LeAnn Rimes Loves Being A ‘Bonus-Mom’ Almost As Much As She Loves Rubbing It In Brandi Glanville’s Face

shutterstock_99152516__1368984636_142.196.156.251I don’t know how I missed the Mother’s Day fiasco that transpired between LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville. I’m usually all over this kind of crap. Apparently, Rimes sent Glanville some flowers on Mother’s Day. Because that’s what you do after you take up with someone’s husband and destroy their family – send them flowers. Ew.

So she sends her flowers for Mother’s Day, but actually spends most of the weekend talking about all the gifts she, herself got and how special it is to be a stepmother. Yes, it’s great to enjoy being a stepmother – I enjoy it, too. But never in a million years would I have dreamed of gloating about it the first few years I was with my husband, simply out of respect for my stepdaughter’s mother. And they were totally split up when we met, by the way. I think in these kinds of scenarios, it’s important to know your place and act with respect.

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I’m not saying stepmothers don’t deserve acknowledgement, because they do. I’m saying she doesn’t. I’m sorry if most of you can’t see how icky this woman is – but I’m just trying to put myself in Glanville’s position – who has repeatedly stated that Cibrian was the love of her life and that she was destroyed by this affair. Imagine this; your dirt bag husband cheats on you, marries his mistress, and then parades their new, happy life (which includes your children, by the way) all over the Internet. That is douchebaggery in the first degree. Rimes, having no children of her own can not understand how gross her behavior is.

I think that when you fall into the roll of stepmom as a result of destroying someone’s marriage, you should just slow your roll and know your place. And if you can’t do that – at least don’t pretend that you are the nicer one and all above-it-all by sending Mother’s Day flowers to a woman you obviously have no respect for.

For the record, I’m not a huge fan of Glanville’s or anything. She was on Jay Leno once, and they were doing one of his pop quizzes and she didn’t know who William Shakespeare was and couldn’t find Italy on a map. I just think it’s despicable to use someone’s kids to pour salt in the gaping wound you left when you walked off with their husband.

But, it could just be the pregnancy hormones talking. I should be back next week with less ire after this baby finally exists my body.

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  • Edify

    Rimes is gross.

    Good luck over the next week!

    • http://twitter.com/mariaguido Guerrilla Mom

      Thanks. I need it ;/

  • whiteroses

    I have to wonder if Leann realizes that most people seem to know her better for this feud than they do for her music. And I also have to wonder where Eddie Cibrian is in all this.

    If these people give two craps about those kids, they’ll stop using them as pawns/excuses.

    • http://twitter.com/mariaguido Guerrilla Mom


  • Zibba

    I’ve never done this before: 1) comment on anyone’s blog or 2) troll/correct someone’s grammar or spelling online- so I’m sorry in advance for saying this but…. transcribed does not mean what you think it means. I am not yet a Mom myself, but I love this site and recently I have noticed a decline in the rhetoric. I do value all the insight you have to offer and maybe, if I’ve learned anything from you ladies, it’s that no one is perfect, but does anyone proofread the articles? You have ads and (what I am guessing amounts to) sponsors but you don’t have a copy editor?

    • http://twitter.com/mariaguido Guerrilla Mom

      You are correct. It should have said “transpired.” I apologize for my grammatical imperfection. I am my own copy editor – and will be the first to admit my brain is f-ed this weekend because I will probably be going in to labor in the next 12 hours and am exhausted, confused and a little freaked out.

    • http://www.facebook.com/valerisexton.jones Valeri Jones

      It’s okay, Maria. We all love you here and we know your brain is fried. We knew what you meant!!!!

      Good luck during labor and delivery, momma!!

    • http://twitter.com/mariaguido Guerrilla Mom

      Thanks, Valeri!

  • Alicia

    Okay, first of all, I think sending the bio mom of your step children is a wonderful idea, provided the woman isn’t allergic to flowers. Secondly, I HATE how Leann Rimes gets all this homewrecker attitude tossed her way. We all know they were both married when they started up, but Leann is responsible only for HER marriage. Eddie is the one Brandi should be angry at. Did they both make mistakes? Abso-freaking-lutely. But it’s been a couple of years at least. People need to move on. And like it or not, she is a mother too, even if not biologically. Step MOTHER. She helps raise those children, so yes, she is a mother.

    • whiteroses

      It would be awesome if people COULD move on. But the constant Twitter feuding has pretty much guaranteed that we’ll all be hearing about this until we’re grandparents- because the adults in this situation can’t be adults.

      Yeah, Rimes helps raise those kids. But she’s not their bio mom and really, really, really needs to demonstrate a modicum of sensitivity and self-awareness. Sending someone flowers seems like a cheap gesture when you consider all the other stuff she’s done. I could say the same for Glanville (and I have). All three of them need to grow up.

    • Elvi

      A cheap gesture? What should she do then? It’s a step in the right direction for the kids. You know, the ones who have to live with all this crap.

      And it wasn’t Leeann who posted anything about the Flowers. It was Glanville…making into something and taking it to a place it never needed to go.

    • whiteroses

      My point is now and always has been that if any of the adults in this situation gave two craps about the kids, they’d delete their Twitter accounts, sit down like mature adults, and work this shit out. We all know way too much about their personal lives, and if random strangers know way too much about how they think and feel then I have to wonder how much those kids know.

      It’s a cheap gesture because 1) Rimes knew it was going to be publicized, and then she can say “Oh, boo hoo, I’m the better person here” and 2) because she posted about them first. Rimes isn’t the better person in this scenario. Glanville isn’t blameless in this either, but if Rimes really cared about those kids she’d stop making them pawns in her neverending quest to be better than the ex. Being a mom- step or otherwise- means you try your hardest to make the best decisions possible for the children in your care. How is plastering your very public feud with their mother all over the Internet helpful in any way?

    • Elvi

      How did Rimes know it would be publicized? She’s not a psychic.

      Rimes didn’t post about it first. Glanville did.

      I agree, they need to keep their personal biz off of social media.

    • whiteroses

      You can’t honestly tell me that this was an innocent, loving gesture meant to mend fences. Rimes knows Glanville at this point, knows how she’ll react, and knows what will really, really piss her off. These people live their lives on Twitter. Rimes had to know that Glanville would probably say something publicly.

  • Cee

    I think step moms deserve credit, but LeAnn Rimes’s situation comes with a lot of baggage where it is best for her to just keep quiet. Her husband is now her husband because he broke a promise to his wife with her, lots of drama has ensued due to the nature of how her relationship and subsequent marriage to Eddie came to be. She took* someone else’s husband, she should not be taking someone else’s kids as well. I often wonder if there is something very wrong with LeAnn, like Amanda Byne’s wrong. She is incessantly obsessed with Twitter, what people on Twitter say, she went to rehab because of Twitter, apparently she paid a company so she can have fake friends on Twitter (to up her friend count), she seems to need validation from Twitter and she sucks herself into petty drama when she actually had a good career going for her.

    *She didn’t TAKE someone’s husband, though that is how it is perceived by many.

  • Elvi

    Actually, it has nothing to do with Rimes or Glanville. It has to do with the kids. Sending someone Mothers Day flowers is a kind gesture, because the KIDS deserve to have a happy home life, no matter what home they are in.

    At least Rimes is trying. And I agree, it was Cibrans job to take care of his marriage. As a SM who gets crapped on, even though I do EVERYTHING “mom” would do while the kids are in my home, I feel for LeeAnn. The cheating happened, it wasn’t pretty…but time for everyone to move on.

    • http://www.facebook.com/houde.veronique Véronique Houde

      I think that the gesture in and of itself would be amazing, were it not for the constant twitter comments on her life with the kids, with the feud that is happening with the ex, etc… When you put it all together, you can’t help but wonder what the hell is going on with Leann… Perhaps this is an awkward way of showing that she regrets all that has happened. But awkward it is.

    • Elvi

      Why wouldn’t she talk about the kids? She’s involved in their life. She gives them a roof over their head, food on the table, clothes…not to mention vacations, etc that their father would not be able to afford on his own. She does quite a bit for those children. Things that she, quite frankly, does not have to do and aren’t her responsibility. Why doesn’t everyone look at those things, instead of how her relationship started? She can never get a break.

      She’s allowed to be awkward and human. She’s allowed to fail and make mistakes. She’s allowed the same grace and forgiveness that everyone else is.

    • Gangle

      Question is, why does she feel the need to spout about it on social media?
      Yes, the number one perpetrator in cheating in that marriage is the husband… but that does not in any way shape or form excuse Leann. Yes, what has been done is done now, and that whole family needs to learn to deal with it.
      A bit hard to do when one of the guilty parties won’t stop rubbing salt into the wound.

    • Elvi

      No, it’s a bit hard to do when other people, who aren’t a part of the family, keep rubbing the salt. How easy it is for people to speak on a situation they know really nothing about.

      I talk about my kids and stepkids on social media because they are my FAMILY. I love them, I will not ignore or refuse to include them because someone may not like it.

      And anyways, Glanville needs to quit being a stalker. If she doesn’t want to see it, she shouldn’t look. End of that issue.

    • whiteroses

      We wouldn’t care if they didn’t keep posting crap about it. We all would have forgotten about this long ago if their fights were private, but they’re not. They’re posted all over the internet in a desperate attempt to make all parties seem more relevant. If you send stuff out into the public eye, people are going to look. That’s the first rule of the internet. Actually, I can sort of understand why they’re doing it- I haven’t seen Glanville (she is an actress/model, right?) or Cibrian in any movies lately, and Leann Rimes??? Has anyone bought her new album?

      I think the only winner in this whole situation is Leann’s ex husband. He clearly dodged a bullet there. The kids certainly aren’t winning- their father doesn’t seem to care enough to slow his wife’s roll, their stepmother plasters her issues all over Twitter, and their mother is very public about her former sex life with their father. I’d be really surprised if they end up normal when all of this is said and done. It’s a huge mess that the three “adults” are seemingly all quite happy to make public.

      And honestly, if my husband were married to someone else and she 1) plastered pictures of my child all over the internet, 2) knew that would piss me off and did it anyway, 3) made her issues with me very public regardless of how it might affect my son? I’d be pissed too.

    • Elvi

      It’s articles like this one that keep it going. Glanville calls 911, and automatically talk of LeeAnn peeping in her windows, etc…even the author has to make a crack at it. Who’s perpetuating what? Real indicative of what the truth of the matter really is. http://www.realitytea.com/2013/05/20/brandi-glanville-mysteriously-calls-911-real-housewives-beverly-hills/

      Here’s the thing, Glanville may be “the mom”…but she is not the only parent. If Eddie has told LeeAnn she can post about His children, then she can.

      OMG, I can only imagine what Rimes’s ex thinks about this whole thing…he really DID dodge a bullet there!

    • whiteroses

      The problem with that, though, is that they’re not only Eddie’s children. I have said more than once that I don’t think any of the “adults” in this situation are blameless, and I think Glanville’s perpetuating it too. But it has to stop somewhere. And I don’t get what world Rimes lives on where all of this is completely okay.

    • Elvi

      You are absolutely right!

    • Gangle

      The thing is when you are famous you have to accept that MILLIONS of strangers are following your twitter account (and twitter accounts are all about making inane statements to as many people possible, right?!).

      If I were Leann, I would be very quiet on the whole subject, out of respect for the children, out of respect for the childrens MOTHER, out of respect for my family and out of respect for myself. Surely she has plenty of inane crap to tweet about without resorting to dragging her relationship status or the kids into it.

      Is Glanville just as bad? Probably. This is a sad pathetic mess.
      As for the ‘stalking’ on social media by Glanville? Well, I’m sure Leann did plenty of cyber stalking.. right around the time she made her move on someone else’s husband. Tit for tat really.

  • Simone

    Tacky, tacky, tacky. ‘Stepmother’ is a ‘doing’ word, not a badge you get automatically when your new partner has children. If the woman with whom my husband absconded sent me flowers on Mother’s Day, I would ask myself why she hadn’t just walked up and slapped me instead. It would feel about the same.

  • Carmen


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