This Mother Of Two Drinks Blood And Calls Herself A Vampire Because Yolo? Or Forever?

Vampire Mother Julia CaplesI may be the most boring mom in the world, because I’ve got nothing freaky going on – unless you count the fact I am currently sportin’ a kelly green pedicure for summer as “freaky.” That’s about as outrageous as I get. Totally unlike this mama from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, who drinks half-a-gallon of live human blood a month and calls herself a vampire. Confession time! I fell asleep while watching the second Twilight movie! Now, I am not going to get too judgey on our vampire mother Julia Caples, age 45 here, because all of her participants in her blood suckery are willing and she is super careful about screening them. According to the Daily Mail:

Ms Caples says she is aware of the health dangers, but all her donors are tested before she’ll drink from them.

‘I meet some donors online but I absolutely have to meet them in person first, she says. ‘And they have to get blood tests to make sure that they’re not carrying any blood borne diseases like AIDS or HIV.’


The issue that I have, is that her young son looks totally terrified of her and her teen daughter seems really annoyed with her mom’s hobby.

I think if your kids are that bothered with it, especially considering you are bringing strange dudes into your home to drink their blood, then it’s probably time you find a new hobby, like rock climbing or knitting or shoplifting or something. Vampire mother Julia Caples may be a great mom in every other way, but if you are engaging in something that makes the people you gave birth to upset you should probably put your special made blood-letting ritual knife away in your memory box or in the attic or something.

It sounds to me like this mom may just have an iron or sodium deficency or something. Can’t she just eat rare meat and watch some old Boris Karlof Movies?

(Image: You Tube)


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  • Amber

    This is sad. She’s so desperate to mark herself as “special” that she’s damaging her relationships with her children.

  • Tea

    I feel like this really should be handled the same way BDSM/DS lifestyle couples handle things around their kids, you know, privately and discretely.

  • Rachel Sea

    I don’t think kids should have veto power over a parent’s hobby, but I think if your hobby includes sharing bodily fluid, it should be done out of sight of minors.

  • Beth

    Jeez… and I always thought that my mother’s sudden interest in skydiving at the age of 50 was the sign of a midlife crisis…

  • Annie

    I don’t see anything wrong with the hobby/kink/whatever because everything’s safe and consensual, but if it scares her kids then she’s being selfish at best, mentally abusive at worst.

  • A-nony-mous

    I think there’s a fine line between having your hobbies as an adult but also being respectful of your kids feelings about those hobbies. I think this crosses it and that means it should probably go. She is almost trading her children’s respect and future contact with them for her own selfish pleasures.