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Let’s Predict Which Aspects Of This LeAnn Rhimes Interview Brandi Glanville Will Go Batty Over

Leann Rimes Brandi Glanville Twitter FightsLeAnn Rimes is a troll. There, I said it. This woman is now just doing everything in her power to really piss Brandi Glanville off, not that I think it takes a whole lot to accomplish this feat. She recently gave an interview to US Weekly where she basically sprinkled the entire conversation with statements that I’m sure will be coming to a Twitter feud feed near you, so let’s start!

“We talk about having kids all the time and I would love to, but it’s gonna be a second,” Rimes tells Us Weekly. “I’m still young and fertile — it’s all good!”


She is totally humblebragging about her fresh as a daisy uterus here, which I’m sure is probably meant to give Brandi, with her ten-years-older womb, a moment to contemplate how at age 40 her reproductive system isn’t as sparkly and pristine as LeAnn’s. That’s right, LeAnn is young and fertile so she can have kids anytime she wants, with your ex Brandi.

 ”I was just with the kids for the last two days taking care of them on my own, and trust me . . . I have a newfound respect for working moms who do it all by themselves,” Rimes admits. “It was my birth control for a little bit — so overwhelming!”


So she was with the kids? ALONE? I’m sure that’s not going to sit well with Brandi. And LeAnn mentioning “birth control” is just a happy little reminder that her and Eddie Cibrian are totally doing it, constantly. Possibly while the kids are in the other room.

Rimes, 30, doesn’t mind being outnumbered 3-to-1 when Cibrian has custody of the kids. “It’s fun to be around boys,” explains the singer,  whose new album Spitfire is out June 4. “You get to do things that I didn’t necessarily get to do and haven’t gotten to do in a long time. With two boys around, I usually don’t get out of shorts and a T-shirt because we’re rolling around most of the time and jumping on a trampoline. I love it!

Man, I don’t even need to point this out. She is wearing SHORTS and a T-SHIRT and jumping on a trampoline and rolling around. This is not co-parenting. This is a 1980′s Whitesnake video. She may as well say:

On hot days the boys and I like to wash our own cars. I’ll put on a bikini and spend a lot of time sudsing up the hood and afterwards we all make our own ice cream sundaes. Sometimes Eddie will squirt whipped cream on my mouth and he licks it off and the boys all think this is super fun.

I’ve said before that I think the feud between the two of these ladies is really lame, but now I’m starting to sort of have a bit of sympathy for Brandi here. It can’t be easy reading about LeAnn with her fancy uterus and trampoline.

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  • alice

    “This is a 1980′s Whitesnake video.”

    hahahaha A+

  • Vivi’s Mom

    I have nothing against step-moms. I have one of my own and she’s amazing I can’t imagine my life without her. However, she never pushed herself on us and made us call her anything in particular. She’s also always been very respectful of our mother and when we were all still children she made sure we remembered mother’s day and my mom’s birthday. I think my problem with LeAnn Rimes is she’s pretty much forced herself into that roll calls herself a “bonus” mom and says Brandi is pretty much just the egg donor and I think that’s rude. I think kids should decide what they want to call step parents, but that’s just my opinion.

    Now to the article… She is doing press for her new album I believe and I think she’s needs better handlers. Two articles came out yesterday one saying she’s “young and fertile” and the other saying she’s afraid of having fertility trouble because of her moms battle and she would totally consider “adoption or a surrogate.” So which is it?

  • Sara

    I think you are really reaching to create double meaning in her words. As an outsider to the entire issue these ladies may have, her comments seem perfectly fine to me. Maybe a few steps back will allow you a better and less biased perspective.

  • Julie

    They are both handling this entire situation with very little class. Just the other day Brandi was going off about how bad Leanne’s new album was. It’s ridiculous… if Brandi had a brain in her head she could totally come off as the classier more mature sympathetic person in all this. But she’s just as immature as Leanne. Plus, while I think Leanne is a pig for getting in the middle of another woman’s family… let us not forget that Eddie was the one who cheated on her. Not Leanne. Leanne never made vows to her. And I have to admit that having seen how she conducts herself… I kinda don’t blame Eddie for cheating to be totally honest. She’s a nut. Although it seems he traded one nut in for another. I wonder who he’ll pick once he’s tired of Leanne.

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