Justin Bieber Booed At Billboard Music Awards Because Everyone Hates Air Travel And Pretentious Teenagers

Justin Bieber Booed At Billboard Awards All of you Beliebers need to get the hell out of my yard because I would have also booed Justin Bieber at the Billboard music awards for his incredibly dull performances and vainglorious acceptance speech. I have tried to understand Bieber. Lord knows I have tried. I am down with the kids. I think kids should have their own musical icons and enjoy music their parents just don’t understand and swoon over what they consider “heartthrobs” and all that good stuff. Growing up, I swooned over plenty of rock and pop stars my parents thought were goofy. But Bieber, who not only officially abandoned his poor baby monkey by missing the deadline to rescue his pet from German officials acted like a total arrogant snot last night.

First of all, Bieber performed some totally goofy airplane skit where he borrowed the egg from Lady GaGa‘s stage production and slapped it with some graphics from Journey’s Infinity album and appeared in a cloud of fog to perform a song called Take You. All while wearing some sort of latex long crotch diaper pants.


Just Bieber Booed

And dancing in what can only be described as mincing robot.

And then he performed another “hit” song which he performed with Will I. Am where they both did the mincing robot.

Besides his derivative and bland blend of recycled pop bubblegum regurgitation, Beiber also accepted the “Milestone award” and in his acceptance speech thanked his mom and Jesus Christ and proclaimed:

I’m 19 years old. I think I’m doing a pretty good job. This is not a gimmick. I’m an artist and I should be taken seriously. This other bull should not be spoken of.

And I’m paraphrasing here because it was late and I’m old and cranky and I missed Game Of Thrones because I wanted to stay up and watch Prince who performed (with his unfortunate afro, why Prince, why?) with an actual guitar and probably confused the hell out of everyone because here is a man playing an actual instrument (amazingly so) and so many musicians just don’t play instruments anymore. But back (sadly) to Bieber. He was booed. And booed loudly. And it’s because the guy has been traipsing all over the world and wearing weird long crotch diaper pants and acting like a self-important numbskull and  his acceptance speech just made him seem defensive and arrogant.

The kids can have their Bieber and be Beliebers and like what they like, but the fact is, anyone who demands that people take them seriously as an “artist” deserves to be mocked and criticized. Even if they are only 19-years-old. And even if they thank JC and their mommy. Because actual art doesn’t demand that you pay attention to it, it compels you to pay attention to it whether you like it or not. Bieber just makes most of us want to take a long nap.

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  • Unhappy Gilmore

    Slow clap for Eve. This guy needs to go away.

  • Zoe

    Right you are. He’s not an artist. He’s an entertainer. Same as Kylie Minogue, Brittany Spears, Pink and all the other flashy pop performers – many of whom can barely even sing and require digital assistance.

    Even Lady Gaga knows how to sing, write her own music and lyrics and play instruments, which sets her and those like her apart from Bieber and those like him. Big difference.

  • A-nony-mous

    You can’t demand to be respected. Respect can only be earned, no matter what your field is. And that comes from putting out quality products. None of which can be said for JB.

  • lalala

    First off, who is anyone to define what an artist is? Second off, respect does not need to be earned in this certain context. There is respect. And then there is REspect. Which the proper person gives to a person not based on their public persona, music career, but as how you would expect another to act towards you in any given situation. By the way, take a look around at the youth of this age. They are not little angels by any means. Why can’t we celebrate those who are successful instead of knocking them down, and stop discrediting him or her for their achievements. By the way, if you don’t think he is talented I’m wondering how many musical instruments you can play? Did you teach yourself how to play them? Can you sing, and write music? Could you deal with the scrutiny he deals with?

    • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

      I don’t think he’s talented because he is not talented. Just to toss out something, think of someone like Prince, who also started recording at a very early age. Here’s the difference, Prince wrote the vast majority of his own songs , could play almost every instrument at a virtuoso level and became popular without the advantages of you tube or the internet or someone like Usher to tell him what clothing to wear. The Bieber acts like a brat. He lauds his own mediocre talent and behaves like a jerk.

    • Rachel

      You’ve hit the nail on the head of why JB is so distasteful to me. His lack of self-awareness is just breathtaking. I really have no problem with someone who makes money because tweenaged girls will pay for aural swill. I roll my eyes when someone who produces aural swill for tweenaged girls smugly believes that his music even approaches the artistic level of more disciplined and talented artists.

  • Simone

    Does he write any of his own material? I haven’t checked but my feeling is that he doesn’t, because none of it has that feeling of authenticity that you can sense when a piece of music has been written by someone who is telling a story. Bieber’s stuff all has the unmistakeable sound of factory-produced noise. It is SO boring to listen to.

    I’m sure he’s an artist of some sort, only if we’re saying that he’s an artist, then people who design toothpaste-tube lids and people who select the right brown dye to go into mass-produced wholemeal bread are also artists.