Couple Returns From Movies To Find Their Babysitting Grandparents Murdered And It Just Gets Worse

Alaska Grandparents MurderedThis is one of those stories that makes me lose all my faith in humanity and want to go hide somewhere remote like Alaska but I can’t even say that because this horrific crime took place in Alaska. A couple took their four-year-old son to the movies Saturday night and returned home to find the grandparents they had left to babysit their two-year-old daughter beaten to death and a man raping the baby. The man, Jerry Andrew Active, 24, had also raped the elderly grandmother, Sorn Sreap, 73. Both grandparents died from blunt force injuries. From the Daily Mail:

The parents of the child and their son returned shortly before 8pm and found the door locked from the inside.

They told police they forced their way in through a window and discovered the bodies of Chea and Sreap.

A man in his 20s, they said, was naked in a bedroom with their daughter.

The woman called 911 and police dispatchers heard screaming over the phone. The woman reported a man had broken into her home and killed her grandmother, Sreap. The woman described the man as naked with several tattoos.

The woman, who is pregnant, and her husband tried to keep the suspect from leaving and a struggle began, Markiewicz said. The suspect, by then wearing boxer shorts, was able to get away after a few minutes of fighting, Markiewicz said.

Officers found Active about a block away.

The mother, who is pregnant, tried to keep Active from leaving. I can’t even imagine what this was like for these poor people to come home to. It’s the worst nightmare imaginable. The report says that the couple’s 90 year old great-grandmother also lives in the apartment and was at home during the incident.
This makes me so sad because to think of all of these generations living together and you know they probably helped each other out, the younger couple helping to care for the grandparents and the grandparents babysitting their grandkids, and to have something like this happen to this poor family, I hope they can somehow heal after this.

One of the worst aspect of this case is that Active is on parole from committing an almost identical attack four year ago where he entered the home where a family was asleep, sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl, and attacked three members of that family. He was supposed to be on probation until next year.

I know freak awful evil things happen in the world but I still can’t find it any less shocking or heartbreaking.

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  • Paul White

    What the hell was he doing out of prison? A multiple assault and rape case should probably be a good sign that you don’t belong in civilized society.

    • Emmali Lucia

      Even though Rape has one of the highest recidivism rates of all crimes, and the highest recidivism rate of the felonies, people always end up saying “That’s not fair how you can send him to jail for that long! It’s not like he murdered them! They can get their lives back together!”

      Honestly I believe that rape should have a worse punishment than it currently has, and if anyone should know this it should be Alaska a.k.a the REAL “Hide yo’ kids hide yo’ wife” territory.

    • Rachel Sea

      Sex crimes actually have the second lowest recidivism rate, approximately 2.5%.

  • whiteroses

    You don’t heal from something like this. I think about my own parents and how much they love my son- and the last few minutes of that grandmother’s life had to be horrific. Not because she was raped herself, but because she tried to protect her grandbaby and couldn’t.

    I’m not a violent person. I’m anti death penalty, actually. But I sincerely hope that the state of Alaska saws this guy’s nuts off with a frozen butter knife and no antiseptic. Either that, or throw him in with the general population and make it very clear to them why he’s in prison.

    • bozzgirl

      I am very much against the death penalty as well. But my first thought after reading this was that I hope he dies a horribly painful death – which actually makes me feel worse that I am capable of having those kinds of thoughts.

  • Michaela Ferkul

    Reason #58646 for firearms for protection in the home. While we won’t force you to have them in yours, we won’t let ours be taken away.

    • Eve Vawter

      I doubt the elderly grandparents were very capable of using guns, idk it’s all so sad

    • Amber

      If they were capable of caring for a two year old, they’re capable of pulling a trigger.

      Not that I’m saying the family should have had guns or anything but they weren’t called the great equalizer for nothing.

    • CortCab

      Yeah, I think the elderly grandparents would probably be a prime example of those situations where the attacker could overpower the gun-wielding victim and use it against them.

    • CMJ

      I haven’t heard any proposed laws for taking away people’s firearms in their homes….did I miss something?

    • Makabit

      If we don’t remain eternally vigilant, and whine a lot, who knows what could happen?

    • GoingGone

      Hmmm, not really sure this is the best time to try and make a political point.

    • Annie

      Nice gunjacking.

    • Lisa

      Do us a favor and take a long walk off a short cliff.

    • CrazyFor Kate

      Not the time, not the place, go away.

    • lea

      How do you know they DIDN’T have firearms in their home?

    • Athena

      Always with the guns! Did it ever occur to you that whilst cozily sitting in the couch playing with your grandchild that you might not have time to get the gun out of its hopefully secure place? I mean, the guy just randomly came in the house! How do you have time to go and get the gun before he pounds on you!! Or do you just keep the thing in your pocket?

    • Makabit

      It’s goddamn Alaska.The gun laws are not exactly restrictive.

      Get over yourself. I’m really glad you’re not planning to force folks to have them in their home…but no one is taking away ours. Calm the hell down. This is a real-life tragedy, not an opportunity for acting out about how you’re going fight for your right to own firearms.

  • G

    This bring tears to my eyes .People we are living in a sick word with some sick people. .I pray for this family now .This bastard need to be castrated and get life in prison .I don’t believe in death penalty but the way I feel now ,He deserve the death penalty.

  • Lena

    The fact that I’m always anti death penalty UNTIL I read something like this makes me think I am not really anti death penalty, I am anti racist institution that the death penalty currently is. Hang this guy in public, by all means. I have no problem with that.

    • Eve Vawter

      I am pretty anti-death penalty, and I am super anti-rehabilitation for child rapists. I say send them to rapist island with no food and let them eat rats.

    • meteor_echo

      I’m anti-rehabilitation for all rapists. Just because an adult was raped doesn’t make it worse than when a child was raped. Both are horrible.

    • practicallyperfectineveryway

      isn’t that, like, what the UK used to do? send em off to Australia? :P

    • Makabit

      I refer to these as ‘clawhammer cases’. I’m theoretically against the death penalty, but then there are cases like this, where, if they told me that the only way we could execute the guy was if I did it myself with a clawhammer, I’d say, “Oh, OK.”

  • CrazyFor Kate

    Oh my god, this is absolutely awful. Those poor parents. That poor baby. The grandparents…oh my god, I can’t even process this. Hopefully the baby is too young to remember it and is not badly injured (though of course these things can leave deeper marks than memory). I hope the intruder is locked up forever and the family can start to heal, as much as anyone can from such a horrific event.

    • Lisa

      According to the article linked, the child had to have surgery for her wounds. My heart breaks for her and her family.

    • Makabit

      Dear God. They thought this guy was safe to let back out into the world?

  • Annie

    Four years?

    That parole board needs a good talking to, by which I mean an immediate forfeiture of their jobs.

  • E

    I wish I could unread that.