Douche Rocket Of The Year Award Goes To 41-Year-Old Hall Monitor Caught In Bed With High School Girl

man behind barsComing home and finding your teenage daughter in bed with a guy is already one of a parent’s worst nightmares. Now imagine that this guy is a 41-year-old hall monitor from your kid’s high school. That’s what happened to one Minneapolis dad this past Friday. And gird your loins because that isn’t the worst of the story.

According to charges made against this stunning example of humanity, Robbinsdale Cooper High School employee Tajreed E. Rich was found in bed with a 17-year-old student by the girl’s father around three p.m. The father investigated after hearing “strange sounds” and found the guy, naked, standing over his daughter, who was also naked.

If that wasn’t classy enough, Rich was not only a hall monitor with security duties at the school’s sporting events, but has also worked as an educational assistant aid and cheer-leading coach at a different school in the district. Obviously he was fired after this incident, but the number of young women this man has had access to is mind boggling. Rich is the father to two former Robbinsdale high school students, which just makes this all the more disturbing to me.

Rich has been charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct and if convicted he will face a maximum of 15 years in prison with $30,000 in fines. Considering he seems to be a obvious sexual predator who premeditated this incident, I think this is way too lenient.

When confronted about the event, Rich admitted to having intercourse with the girl on two occasions. He told police that on neither occasion was a condom used. Now get some Tylenol out for the rage headache you’re about to get. Rich described the girl as a “vulnerable student” (barf) and admitted that he knew what he was doing was wrong (no, duh). He also admitted to counseling her about “past relationships with male students” which sounds like the most obvious case of victim grooming ever.

The only good thing I have gleaned from the various reports is that seeing as this pervert confessed to everything, there is a good chance he will get the max sentence.

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  • Guest

    While what this man did is absolutely sleazy and he should be fired and held responsible per the laws of that state it is interesting to note that in many states (NY where I live, for one) what he did was not a crime (unless of course she said no, was incapacitated, or has a disability which would make her incompetent to give consent) since the age of consent is 17. Not saying that’s right or wrong just interesting that in one state he would face 15 years and in another wouldn’t even be charged.

    • DMH

      The age of consent in Minnesota is 16.

    • kims

      it is 16, but its 18 in cases where a teacher or figure of authority is involved. does hall monitor count as a figure of authority?

    • JLH1986

      My guess is that is why he was charged with 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct and not rape. My guess is that a rape charge would have a longer sentence.

  • Jennifer

    Oh, hell no! I don’t care if my daughter was 17 or not – I would beat the hell out of a 40-something year old man if I EVER found out this was happening.