Deric Lostutter Was Raided By The FBI For His Involvement In The Steubenville Rape Case – Here’s What His Mother Thinks

Deric Lostutter Raided By FBI Interview With MotherDeric Lostutter, a young man with a promising future, either in his rap career or as being an adovcate for rape victims, is literally watching as his life falls apart due to the fact he was raided by FBI agents last month. The raid was due to the hack on Steubenville High School’s “Big Red” football team,, and the site administrator’s email, both of which were hacked in December of last year. Lostsutter claims he never hacked the website, and that Batcat was responsible for this, simply by guessing that the user password was “Big Red.” Regardless, he was responsible for bringing worldwide attention, along with Alexandria Goddard, to a small town rape that seemed that everyone local wanted swept under the rug. Along with thousands of people, from all over the world, Anonymous joined together to make sure justice was served for the Jane Doe rape victim in this case. Peaceful protests were organized. Social media exploded. People from all walks of life, from those affiliated with Anonymous to grandmothers to young children all seemed to want the same thing: that attention was brought to this case and the young victim wasn’t forgotten.

Deric Lostutter wasn’t the only person involved in “#OpRollredRoll” but he was one of the first and one of the most relentless. Due to his involvement in the case, he faces between ten and twenty years in prison, where it should be noted that the young men convicted of raping the victim will serve one and two years. From Deric’s website:

Approximately  Mid-April 2012 a search warrant was carried out on my address in Winchester, Kentucky for alleged communications with one “Noah Mchugh” aka @justbatcat regarding the hacking of and my alleged involvement in said hacking. Upon returning from a brief turkey hunt behind my farm I had just sat down and opened up my computer to work when my pitbull, named Thor, jumps up on the door as is common for him to do when someone new is at my house. I had been expecting a T-Shirt in the mail from and what appeared to be a Fed-Ex truck was parked in my driveway.  As I open the door to great the driver approximately 12 F.B.I. Swat Team agents jumped out of the truck screaming for me to “Get The Fuck Down” with m-16 assault rifles and full riot gear armed safety off, pointed directly at my head. I was handcuffed and detained outside while they cleared my house. My brother soon emerged later with his new girlfriend, both bewildered that the F.B.I. was at my house seeing as I have no prior criminal history, both of them in handcuffs as well. The Swat team left my belongings in the floor, my dogs shocked, my family nervous, my garage door battered open with a ram though I stated I had a key, and the RV camper window broken for entry though I stated to pull hard on the door.


This sounds terrifying to me, but when I spoke with Deric on the phone this morning he shrugged it off as “no big deal” and he was more offended by the the fact officers refused to answer his questions while they were in his home. I was extremely interested in what Deric’s own mom thought about all of this, I sent her some questions and she was gracious enough to answer them for me.

 We talk a lot about raising kids who stick up for people and do the right thing. How did you raise Deric to care so much about a girl he had never met before in a small Ohio town? 

By teaching him to respect a female and protect her. I am a victim of domestic violence. My son saw it. I had no voice. He saw that. He loves his mom, and seeing me hurt, helped instill that need to protect in him.

How aware were you of his work in bringing justice for the Steubenville Jane Doe rape victim? 

I knew that he watched the news about it and was upset by it.

Have you ever been worried about his safety as your son and what would happen if his identity was made public?


 Yes, and I’m still worried. I’m more worried though, that if we all keep sitting on our hands and not get involved…what will happen then?


When were you made aware of the raid by the FBI? What was that like for you as a parent?

I was told about a week ago. I cried. I love my sons. I wasn’t there to protect him. On the other hand, I was outraged. How could they do this to someone who cared about a human being. A child.

Are you worried about your son going to jail?

I worry. I wouldn’t be his Mom if I didn’t. I also have faith. Faith in God, and faith in people. Faith that they will stand up with my son, and give those who feel they have no voice, a loud one.

I’m sure I’m not the only parent who feels this way, but she has raised a remarkable young man and she should feel extremely proud of who he has become.

Deric says he plans on recording a new album soon and regardless of what his future holds as far as any prison time he may serve, he wants to continue being an advocate against rape, rape culture and bullying. He said he would do this all again. Here’s hoping he gets the chance. You can contribute to the Deric Lostutter legal defense fund. There is a petition to have the charges dropped here.

(Image: whistler blower defense league)


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  • Tea

    I will be pissed if he gets more jail time than the boys involved in the act, which is a distinct possibility.

    • Iwill Findu

      That’s rape culture for you. Rape a girl brag about it then try and cover it up once she goes to the cop, slap on the wrist. Maybe do a little hacking to the bring a crime like rape into the light and swat shows up, and treat you like you’re plotting to kill the president. There’s justice for you, the justice system needs to get it’s head out of it’s ass.

    • n1gg3r_chr1st ▲


    • Valeri Jones

      I’m sorry…. I just can’t get past your name. It’s horrible!

    • Rusty
  • Barry

    The kids involved were juveniles and this person is in an adult. If there was a crime involved then he should be charged accordingly. We have a legal system in place for a reason that was NOT helped by outside influences to the case. Witnesses were intimidated by threats placed on themselves and their families. This adult willingly chose his actions, and if found to be illegal, needs to pay the consequence along with anyone else that conspired with him.

    • Barry Jr

      I’m Barry and I love rape.

    • Guest

      Your comment’s been flagged.

      Oh, and you’re a scuzzbag.

    • The Smilling Lion

      Barry and Barry, Jr. are in need of a clue. It always amazes what utter nonsense some people will spout on the internet. I guess they assume that the anonymity afforded them by the internet is a free pass for insults, insensitivity, and general stupidity. On another hand these are two chumps out 19, so on average the good outweighs the bad.

    • Mr. Midnite

      And Barry is an Idiot, the original Legal System wasn’t going to Prosecute in the first place, You and the Legal System FAILED and continue to. If I were to catch someone of the same age raping a family member,I’d hurt them just as badly as the adult I caught doing it. Or You, whatever your age may be.

    • Rusty

      The legal system convicted the suspects in spite of Deric, not because of him. He DOES NOT necessarily deserve more jail time than the rapists, but he DOES deserve punishment if he is the one that interfered with this case.

    • Andrea

      You came to the wrong place to spew your apologist crap/

    • Rusty

      Barry is ABSOLUTELY AND UNEQUIVOCALLY 100% correct.

  • Josh Irish

    Age is not a issue in this case, thats ridiculous. if it wer a factor than the parents should be charged along with their rapist son. or maybe we should condemn CNN for puting media coverage on this case and “pressuring” the witnesses thru social media and television, hes just the one that pulled the trigger on a case that resulted in hundreds of protesters and people feeling obligated to bring light to the case and make sure it was investigated properly and justice was served. hes no different than a modern protester other than the fact hes taken his skills and knowledge of the web to bring information that shouldnt ever been hid in the first place, out into the open. i say condemn the people that hid evidence and had to be forced to speak by this amazing citizen!

  • Ginny

    Our justice system is broken and the things that used to make America so great aren’t so great anymore. Kudos to Deric for standing up for what he knew was right despite the consequences. He makes me proud to be from Kentucky.

    • Valeri Jones

      I agree. I’m from Kentucky, too. 45 minutes from where Deric lives. Like another commentor said, he is an example of what a real man is. They day he receives more jail time than the actual rapists will be the day I start getting my stuff packed to move to Canada. This justice system is a joke.

  • kplozai

    This is a sad day. Deric is an example of what a real man is, but will most likely be punished more than the scumbag rapists who started this.

    • Rusty

      No he won’t.

    • kplozai

      Thanks for the link. I’m glad to hear that 10 years was just hype. I hope he gets off completely or with probation.

  • DericsMom

    I am VERY proud of my son. He broke no laws. He will not be silenced. Thank you for supporting him. In doing so, you also give victims, a voice.

    • DJay

      I’ve gotten to know your son on twitter. He is a very caring person. I was the woman who spoke at the second rally about being raped and asked the other woman to come up and stand with me to support Jane Doe and tell their stories. I have your son to thank for giving me the chance to do that and to tell my story. I plan on writing a letter of support for your son, telling all the good things he has done for abuse victims. You did a great job raising him.

    • Talia Gamble

      You guys have my support, completely. If there is ANYTHING i can do, please let me know!

  • wmdkitty

    As a survivor, I want MORE Derics in the world.

  • Byron

    This will be the first rapper who goes to prison for helping a rape victim instead of hurting one.

    I’m not sure what kinda street cred that carries but I’m betting it carries a lot of mommy cred.

  • Daisy

    I have cried so many tears over the Steubenville case that I thought there just wasn’t anything left about it that could outrage me any further. Turns out I was wrong.

  • Valeri Jones

    Signed the petition. As someone who used to believe in the system, and what organizations like the FBI do, I am heartbroken. Where is Agent Booth when we need him?