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Kate Winslet Is Pregnant With A Baby We Will Probably Learn Nothing About

kate winslet 'The Book of Mormon' Opening Night held at the Prince of Wales TheatreKate Winslet will be thrice a mom. The 37-year-old has happily announced that she is pregnant with her third child. And knowing Kate, that’s probably the last we’re going to hear about this pregnancy. I’m cool with that!

People magazine reports that the actress and her third husband Ned Rocknroll confirmed the baby news. Their rep says that “Kate and Ned are delighted” to be expecting their first child together, a baby boy. Kate is already mom to 12-year-old Mia and 9-year-old Joe.

If you’ve never heard of Kate Winslet remarrying in the first place, then you and I should start a club because it’s my first time hearing about her having a hubby too. The pair reportedly wed in “secret ceremony” back when everybody was immersed in the December holidays fervor (good move). There was barely a peep about that union which means we probably will be hearing close to nothing about this upcoming addition. Just a simple press release that basically gets a jump on that “Kate Winslet Looks Fat” content and keeps the baby bump watch at bay. Here’s to not snagging a People magazine cover with freshly birthed newborn on the cover or even informing us of the baby’s name. You kids have fun.

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  • whiteroses

    Props to them, I say.

  • Gina007

    Great role model. Three children by three different men..

    • whiteroses

      She is, actually. She’s said more than once that women should be happy with their bodies as they are. She’s publicly blasted magazines who airbrushed her pictures to try to make her look thinner. She’s consistently put her money where her mouth is, which is something really rare in her industry. Not to mention that she’s an excellent actress who’s famous because she can actually DO something, not just famous for being famous.

      And those “three different men”? She married all of them. It’s an interesting world we live in when a married woman shouldn’t have a child with her husband.