Extended Breastfeeding Advocate Danica McKellar Awkwardly Jokes That The Only Formula She Uses Is From A Math Book

danica mckellar breastfeeding GMAMath whiz Danica McKellar is right. She’ll always, always be Winnie Cooper to me. But now that the attachment parenting advocate is popping up to specifically advocate for extended breastfeeding — for other mothers, not just herself according to reports — she’s beginning to go the way of the sanctimommy. Look away from the light, Danica!

The notably bright and mathematically inclined mother was on “Good Morning America” with a big old ZOMG SHE BREASTFED FOR HOW LONG morning segment. Danica tells audiences that she recently had to call off the boob for her 2-and-a-half-year-old son Draco. She describes this process, which took place only a few weeks ago, as a “big transition.” 

The interview goes the predictable route with Danica talking about how she shrugged off curious glances at her nursing shield.  But when getting into some more details about how she managed to write her math books for kids while also executing effective attachment parenting, Danica drops this:

“When he was young, I had it mastered where I – learned to type with one hand for a while … I like to say that the only type of formula I use is in a math book,” she said, laughing.

Meh. Sounds exactly like the “jokey” Facebook statuses I often see when editing an STFU column. Hey Blair, ever come across one of these in your submission pile? If not, you got your first one right here.

On Danica’s personal website, the mother wrote broadly about her interview, implying that she means no slight to other moms. I can only assume this includes formula moms?

I know there can be judgment out there, and I encourage moms to do whatever feels right – and if they choose to breastfeed longer than is “typical,” I say this to them: You go girl! ;)

She gave you an emoticon so you know she meant it, guys.

(photo: abcnews.com)

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  • TngldBlue

    She lost me at the name Draco.

    • Anne Cordelia

      Hey, maybe she’s a HUGE Malfoy family fan!! Ya never know, haha!

    • faifai

      Then it’s still lame.

    • James Ridge

      He was named after the constellation. Admittedly, it doesn’t have the broad-base, common faggoty appeal of a Tristan, or Bennett, or Cody, or any other of these new weak-ass names for future metrosexuals, but, you know, different strokes.

  • Justme

    Sounds like she’s been working on that joke for awhile.

  • JAN

    I don’t think she is judgmental at all, she said, “You can breastfeed as long as it works for both you and your child, you know?” she said. “For me it was two and a half and for you it might be three and a half or three months or whatever it is that works.” I’m not a lactivist at all but I do think the author of this post tends to be overly sensitive to any pro-breast feeding statements.

    • Edify

      Totally agree. If this was written about a known name advocating for formula feeding from birth, there would be no allowance for the judgmental tone in this article. It’s not cool that its apparently ok on the other side of the discussion.

  • Amber

    You guys like to write about how women shouldn’t be shamed for formula feeding, but then you totally shame a mom who breastfeeds. That is a tough decision to make and follow through with as well. Mommyish is constantly publishing articles about not judging people for their decisions, all while judging people for their decisions.

    When I was breastfeeding I had tons of pressure from family members to give my daughter formula. I can’t count the number of times I was asked “Haven’t you ever considered a bottle?” or “Couldn’t you just give her some formula sometimes?” I got the dirty looks in public for breastfeeding my daughter even though I was always covered up. Newsflash: women aren’t only judged for choosing to feed their babies formula, nursing moms get backlash as well. To me Danica’s response might have just been a lighthearted attempt to shut people up when they administer unsolicited suggestions or questions. Mothering is a hard job, and any mother who is doing her best for her baby needs support despite her decisions.

    • Justme

      I don’t think they were shaming her breastfeeding, but instead her poor attempt at humor.

    • Amber

      Possibly, but I didn’t really think it was because she does write math books.

    • Justme

      She can write all the math books she wants, it was still a corny joke.

    • Katia

      Funny since this author is particularly awkward with sarcasm (but does not stop trying) and never humourous

    • allie

      She’s not being shamed for extended breastfeeding but for being a sanctimommy. Big difference.

  • faifai

    I don’t think it was a sanctimonious. Sounds like it was just a bad joke. Guess bad jokes are now going to get turned into articles. Nobody make a pun!

  • James Ridge

    Danica, having some humility in the face of a million years of evolution, believes that breastmilk is superior to formula. And, having some humility in the “parenting choices” department, maintains that people can, should, and will make whatever decisions they feel are best for their children. She’s right on both counts, which makes this blog catty and immature. Worse still, the fact is that in order for us to approximate breastmilk synthetically, we’d have to know a lot more about breastmilk than we do – a fact which has been conceded by the scientific community, yet sometimes rejected by mothers (shitty, lazy ones and good ones alike). But, as Danica points out, that’s their business. Some people doubt evolution, too. What’s most curious though, is that the topic is often preyed upon by bloggers who aren’t parents, and hypocritically chastise people like Danica for “telling people how to live” by telling Danica how to live. And the assumption writ large that she’s “awkward” about her position is the author projecting her own issues onto the topic. But if I was the author, I’d feel awkward, too, if I was talking out my ass; taking a shot at a great mom who’s not afraid to defend her choices while conceding they’re purely her own. It’s a lesson the author should learn before she has any children; when her blogging about parenting issues at all, will make any sense.

    • ratiomom

      Danica had the luck of the draw that she has a good health and the circumstances in her life that allow her to do extended breastfeeding. Instead of being grateful for being so lucky, she takes it for granted. She goes so far as to push down other moms who don’t have the same perks with bad humor at their expense. She deserves a reality check.

    • James Ridge

      Pushed down other moms, how? When she said you should make your own choices based on what’s best for you? That sort of “pushed down” ?Quit projecting your issues. The girl couldn’t possibly have been more clear that she’s got her thing and you’ve got yours, so quit looking for a bitchy angle.