The Top Worst Tweets In Response To Serena Williams’s Steubenville Victim Blaming

Serena Williams has since issued a PR backtrack for essentially blaming the 16-year-old Jane Doe who was sexually assaulted in the now infamous Steubenville case. By entertaining the old “she shouldn’t have been there” line of thought, Serena effectively engaged in the biggest rape apologist script ever. But upon putting your ear to the Twittersphere, some responses to Williams’s gross sentiments echoed some equally problematic rhetoric and lady-hatey sentiments.

While the following Twitter users seemed to express disdain for Serena blaming gang rape on anyone but the rapists, they were also quick to resort to misogynistic, abusive and racist language. It’s quite worrisome that in the context of chiding a woman on victim blaming, the go to response is, you’re just pissy that you’re not pretty enough to get raped:

serena williams tweet

Or how about some straight up Chris Brown style lady beating to go with that disapproval?serena williams tweet Or slut shaming language:serena williams tweet

Among other sexually charged derogatories for a woman you happen to disagree with:serena williams tweetserena williams tweet And don’t forget racism:serena williams tweet(photo: Twitter)

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  • Emmali Lucia

    Twitter is like the new YouTube comments. The bottom of the barrel

  • Blueathena623

    OT, but the word cunt makes me laugh. Whenever people use it, you know they are just squinting their eyes and trying to say the most hurtful thing ever, ha ha ha, that will show her, Snidley Whiplash mustache curl, and I find that comical.
    I dunno. I’m not knocking anyone who is offended by the word, but if you want to hurt my feelings, insult a part of my personality, not use a slang word for part of my anatomy. Although now I want to see what other body parts I can turn into insults. Uvula? Duodenum? Islets of langerhans?

    • kty

      If someone calls me a cunt, I thank them for calling me a deep, warm person. ;D

    • Blueathena623

      Yay! I guess I also think of the SATC episode where Charlotte meets the famous artist who is now just painting cunts, and he calls them the source of all life or something like that, and his wife is there with cookies and drinks and says to Charlotte “I bet you have a lovely cunt dear.”

    • Eve Vawter

      2728282 points for snidley whiplash curl

    • whiteroses

      I kind of loved the fact that your comment included both a reference to Dudley Do-Right (the best cartoon EVER, ever I say) and the Islets of Lagerhans.

      You win all the Internets today.

    • Frances Locke

      I feel the same way. It’s just a word.

  • Annonymous

    She wasn’t saying it was her fault, she was just saying what all people should be telling their daughters which is be careful of your surroundings! No one should be so drunk or high to the point they don’t know what happened to them the night before. No young girl should be drinking with a group of boys! Did she deserve what happened? Absolutely not! No one does but you increase your chances of something like this happening by not being able to make proper decisions to leave your surroundings or call for help. She is “lucky” because something worse could have happened. She could have gotten pregnant and had to have made the decision to keep or abort the pregnancy or she could have been kidnapped or even worse, killed.

    I know the article is about the responses on twitter but you clearly showed your opinion about Serena’s comments in your introduction which I clearly disagree with. Parents need to talk to their kids about underage drinking, setting curfews and knowing their whereabouts. I’m sure no parent would condone their young daughter drinking and partying unsupervised because they know things like this can happen.

    • CMJ

      No. No. And No. MOST IMPORTANTLY – parents need to talk to their kids about not raping.

      Fuck this comment.

    • Eve Vawter

      In honor of this comment I’m going to take all the drugs and all the booze and go lie in a dark alley naked and if I get raped IT STILL WON’T BE MY FAULT.

    • CMJ

      Don’t forget your heels and short skirt! Boobs!!!

    • TngldBlue

      Eve, I think this needs to be the subject of an article or two. It is a conversation I have to have over and over again. People do not understand why this line of thinking is so very wrong and damaging.

    • Eve Vawter

      I have written about this so much :(

    • TngldBlue

      It can be short and sweet: The word “but” never belongs in the same sentence as “she didn’t deserve to be raped”. The end.

      It feels like banging your head against the wall sometimes doesn’t it.

    • Emmali Lucia

      God, in my day, you got wayy too drunk and made a fool of yourself and then people made fun of you for a couple weeks (Or a couple years if you all the sudden decide you’re a kitty and start licking yourself). You didn’t get raped; and if you did get raped, you did NOT get made fun of because of it.

    • Frances Locke

      Not to be argumentative, but rape isn’t exactly something new. People have been getting date raped or acquaintance raped forever. I think the issue here is that more women feel comfortable coming out and saying they were raped. Not nearly enough, more more than in previous generations.

    • Emmali Lucia

      No, I understand that rape has happened since the beginning of time. But the thing is, when I was at parties, no matter how old we all were, if there was drinking, there were designated drivers. If someone passed out, we woke them up and then sent a designated driver to drive them to the ER.

      We drove the passed-out drunk ones to the ER because we weren’t sociopaths. There was a chance that when Jane Doe passed out, she wouldn’t wake up. No one took advantage of a passed-out drunk girl at any party I went to, and if anyone got a little too handsy (Un-consensually, there would be boyfriends and girlfriends making out, of course) with anyone they were kicked the hell out.

      I guess I’m just saying that I don’t understand kids these days.

    • ElleJai

      I got drunk with my male friends and even passed out once and NOT ONE OF THEM WOULD HAVE EVEN CONSIDERED RAPING ME.

      Teach your boys NOT TO RAPE. Problem solved.

    • Tusconian

      The appropriate consequences for excessive underage drinking are a massive hangover and being grounded forever by your angry parents. This is true for boys and girls. The end.

    • whiteroses

      The thing about that, though, is that there is no gray area when it comes to rape. None. The definition of rape is “the unlawful coercion of sexual intercourse”. If someone doesn’t consent- like if they’re drunk, if they’re drugged, or if they’re hit over the head- and someone has sex with them, that is rape and it is wrong.

      I am so sick of people saying that it was her parent’s fault. Where were the parents of these boys? Why weren’t the boys raised not to drink? Why weren’t they raised not to take advantage of others? And where were these parents when their boys took pictures and videos, and urinated on her, and passed her around like a piece of garbage? Where were their parents when their sons laughed about hurting and degrading another human being, or when they said she’d be better off dead?

      I also find it curious that everyone is focusing on the fact that this girl was drinking. I can almost promise you that other girls at that party were also drinking. Where’s the outrage against them? They’re just as much at fault for drinking as Jane Doe was, and if Jane Doe had never been raped, what happened in Steubenville that night would have been just another party like millions of others that happen all the time across America. Underage drinking only becomes a problem for some people when somebody gets hurt. The rest of the time, the narrative is, “Well, they could be on drugs, so who cares?”

    • LiteBrite

      “I’m sure no parent would condone their young daughter drinking and
      partying unsupervised because they know things like this can happen.”

      And any parent would condone their young sons doing the same thing?

      That’s essentially the problem I have with your whole post. Once again, it’s focused on the girl. Don’t go to unsupervised parties! Don’t get drunk with boys! But what I’m not seeing is the parallel conversations we should be having with our sons, statements such as “If you see a young girl at a party blackout drunk, that’s not an invite for you to take advantage of her” or better yet, “Get her some help that doesn’t involve a penis.”

      Look, I get it. Getting blackout drunk at a party and losing awareness of your surroundings is a really bad idea. But that’s not a convo we should be having with just our daughters; we should be having these conversations with our KIDS (male and female). Instead of “No young girl should be drinking with a group of boys” how about we say “No young KID should be drinking at an unsupervised party?”

  • libraryofbird

    Violence begets violence and idiots begets idiots.

  • Emily

    Yes, teach boys not to rape. But also teach teenagers not to get blackout wasted. A number of awful things besides rape happen when teenagers drink alcohol, including deadly accidents. In a perfect world a teenage girl would be 100% safe among her peers, no matter her condition, but the world is NOT perfect and teens need to use common sense and take precautions. Those Steubenville boys are disgusting perves and while I feel no compassion toward them WHATSOEVER and I do NOT blame the victim, there are other lessons that ALSO need to be emphasized besides boys learning not to rape. Serena may have chosen her words poorly, but I’d like to think this is what she was trying to communicate.

    • Blueathena623

      Yeah, but you know what? I have not seen 1/100th ( actually, I haven’t seen any, but I’m allowing that it out there) the focus on the boys not drinking. Its always “teenagers in general shouldnt drink. Girls shouldn’t get really drunk around guys.” Uh, apparently those boys turned into raping degenerates, but where are the messages about “teenagers in general should not drink. Boys shouldn’t get really drunk.”

    • Roberta

      If these boys got drunk and trashed a store, or drove into a tree, or
      even mugged a person, this conversation would not happen. It would be
      all about how teen boys need to curb their drinking and ass-hattery. But
      they got drunk, found one of their friends passed out, and then decided
      to rape her. And somehow, no mainstream media picked up on how these
      boys were held less responsible for their actions than they would have been if they had pissed on a mailbox, which would also have not been able to give consent or defend itself.

    • Blueathena623


  • Byron

    All these funnly angry tweets, I cunt believe it!

  • disqus_CjkjexhigA

    It’s so sad that people stoop so low, but I was really angry at her. She was not “lucky”. She will be haunted by that for the rest of her life.

  • Rosary

    - slow clap- Serena is right, if you’re going to go and get shit faced with a bunch of boys, expect to be raped. That’s why mommy needs to put your ass on the depo pronto. Don’t want any of those accidents. She DID put herself in a situation to be raped. She just wasn’t suspecting it, it was a surprise rape, less fun then the rape with balloons and tentacles…never mind, it’s a japanese thing. It is truly going to be survival of the fittest, these little Fiona Apple wannabe’s…write another record, Fiona. Write a book about the first cock you never saw. Boohoo. Welcome to having a cunt, expect shit to put up there that doesn’t normally go there. No sympathy. Time to start double tapping them to the back of the head. Problem solved. So over this victim rights bullshit, get over it. You’re a girl, you’re going to be raped. Tuck your cunt flaps in and carry the fuck on. You aren’t news worthy, you aren’t shit.

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