18-Year-Old Cheerleader Arrested For Sex Trafficking Her Fellow Cheerleader And That’s Not Very Sisterly

pom pom with football and football helmetIn yet a repeat scenario of teenage girls prostituting one another, 18-year-old Montia Marie Parker has been arrested for sex trafficking her fellow 16-year-old cheerleader with special needs. Please let this not become the new definition of girl-on-girl crime.

The Huffington Post describes Parker as “popular,” according to her peers at Hopkins High School in Minnetonka, Minnesota. And like you, the circumstances of the allegations have authorities scratching their heads:

“This particular situation is highly unusual for us. We’ve never had a situation like this before,” Chief Mark Raquet, of the Minnetonka Police Department, told The Huffington Post.

The minor has reportedly told police that in early March, she expressed to friends that she was low on funds and was looking to make more cash. One of her friends made the “well you could just be a hooker!” joke, but it was just that, a joke. The minor claims that she didn’t take the suggestion seriously. But somebody else apparently did:

Two days later, the girl allegedly received a Facebook message from Parker, asking for her cell phone number.

The two girls chatted back and forth via text messages. Parker allegedly asked the girl if she would be willing to have sex for money. The girl said she would be willing to give men oral sex for money. The girl then received a text from Parker, asking her for pictures of herself that were “not too nasty.” She also instructed the girl to “show a little skin,” according to the criminal complaint.

The photos were used in an advertisement that was posted to the Internet classified website Backpage.com. Police said Parker’s cell phone number accompanied the ad, which was allegedly used to solicit potential customers for the girl.

Later, Parker allegedly told the minor to ditch school and meet up at her car with other girls:

The foursome went to a nearby apartment building, where the victim was instructed to enter a specific apartment. Once inside, she “gave oral sex to an adult male in the apartment, and received $60 in cash from the male,” the criminal complaint states.

When the girl returned to the car where the other girls were waiting, she handed the money over to Parker, who then drove to a bank and deposited the cash into her own account. The 16-year-old did not receive any of the proceeds, police said.

A repeat of the incident occurred, only with Parker demanding that the girl have intercourse with a different man. When the teenager refused to sleep with the client — and told him so to his face — he left. Parker told the young lady that she needed to work her way up to sexual intercourse.

Police were told of the activities just as the 16-year-old’s mother began doing some straight mom snooping in her daughter’s room. She says that her daughter started acting strangely which prompted her to investigate the teenager’s cell phone. That was when she stumbled upon the text exchange between her kid and Parker.

The 16-year-old attends an Individualized Education Program and also works with a social worker. Police are keeping the aforementioned in mind but believe that she was aware that she was being prostituted.

Parker has admitted to everything and faces two felony charges as well as expulsion from school. If convicted, the popular cheerleader could be jailed for up to 20 years and $50,000 in fines.

School officials describe the charges as “very serious.” I guess they were prohibited from also adding inhumane and just plain lower than low.

(photo: Danny E Hooks / Shutterstock)

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  • whiteroses

    Where on earth were these girls’ parents?

    • Rachel Sea

      16 and 18 year olds have a lot of time away from their parents. When I was that age, between school and work, I saw my parents maybe an hour a day, tops.

    • whiteroses

      I should have clarified. I didn’t mean in the physical sense- of course 16 and 18 year olds spend time away from their parents. I meant that I’m confused where these girls parents were during their growing up years, that either of them would think prostitution or trafficking was a viable career option.

    • workingMOM

      i don’t think that’s fair to say, either. teenagers are naive, despite the access to the internet and social media interactions, and, really, how many parents have told their kids “it’s dangerous to be a prostitute or to sell your peers to men for sex.”?
      it’s also incredibly judgmental of you (whiteroses), to say that prostitution isn’t a viable career option because, actually, it is. a female escort can make over $250K (cash) a year and a madam, over a million in a few months (ever heard of Heidi Fleiss?).
      the issue here is that the victim’s parents were probably buying into this new-age hippie bullsh*t of “giving kids personal space and respecting their privacy”, either that, or they’re too busy working to pay the ever-increasing bills, or they just don’t care.
      in any event, it sucks that this kid was brought into this, but it’s clearly apparent that she gave her permission and, when expected to have sexual intercourse, wasn’t forced, but made a decision to leave, which, thankfully, turned out ok.
      again, this goes back to teenagers being naive.
      parents are parents – if your kid doesn’t tell you that they hate you once in a while, then you aren’t doing your job. you’re not there to be their friend, you’re there to make sure that their lives are on the right path. check their cell phones and email accounts and social media pages every day – and don’t complain about how much time it takes because you signed up for this when you decided to have the kid (is it worth the countless hours wondering where they are when they don’t come home one night, which could have been avoided with a little due diligence?). forget this “locks on the bedroom door” garbage. if they want their privacy, go get a job, make money and pay rent to live in a concierge-controlled building. i really don’t care if “all your friends are doing it” because you’re not a sheep, you’re a wolf, and wolves travel alone, but they conquer (that was a little weird, but you get my point).
      i’ve realized, especially since having a child just over a year ago, that the world is, pretty much, going to sh*t, so i’m going to do the best i can to make sure that my baby survives by teaching her to respect herself and to have respect for others.

    • whiteroses

      It’s not a viable career option if one person is underage, special needs, and is being trafficked by a person who is barely older than they are. It’s one thing if an adult woman goes into that situation with her eyes fully open. It’s quite another for a situation like this to happen. She may have been aware that she was being prostituted, but that doesn’t make it okay. And this situation is not a shining example of self-respect. Clearly, their parents- both sets- dropped the ball somewhere along the line. The stats you gave were for extremely high class escorts. Somehow I doubt this situation is in any way similar to Heidi Fleiss.

      Call me judgemental- I don’t particularly care, mostly because there’s so much wrong with this story. It’s disturbing and awful.

    • workingMOM

      firstly, i was pointing out that prostitution is a viable career choice for some and that your statement is very judgmental. there are plenty of mothers out there who support their families (and don’t ask for your tax dollars to be spent on welfare), with this type of work.
      Heidi Fleiss was included to prove that it can be a lucrative career choice.
      the kid made a decision (which i’m looking at from a legal perspective if it goes to trial – if defense can prove that she was aware of the choice, then it makes the case against the “pimp” harder to prove) and, as i said, teens are naive, which is why i went on to talk about how the parents should have been involved. i’m not sure about your familial situation, but perhaps you’re not fully aware of everything that your child does – can we blame you for that? i don’t think that would be fair, especially if you’ve done everything you can to keep watch.
      be clear about something, in no way do i approve of what has happened here and, although the fault rests partially upon the parents (both, for not monitoring), it’s also up to the teens involved to take responsibility for their actions.
      if this was a case where a kid told another kid to throw a rock through a window, would you immediately ask “where are the parents?” probably not.
      in basic terms, this is a situation where something wrong was done. just because ‘sex’ is attached to it, doesn’t make it any less significant in terms of something that a) has broken the law and, b) requires those involved to take responsibility for their actions.

    • whiteroses

      I would, actually, ask where his or her parents are. Destruction of private property can be pretty serious business, and depending on a child’s home life can be indicative of deeper rooted issues than just throwing a rock out of a window.

      I am fully aware of everything my child does, inasmuch as I’m a SAHM and he’s a toddler. But even if I wasn’t, I’d like to think that I’ve done my job well enough when he is a teenager to trust him not to do something excessively stupid (such as sex trafficking) when he goes out into the world. If a child is never allowed to screw up, they will never be able to learn right or wrong, and the only way teenagers learn that their actions have consequences is by suffering those consequences. Understand that I never said the teens weren’t responsible for their own actions. Eventually, everyone has to answer for the things they do, good, bad or indifferent, no matter their ages. Crime doesn’t have shades of gray, which is why voluntary manslaughter doesn’t carry as lengthy a prison term as murder does.

      I can tell you from personal observation that extremely close monitoring doesn’t do children any favors any more than complete freedom does. This is the kind of thing that happens when you either a) let kids raise themselves, which is a process that most kids will not do well at or b) shrug certain topics off and say it’s no big deal. Conversely, if you’re breathing down your teenager’s neck (checking everything they do every day) and they lose their damn minds as soon as they leave your house, nobody will be overly shocked.

      None of that changes the fact that the blame for this situation can be (at least partially) laid at the feet of these girl’s parents.

    • Rachel Sea

      Teenagers are hardwired to care more about fitting in with their peers than listening to their parents, and their brains have not developed full capacity for rational decision-making. Not everything is the parents’ fault – something you will be glad to remember when your child is school aged and does something monumentally stupid.

    • whiteroses

      I’m aware of that- being as I’ve taught teenagers my entire professional life until nearly a year ago. They are, by and large, idiots. But a large section of the teenage population also doesn’t engage in sex trafficking. Their parents should have had a conversation with them about bodily autonomy. I stand by that statement. And the fact that one of these girls managed to make it to eighteen means that somewhere in her growing-up years, somebody didn’t bother to have a conversation with her about bodily autonomy and not taking advantage of other people.

      My son’s going to do stupid stuff. I know that. But what I also know is that I’m going to raise him in such a way that he will know that his actions have consequences.

    • Gangle

      There is a WORLD of difference between an adult professional sex worker who has made a decision on his/her own terms about how they want to live their life and an underaged teen with special needs who is coerced into giving blowjobs for $60 a pop by her 18 year old pimp – with the money being made going straight into the pimps coffers.
      Doesn’t seem like a great career move on either side of this story, does it?

  • Gangle

    I feel so disheartened that teenagers can be so hard-bitten and disenchanted already. As a society, what are we doing wrong?
    Feeling ok to swap sexual favours for money? Or even worse: being predator enough to sell another, less advantaged kid for personal gain? That is so cold and predatory.
    Kids that age should be exploring sexuality and discovering who they are as individuals, not selling themselves and their peers out for monetary gain.

  • Tusconian

    I’ve seen 2 or 3 of these cases recently, and it makes me wonder. Since the 18 year old didn’t apparently say otherwise, I guess I shouldn’t assume, but what would possess a teenager to pimp out another teenager? I’m surprised there aren’t older adults being questioned or looked for in these cases.

    • Rachel Sea

      People will do outrageous things for easy money.

  • Halley

    I go to Hopkins High School and was good friends with Montia. I think this entire thing is sad. The only reason Montia was caught was because another pimp who dropped out of Hopkins last year called the cops and gave them a tip about a week before Sydney’s mom found out about this.

    • Reason

      Regardless of how the authorities caught Montia, the fact is what she was doing was just plain wrong aside from being illegal. I know that people are complicated, and that your friend may otherwise be a good person with some good qualities, but unfortunately, those don’t override the magnitude of the wrong she has done here. She has made horrendously bad choices that put her classmate in physical danger, not to mention taking advantage of the girl’s naivety by keeping the money for herself. That’s not okay and never will be. I won’t even get into the issues of the girl’s age and special needs classification.

      That’s not why I am commenting here, though. I wanted to ask that you please remove the name of the other girl in this situation. There are very good reasons that no news story you have read or will read about this don’t name her.

    • Chelsea DeLoney

      Take the victim’s name OFF. There’s a reason why underage victims aren’t actually named in articles covers child abuse. You may not be aware of this, but just remove it and yourself from the situation.
      Also… “the only reason Montia was caught…” even that partial comment shows immaturity and the lack of ability to separate right from wrong. She needed to be caught. It doesn’t matter how nice and popular a person is. A pimp, contrary to popular belief, is not someone to be revered for their outstanding skills with the opposite gender. A pimp is someone who takes part in sex work, or illegal prostitution in Miss Parker’s case. Those types of people need to be caught and put away.

    • Reason

      If each of us collapse Hailey’s comment, will it eventually be collapsed by the community? Privacy issues!

    • JLH1986

      I flagged it as inappropriate in the hopes that Koa (who as the author I assume moderates the thread) notices the comment and removes it. I know her last name wasn’t mentioned but, better to be safe than sorry and just not have her mentioned at all.

    • Abendwind

      Delete this comment or edit out the victims name!