No, Wearing A Bikini While Pregnant Doesn’t Make You ‘Brave’ – No Matter What the Media Says

Wearing A Bikini While Pregnant is Not Brave Sopranos’ actress Jamie Lynn Sigler is pregnant and often photographed by paparazzi wearing a bikini. According to the LA Times, this makes her a “brave woman.”

Jamie-Lynn Sigler is one brave woman. She has no problems wearing a bikini while pregnant and being photographed in it — and actually prefers to be with child if she is going to be captured wearing said swimsuit.

“I would probably not be caught in a bikini otherwise, but when you’re pregnant, it is what it is!” the actress told People at her baby shower Wednesday. “However your body’s carrying is how your body’s carrying.”

Somebody get this woman a medal of honor or name a street after her. She dared to be photographed wearing a bikini. WHILE PREGNANT. How terribly, terribly brave. Are you readers doing okay? Or are you sobbing hysterically into a Kleenex because you can’t fathom the courage and bravery it took a very attractive actress who makes her living being attractive to be photographed while pregnant wearing a bikini? Will you be okay? Are you all planning to name your newborns Jamie Lynn now? This isn’t Jamie’s fault. She didn’t write the article. I’m sure she’s a swell gal. I’m sure she’s plenty brave in other aspects of her life. But this type of bullshit spewed by the media that pregnant women daring to show their bodies in public is a “brave” act has to stop.

You know what’s brave? Switching careers. Moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone. Getting a mastectomy. Leaving your abusive husband. Stopping a bar fight. Moving to India to work with slum children. Rosa Parks.

It’s not wearing a fucking bikini while pregnant.

Being pregnant is not some sort of handicap. A woman’s body is not less than because she is pregnant. I don’t care how pregnant she is, I don’t care how much pregnancy weight she has gained, I don’t care if she has gained 75 pounds of baby weight all in her ass. How a woman dresses while pregnant is not a sign of bravery, unless she is wearing a T-shirt that says:


We buy the magazines, we read the articles and by doing so we contribute to this bullshit notion that there is something WRONG with the way a woman looks when she is carrying a baby. That her body is wrong. That doing something miraculous like growing another set of eyes inside your body, another heart, is wrong.

You know what’s brave? The media continuing to have the sheer audacity to write bullshit like this and think women are stupid enough to buy into it.

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  • Fabel

    Wait, why wouldn’t you wear a bikini while pregnant? Isn’t that the most practical kind of swimsuit? How are you going to get a one-piece over a pregnant belly? Also, since you’re, you know, pregnant, there’s no reason to be ashamed of your largeness (if that’s something you would otherwise be ashamed of)

    • Courtney

      It’s not about the bikini (though you’re right about it being easier than a one piece), the problem is the with the idea of what makes a woman brave. And wearing a bikini ain’t it.

  • Madame Ovaries

    This kind of thing is especially infuriating because it implies that there is a type of body that should be in a bikini and types of bodies that shouldn’t (and you’re just so brave if you aren’t an approved bikini body in a bikini). If you choose to wear a bikini, you are a woman that should wear a bikini. If you don’t like it, look away.

  • SDA

    hahaha! Being pregnant while wearing a bikini is NOT brave. Now, wearing a bikini post partum, maybe. ;)

    • jsterling93

      Yeah I would have been fine in a bikini while 8 months pregnant. I’m 2 months post partum and there is no way anyone is seeing me in one now. I can’t figure out what the hell happened to my body. I am a full pant size smaller than before I was pregnant but I look so much worse.

    • Eve Vawter

      You guys are making me furrow my pretty little brow and I do not need any more wrinkles. repeat after me: your body is 10000% fine. You had a baby. That is amazingly kickass. Your body is 1000000% fine.

    • jsterling93

      Mostly it is my skin. It will take time but once the c section scar fades I’ll be pretty impressed. Besides I must look pretty good considering I have to remind my husband daily that we don’t need to be making a sibling for our son that would be in the same grade :P

      I’ve never been much of the person who is vain in a “I have a size 2 waist way.” I’m more the woman who says look how strong I am as I am I kayak a raging river. I want my strong muscles back more than my small waist.

    • Madame Ovaries

      I’m also 2 months post partum and had the same reaction to the “jelly belly” at first. Then I realized that my body made my son and to be unhappy with it for the way it looks after it did something that I’m so impressed with is a little like training for a marathon and then thinking “ew, but now I have these icky calf muscles to deal with!” I’m wearing my bikini this summer with my jelly belly and the 10 extra pounds I haven’t dropped yet, and the haters can suck it.

  • American expat in Europe

    This also goes for our non-celebrity friends. I was (note, past tense) connected with another local expat for some years here. Through both pregnancies she posted photos of herself pregnant in a bikini. She would always imply in the text along with it she was somehow embarrassed. Number one, why? Number two, she wasn’t. She was fishing for compliments. Like this model, she knew she looked great regardless. Good for her, but don’t pretend you don’t know how naturally thin you are — before/during and after pregnancy.

  • Rachelle

    Yup – I was the epitome of sexy in my bikini while preggo (I was more worried about the “bikini line” than the bikini itself since there was a big something in my way…).

    I’m developing a new kind of love for my Mommy body; it’s not hate, it’s more like a “getting to know you” shy kind of love. I’m not crazy about the soft, loose skin, but I love how it got there. That being said, I bought my first ever tankini this spring – I had never worn one, nor a one piece in YEARS. Gives me a great rack and, until I’ve gotten to know my new body a little better, it’ll help me transition. I miss my bikinis though (I wouldn’t fit in them even if I tried…)

  • Ptownsteveschick

    I think I’ll just start wearing a bikini because then the people who ask me if I am pregnant(I’m not) will start thinking I am super brave too.

  • Amber

    Eh, I don’t know. It definitely took some courage for me to wear a bikini when I was a pregnant. Probably because my own mother told me my body was disgusting and obscene and tried to shame me for wearing it.

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  • Eileen

    In general, I think no, of course not. But in this particular case, well…maybe. Jamie-Lynn Sigler had a really tough battle with anorexia in her late teens/early twenties (when she was first cast on The Sopranos, and she almost lost the job because she got so thin). While it’s definitely true that many women have body issues that they should get over, this woman could have real psychological problems related to her body shape, and the bikini could be as “brave” for her as the examples you mentioned. Being brave is doing the thing that terrifies you most, and that differs from person to person.

  • Muggle

    I grew up on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Every woman wears bikinis while pregnant there. This is such a total non-issue I’m amazed that anyone thinks it’s brave to wear a bikini while pregnant. Seriously, wtf. These people must not go to the beach often.

  • Prego D

    I personally like to hear stories about pregnant women showing off their baby bellies. I am 17 weeks (just over 4 months) pregnant and can tell you, it isn’t easy stepping out in public being pregnant regardless of what you’re wearing or what you weight. I’m a petite woman, twenty-four years old, and this is my first pregnancy so I don’t have any stretch marks or anything and I still am debating whether or not I should wear a bikini this summer.

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