Teens Allegedly Rape 12-Year-Old At Gunpoint, Post Video On FB, And Bad Parenting Is Probably Involved

12 Year Old Raped At Gunpoint By Three Teens In ChicagoA 12 year old girl allegedly went to visit a boy in his home in Chicago and ended up being dragged to the basement where she was raped and sodomized by him and two of his friends in December. Because this is what teens do these days, the boys videotaped the attack and shared it on their Facebook pages. Parents, I have said this a million times, but this is exactly why you want to “friend” your kids on social media and stalk the hell out of them. From Opposing Views.com:

Prosecutors said the 12-year-old girl came to the house to speak with Fritz, and he allegedly demanded sex from her. The girl saw that Brown had a gun in his pocket.

She was then taken downstairs into the basement where Fritz allegedly raped and sodomized her. Prosecutors said he called Brown and Applewhite downstairs and told her to have sex with the other boys. When she refused, Brown pulled out his gun.

The girl was sexually assaulted and forced to perform sex acts on them while Fritz videotaped it. On the footage, which shows all three of the suspects, Brown can be seen holding a gun during sex and all three of the boys shout gang slogans on camera.

The three boys, ages 16 and 15, had access to a gun and two of the boys are co-defendents in an unrelated robbery and aggravated battery case. Not to get all judgy on the parents here, but if your kid was in trouble for other alleged law breaking, would you really be letting them leave the house, much less have access to a gun? All three teenagers were ordered held in lieu $900,000 bail Friday for aggravated criminal sexual assault and are set to appear back in court on June 6th.

I know I’m screaming into the ether here, but parents really need to be more involved with their teens and what they are doing after school and who they are with and what they are posting on social media and whether or not they have access to freakin’ firearms. I realize it can be argued that maybe the parents work and they had no idea what their little darlings were up to, but when we decide to bring these little humans into the world we have a moral and social obligation to get all up in their business and raise them not to be rapists and criminals. I have no information on the victim in this case, but hopefully she is getting the support and therapy she probably desperately needs.

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    • chickadee

      Yes, you are being judgy. And you SHOULD be judgy, because this is disgusting and the parents have clearly fallen down on the job when their sons think that this sort of behavior is not only okay but that it’s suitable fodder for public showings. Who does this sort of thing?

      • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

        Judge judge judge. Monsters do this sort of thing. Enjoy raising monsters creeps!

      • chickadee

        The article you linked to has the word ‘alleged’ in the headline describing the rape. I tend to err on the side of legal caution, but here? One guy confessed! They made a tape! With a gun! And forced sex! Which they widely distributed! And she’s 12, which means even if she said yes it is still rape! So not alleged. Also, the story’s author has a last name that means ‘fruitnight’* in English.

        *Although it could also mean ‘harvestnight’ which is less awesome. So I’m going with ‘fruitnight.’

      • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

        Preaching to the choir, trust me . Two words: DUDE BRO. Plus, we have a legal team so we hafta be careful

      • chickadee

        Oh wait. That sounds like I was attacking your headline, which I just noticed has ‘alleged’ in it, too. I just leapt right to the gross, gross story without reading the headline.

        Sorry about the attacky-sounding-bits. I know exactly how you feel about these things. :)

      • http://www.facebook.com/valerisexton.jones Valeri Jones

        My cousin was murdered by her baby’s father in March. She lay dead in her house for almost two days before he finally went to the police station, turned himself in and told them what he’d done. Wrote out a full confession. They found her body exactly where he said it would be with exactly what he said happened to it. Yet all the news reports still have the word “allegedly” in them. I wonder why they still have to use that word even when it’s already been proven?

      • Jessica Powell

        I believe that all crimes must be considered “alleged” until they have been convicted and sentenced.

      • Psych Student

        Perhaps it’s just a safe habit to be in. If you call everything “alleged” then you won’t accidently forget sometime and get epicly sued.

    • amber

      I completely agree with you. I also think the girls parents should also know what their 12 year old is doing. In my opinion, any relationship between a 12 year old girl and a 16 year old boy is inappropriate.

      • chickadee

        *Any* relationship? I think that’s a little broad. What about a sibling or cousin relationship? Or a friendship? Acquaintance?

        Regarding bad parenting, I think we should just stick to asking the parents of the boys where the hell they have been for 15+ years. The last time I checked, it wasn’t at all illegal to walk to someone’s house to ask a question.

      • amber

        So you think its unreasonable that the parents of a 12 year old know where she is and who she is with and if their parents are home?

      • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

        This sounds just a wee bit victim blamey to me

      • amber

        In your article it says parents should be “all up in their child’s business.” Is this only true for teenage boys? You’re right, she definitely didn’t do anything to deserve what happened to her. No one who is sexually abused deserves that. But I do think her parent’s should know where she is and who she is with. These boys sound as though they have behavioral issues. I don’t let my daughter go anywhere unless I know their parent’s, and I’ve met the children. Why should the boy’s parent’s have known what they were doing, but not the girls? That sounds pretty sexist to me.

      • CMJ

        Once again, how do you know her parents did not know those things?

        No one is saying that parents shouldn’t apply these “rules” to all genders. In this specific case, however, let’s stick to putting the fault where it is squarely lies (hint: not on this girl or her parents).

      • amber

        She is 12. Its their job to know. In theory she should be able to walk the streets and not get raped. But her parents should know wherw she is. They should be “all in her business.” I agree the boys should know better. But is it really that much of a crime to think a 12 year olds parents should know where she is?

      • CMJ

        No, and no one is even saying that…..but, it’s very possible that her parents ARE all in her business. In still doesn’t negate the fact that these boys raped her and it doesn’t make it any less horrific.

        That’s the problem with rape culture. As women, we are taught from a very early age to “watch our backs” and “not put ourselves in these situations” yet we still get raped. And guess what? I should be able get drunk without getting raped. Or wear a short skirt and not get raped. And this12 year old should be able to knock on someone’s door and ask a question without getting raped. When you people say things like “Well, where were HER parents. She was 12!” it puts the onus on everyone else but those fuckers who are at fault. Unfortunately, no matter how much someone tries to protect themselves or their children this shit still happens.

      • amberamber

        The boys should be punished to the fullest extent. All I’m saying is a 12 year olds parents should know where she is always. Just like the 15 and 16 year olds parents. Is it wrong to simply state that a 12 year olds parents should know where she is? Because that’s all I’m asking.

      • chickadee

        It is wrong when, by simply stating it, you are also implying that her parents are somehow at fault for getting their daughter raped. Which is pretty much what you did in your first post up there. You made it about her and her parents, not about the boys and theirs.

      • CMJ

        Exactly, the 12 year-old wasn’t “doing” anything but getting raped at gunpoint. Ugh.

        I’m so tired of victim-blamers.

      • brebay

        We’re holding her parent(s) accountable. They’re not the victim, SHE is, so it’s not victim-blaming, it’s acknowledging that while parents can’t protect their kids from all evil, they can certainly manage risk in some cases, and this is one of those cases.

      • amber

        Thank you brebay for being a voice of reason. 12 year old girls shoulsnt be alone in a “good” area. This was far from that. I dream of a world where girls can walk free and rape not even be a threat. If I’m ever lucky enough to have a son Ill teach him respect for girls and how no always means no, and nothing means yes but yes. And when he is 12 he will be supervised as well as my daughters.

      • amber

        I thought by stating that I agreed with the author I didn’t have to restate what she said. Thats pretty reasonable, or so you’d think. I am not victim blaming in any way. I’m very offended anyone would get that impression. IM so tired of people getting their panties in a wad because someone says something reasonable and others want to turn it into a big deal for the sake of drama. I never ever said she was “doing” anything. So get your head out of your ass CMJ.

      • chickadee

        I’m not CMJ, but I agree with her/him, so I guess my head is up in my ass as well. Unless you know the victim, you are only hazarding guesses as to what she was doing, who knew where she was, and how well her family looks after her. You and brebay seem to think that because she lives in a poor neighborhood, her parents are negligent if she walks somewhere alone. You guys are making a lot of assumptions that are not really warranted.

        You state that you agree with the author and then proceed to introduce the idea that the girl’s parents are at fault, when unless they sent her over to the house to be raped, I fail to see that they were negligent.

      • http://www.facebook.com/valerisexton.jones Valeri Jones

        I know you and I have had this argument before, chickadee. But I don’t think amber is straight-up victim-blaming and I don’t think she’s trying to hold the girl’s parents accountable for what happened at all. When something horrendous happens, we ask ourselves “why” and “how” and “what went wrong” in a subconscious effort, I think, to prevent the same things from happening to us or to our children. I think it’s completely normal to wonder where the girl’s parents were or whether or not they knew that she was there and all of that, not because we want to place the blame on her or on them, but simply because we just want to know.

      • Kelli

        You CANNOT PREVENT RAPE THAT WAY. That’s all we are saying! Why are you trying so hard to blame her parents too? They LEARNED THEIR LESSON JACKASS. If there was a lesson to be learned other than “the world is an evil and cruel place and you can’t even trust your child with other children she might trust.” You are really getting on my nerves. Guess what hun? It COULD HAPPEN TO YOUR KIDS. Would you like someone acting like it’s your fault then? Victims get HURT. That’s why we don’t send them to jail when things go down that hurt them. Sure, people who are killed in auto accidents could’ve prevented something, maybe, like not being out late on Thursday nights – but if the other guy was drunk driving it is his fault. Don’t you get that yet??

      • Michelle Pittman

        @cjm i am mentally applauding you while i read this at work — thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Psych Student

        The parents may have known where they *thought* she was going. Kids lie. And maybe the parents knew she was going to visit the boy (it sounds like she intended to go see one of the boys) and reasonablly expected that going to visit a boy she knew (?) wouldn’t end this way.

      • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

        I am from the girls should be allowed to walk places without getting raped school of thought.

      • brebay

        That would be great, but this is a high-crime area and she’s a little girl. A middle school girl has no business walking through the ghetto to “visit” high-school age boys on her own. Her parent(s) were negligent, and the boys are 100% guilty.

      • http://www.facebook.com/valerisexton.jones Valeri Jones

        I understand what you’re saying completely. 12 year old girls are a little young to be somewhere other than where their parents should KNOW them to be. And… *gasp* Even 12 year old girls lie and go behind their parents’ backs. But regardless of whatever she may or may not have done, she still should be able to knock on a friend’s door and say hey without getting dragged to the basement by the hair of her head and raped at gunpoint.

      • chickadee

        Why do you think that they did not know? Is it possible that she told a parent or sibling that she had to go ask someone a question, went to this guy’s house to ask the question, and then got brutally raped?

        But let us assume that her parents both work (as my husband and I do) and she went to ask a question on her own. Her parents are at fault how? You are veering dangerously close to victim- or victim-parents-blaming, and it’s a red herring. The boys are at fault. She didn’t do anything to warrant her treatment.

        It is legitimate to question the parenting philosophy of the rapists’ parents, since there are three boys who thought it was fine to do this. It is not legitimate to question the parenting philosophy of the victim’s parents, since there is currently no evidence that they were responsible in any way for all this.

      • CMJ

        Who’s to say her parents didn’t know those things? It doesn’t matter – it is not the 12 year-old’s fault NOR her parents and for you to imply otherwise really does bleed into victim-blaming.

      • Jen

        It’s possible that the boy was a family friend, or that the parents knew him and trusted him and allowed her to go, or she lied and said she was going elsewhere. We aren’t given enough information to determine what any of the parents did or didn’t know, other than Junior and Johnny had pending charges. The point Eve, and others are trying to make is, while yes parents should know where kids are and what they are doing, parents should also teach their kids not to fucking rape people. Many people have friends who are older than them in high school, it’s fucking high school that’s how it works. Regardless of whether or not this girls parents did or didn’t know, she should have been able to go to a friends house and not get raped. Her parents knowing she was going to a friends house wouldn’t have saved her from getting raped. These boys not being giant violent asshats would have saved her from getting raped. Intended or not, you do sound as if you are blaming the girls parents, If they had been more involved she’d have been safe. No if those boys hadn’t thought rape was ok she’d have been safe.

      • TngldBlue

        I would think it’s perfectly reasonable for a 12 year old to visit a friend and not expect to be raped and sodomized at gunpoint by three people.

      • brebay

        Not perfectly reasonable for a 12-year-old girl to have 16-year-old male “friends” she is allowed to visit on her own. My guess is ALL the parents are just thugs who got old and popped out more thugs. The only victim is the girl. And I doubt, Eve, that the parents of these gang members were at work, unless dealing counts as work.

      • meteor_echo

        As a person who’s been raped by a ~very close friend~ at his birthday party – fuck your victim blaming with a rusty rake. A teen should be able to have teen friends and not get raped by them, end of story.

      • Blooming_Babies

        I was friends with 15 and 16 year old boys when I was 12, they lived in the neighborhood and we grew up together. Probably very similar to this relationship.

      • Karl

        Cause it’s all the girl’s fault right? God, can we not blame the victim just once? Did you not have any friends when you were in school? It doesn’t say why she was there. She could’ve been dropping something off or just came to ask a question. There’s no reason to assume they were in a relationship. That is your own sick victim-blaming mind jumping to that because you can’t handle boys being the bad guys.

      • amber

        No, I NEVER said it was her fault, or her parents. She is 12, she is still a baby. I said her parent’s should know where she is and who she is with. She should be able to go to a “friends” house without getting raped. But I don’t think a “friendship” between a 12 year old and 16 year old is appropriate. She isn’t even a teenager yet. She is still a child who needs supervision around the opposite sex period, regardless of if they are the same age or not. She could have lied to her parent’s. I never said it was her parent’s fault. I know her parent’s would have done anything to stop this had they known. 12 year olds need supervision when they are with “friends.” She is still a child, it doesn’t matter where she is, her parent’s should know where and who with and if they are supervised. Lets say the boy she went to see was a family friend, great. What about the other 2 boys there? I’d want to know where my daughter was, who she was with, and who else was there, as well as if their parent’s are home. She should have been dropped off by ME, and I would have spoken with the parent’s. Oh, and I wouldn’t let my 12 year old visit a 16 year old; it’s not like they were doing homework, they most likely aren’t even in the same school seeing as there is a 4 year age difference. The author said herself parents should be involved in their kids lives and what they are doing after school. I think that comes from both sides of the fence.

        I’m seriously confused as to why the actual fuck you think I can’t handle “boys being the bad guys?” I never said that either. Those sick monsters raped a 12 year old. I can’t imagine how a kid becomes so messed up he does that. I said I would raise my sons to respect women, I said they should get the fullest punishment. So why do you think I’m blaming the girl? Why do you think that I believe the boys are innocent? Did you even read anything I wrote? What they did was seriously fucked up. They are to blame for this tragedy, and nothing I said was meant to imply any fucking differently.

        Stop saying I’m blaming the victim. That’s absolutely not what I did in the slightest. Nor am I blaming her parent’s. The author said the boys parent’s should know what they are doing always. I pointed out that the girls parent’s should too. There is nothing wrong with that.More than half of all rapes occur before the age of 18, and nearly 25% before the age of 12. Now tell me more about not supervising 12 year olds?

        I did some more research on this case. What angers me the most is that the rape occurred in December and the boys are just now being charged. There are many things that could have prevented this. Better parenting of the boys, keeping weapons out of the hands of teenagers, and yes better supervision of ALL kids. Especially preteens. When something like this, or Steubenville happens I think it is natural to wonder where the fuck are all the parents. Especially the parents of teenage criminals and rapists. But also the parents of a defenseless 12 year old whose innocence has been taken away much too soon. As a society we should push for better laws. We should teach our children to be compassionate human beings, have better judgement, and respect one another. And I for one will be keeping an eye on my 12 year old to protect her from monsters such as these.

      • Psych Student

        The only part of this comment I want to focus on is the idea that the parents should have dropped off the girl and checked in with the boys parents and the “what about the other 2 boys there.” We may be talking about a whole heard of latch-key kids who have parents who work and can’t be home to take them places. For all we know, all the parents may work jobs that keep them out of the house until past bedtime and the boy was a friend of the family so the girl figured it’d be fine to ask a quick question. As to the presence of the other boys, even if parents had been around in all cases, would you not let your child spend time with the friends of a friend? I understand that three teenage boys with a young girl is not great, but she’s not actually a baby. If they were all cousins, we probably wouldn’t think twice (though sadly, that certainly doesn’t stop the motivated).
        I will side with you on the fact that being accused of victim blaming is hash and cruel. You’re justified in being defensive towards such accusations.

    • kims

      i am totally NOT victim-blaming, but my 1st thought as I read this was, why is a 12yr old hanging out with 16yr olds? NOTHING makes it acceptable for these boys to rape her. when I was 16, I had a physical relationship with my 21 yr old step-cousin. I had known him for 10 yrs, my stepfather allowed us to hang out unsupervised, we were very close. but now that I am older, I know that he took advantage of me, I was very innocent, he was the 1st boy I even kissed. in my opinion, it wouldn’t matter if she grew up with these boys, if their parents were best friends, or whatever. boys absolutely need to be taught no means no, but since that obviously isn’t enough, I plan on teaching my daughter to do what she can to prevent things like this from happening to her. and stalking the hell out of her, knowing where she is, who she’s with, the parents of her friends, the family dogs, whatever. what if she wasn’t raped? what if she had willingly engaged in these horrible acts? she wanted to be cool, to fit in with the high school boys. she’s WAY too young to be hanging out with them in the 1st place.