in the real world. And you’ll care about his rights too when you suddenly never see your grandchildren and he is in prison because he cannot pay an outrageous sum of child support.

  • Doctor

    Hello author. Somehow your article has been linked to a site called r/mensrights, which has been described by the SPLC as a reactionary. anti-women hategroup. Here’s the link: http://np.reddit.com/r/MensRights/comments/1v3g93/feminist_mother_cant_understand_why_her_son_takes/

    That’s why there’s suddenly lots of hatred and lots of comments. Sorry, hope this doesn’t ruin your morning! I think your son’s adorbz btw.

    • Doctor

      Downvotes only make me stronger.

    • Asmund Hairy-Arse

      How does fighting misandry get one labeled as a hate group. If I recall correctly, the shooter who tried to conduct mass murder at the Family Research Council was “inspired” by a hit list from SPLC that had listed the FRC as a hate group. I’d say that the SPLC is the true hate group.

    • Doctor

      Check the SPLC’s website, I don’t feel like filling up Eve’s comment section with what would probably become a never-ending argument.

  • Roberto Matus


  • Bob Jones

    It’s entirely your fault that he is like this for indoctrinating him into feminism. You screwed up your son by warping his mind with poison.
    This is entirely, 100%, your fault.

    You will get NO sympathy from me, but I do feel sorry for your son, seeing as how his mother is a radical feminist.

    You will be paying a large sum of money for many years of therapy to undo the damage you did to your son.

    You disgust me, warping the views of the young generation to your own twisted political agenda.

    You are a terrible parent. I pity your son.

  • Hilary

    This is what happens when you pump a kid’s head with nonsensical dogma.

  • Facepalm

    Your son will be the next Manboobz. You should be proud.

  • Ibrinar

    Ah this comment section.^^ Filled with a few day old comments to a month old article. Which tend to only have upvotes, most certainly by each other. And they all come from the same ideological direction. It’s seldom as obvious that something was just linked on some site, I only wonder which one it was.

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      The article is SEVEN months old.

  • Some Guy

    So, you’re raising an obnoxious, preachy, self-satisfied little Social Justice Warrior. I pity the little fool, but I blame YOU.

  • anand

    Im a man and i shed a few tears reading this. You have scarred him for life. He needs therapy. Please i beg of you, i would gladly raise kids as my own rather than watch them being raised by feminist mothers who ruin them. Pleasee.. Im literally crying at this point.

  • http://theflounce.com Jen Pink

    Hey there. I was doing some research on an article and this showed up in my search results… thought I’d leave you a *fist bump* to offset all the angry monkeys. Hope you’re doing well!

  • D

    Mansplainer… a 10 year old.

    Have you ever considered the fact that you’re out of your damn mind, have a perverted view of the world, and it’s having serious effects on your male child?

    He’s spewing out the crap you shoveled into him.