The Top 10 Headlines Mommyish Sees In North West’s Future

kim kardashian and kanye westFor now, North West is known simply as Kim Kardashian‘s preemie look alike who is being breastfed. But given her now signature name — and parents — there’s a lot in store for her. Just look at the headline possibilities!

“After Her Parents’ Marriage Headed South, North Was Out With Dad Getting Ice Cream

“North To Model For North Face In Fall Catalogue”

“North Meets South – How Nori Met Her BF/GF In Atlanta”

“North West In North West: Nori Says She Loves Seattle!”

“North To Debut New Scent: North By North West”

“North West Says She Finds South West Too ‘Different’ For Her Lifestyle”

“North West Officially Changing Her Name To Nori West After Asking Parents WTF”

“North West To Go Back East For College, Perhaps Yale”

“North West Attends SxSW, Planning Her Own North By North West”

(photo: DJDM/

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  • ANother

    Why is Nori i.e. Edible seaweed any better than North?! Sure, it’s tough to avoid every “foreign language” pitfall when choosing an usual name, but why choose something that most of their friends eat? May as well have named her Coq au Vin or skipped the esoteric step and just called her Sushi straight out.

  • Rachel Sea

    At least anything her peers come up with will sound tired after the tabloids get through with her name.

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  • Jessie

    Oh god they seriously went with that name… I was hoping it was just a joke, but geebus.
    This is why I feel that most celebrites shouldn’t be allowed to breed. Or at least should have to have a mental exam before they do to avoid these “yoonique” or just plain stupid celebrity baby names. -_-