Starbucks Reasonably Handles A Public Diaper Changing Fiasco By Calling The Cops

starbucks signDiaper changes in places of consumption — such as cafes and restaurants — are detested for a reason. Granted, I find myself sympathetic to the parent who is scrambling for a changing table and simply cannot find one. Especially when the changing tables are in the lady-only restrooms. What are double daddies, or even a daddy, supposed to do? If you’re Ruth Burgos, you’re simply going to change that tot right there in the Starbucks seating area. Hey, it was Mother’s Day!

USA Today reports that a Starbucks in Denver became pretty contentious when Ruth scrambled to change her son Thiago out in the open. Upon schlepping her 1-year-old to the bathroom, she discovered that there weren’t any changing tables. A Starbucks employee reportedly saw the diaper change session and then got snooty, according to her husband:

Alex Burgos says a Starbucks employee tossed his wife a rag and spoke to her in a “demeaning” tone.

“He said make sure to wipe the seat when you’re done,” he said. “They started talking amongst themselves and laughing about it.”

Alex apparently wasn’t going to have his wife and son disrespected without doing some disrespecting himself. That’s when he brought hot coffee into the equation. Not cool:

Burgos says his blood started boiling, hotter than the venti coffee with extra sugar he decided to pour on the floor.

“And I said make sure you clean that,” Burgos said.

He says they exchanged strong words and hand gestures.

Starbucks then called the police to report a “disturbance” and officers did show up. No arrested were made though. The company has since apologized to the family, but no word yet on if Starbucks plans to throw in some changing tables. Would be an awesome Mother’s Day gift. Hint, hint.

(photo: dailin / Shutterstock)

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  • Katja Yount

    If the staff really was rude that’s uncalled for. But as someone who’s worked retail I’ve had to clean up fecal matter and even a balled up diaper that was left in our fitting rooms because a mom thought it was best to change her kid’s diaper in there rather than ask us to hold onto her items so she could use the public bathroom that was literally across from our store. So I sympathize with the actual staff on duty, and other patrons, when I see/hear about these kinds of shenanigans.

  • chickadee

    Sorry, Burgoses. You don’t change your kid in public where food is served. Ever. No one wants to see what you’re doing, smell what he already did, or know that it happened where unwitting strangers will be sitting/eating later.

    And I would call the police too if one of the patrons got aggressive and started deliberately making a scene. They didn’t call the police over a diaper change — belligerent patrons can get out of hand very quickly.

    But the Burgoses get points for the cool name, although it’s kind of like calling your kid Pele.

    • Aldonza

      Yeah, the husband’s behavior was just as disgusting and immature as the employees sitting their snickering. Not the way to handle a situation.

  • raeronola

    Uh, no. We’re not siding with the parents on this one. Changing your kid’s diaper in a place where people consume food and beverages is disgusting, regardless of whether or not they have a changing station. And they called the cops because the guy was acting like a fuckwit, not because they changed the diaper.

    Don’t encourage this sort of baloney, please.

    • XLent

      Agree 100%!!!

  • Jen

    The staff could have handled it better…however, it’s NEVER ok to change a diaper where people are eating and it’s never ok to throw a drink on the floor. I would have been irate if I were getting something there and saw this and as a customer I would have said something. Gross.

  • alice

    eh, why does sbux need to install changing stations? it’s not discrimination to NOT have changing stations. and it’s not a secret (nor discrimination) that businesses carefully architect their stores based on demographics and target customers.

    sbux is not, and has never been, a “child friendly” eatery.

    when they start marketing towards moms and dads who want to spend a leisurely sunday enjoying free wifi and quad espressos, then go ahead and add some changing stations. till then: keep it as baby UNfriendly as you like!

    • chickadee

      Hee. Maybe it’s a subtle message from Starbucks….”Parents of small children, you may stay until your children need to be changed. Then your time is up and you must go.”

    • Lilly

      This is weird since where I live almost all the Starbuck’s have accessible washrooms with changing tables. I basically became an addict on my mat leave since I could pretty much guarantee that I could change the baby there, while satisfying my coffee fix. Also, the comfy chairs with dim lighting were good for breastfeeding.

  • A-nony-mous

    This is why you bring a blanket/towel and a changing mat with you. Most public bathrooms sadly do not have changing tables. You can’t use that as an excuse to change your baby on tabletops, display couches in stores, etc. Yes, having to do it on the ground of a public bathroom sucks but again, this is why you bring a towel and a plastic change mat so you can put those down on the floor.

    • LiteBrite

      When my son was still in diapers, I always brought a blanket or something just in case a changing table wasn’t available. Hell, my diaper bag came with a changing mat in it, so there really was no excuse for me not to have Plan B.

      Plus, changing tables always kind of grossed me out. I sometimes think the floor is a cleaner option.

    • zeisel

      I’ve always thought that! Changing table vs. floor…..hmmm… the floor or better yet- go out to your car (if it’s nearby) and change the dang diaper in there. Seems more logical then out in the open where people are consuming food.

    • whiteroses

      I’ve never put my son down on a changing table without using a changing mat. Something about it just seems—- gross. At least I know where the mat has been.

  • Cee

    Nope. Dad sounds like a hot head. I doubt the tone was demeaning sounds like he heard it that way if he was ready to the throw hot coffee and get into it with the staff. Ever go to Starbucks while theres no long lines? Most of the workers are often talking amongst themselves AND laughing. Doesnt meant theyre about you. The world doesn’t revolve around you. On that subject. Fecal matter should not be anywhere near food, especially in a public place. You want to eat on a table your son shat on, thats on you and at the privacy of your house and not for the general public to have to worry about setting their scone down on your sons fecal matter.

  • missiemeghan

    The employee was “snooty” and “demeaning” because the father wanted to hear “snooty” and “demeaning”

  • CrazyFor Kate

    Yeah, sorry, as an alumna of the fast food industry I will say here that if you change your child’s diaper in a public eating area, you do not have any leg to stand on. It’s about as acceptable as whipping off your pants and taking a shit on the table. Good for Starbucks for taking a stand. If there’s no changing table, there are plenty of other ways to deal with it (bathroom, back of a car, etc) – plenty of parents have survived without one in the vicinity, you are not special.

    • Frances Locke

      Agreed. I used to waitress and I was a barista in college and this would have skeeved me out to no end. I have three kids, live in NYC and don’t own a car and I have never had the need to change my kids in public (outside of a bathroom) let alone a freaking eating area. These parents are nuts!

      I also had a guy throw a hot chocolate at me when I worked at McDs in high school, so I probably would have called the cops when the guys started bugging out too. What’s to say he won’t throw a punch next?

    • Elena0411

      If you rear your own children,( i.e., spend all day with them when they are babies and toddlers), take them places, take the baby to the older sibling’s activities (inevitable), go to your Dr.’s appointments with the child, etc., you WILL have to change a diaper in public. If you drop them off at daycare for 8 -10 hours then you can have ten kids and never experience such a situation.

    • Frances Locke

      Yeah, I have never had my kids in daycare. Obviously I’ve had to change my kids in public. But not on a Starbucks chair in front of randos who just wanna eat their fucking tea cakes and lattes. Because that is rude, my friend, and if you don’t see that then I don’t know what to say.

      And to be honest, if all you get out of my comment is “let me mommy-shame this bitch” then I seriously don’t know what to say because some people have to work for a living and can’t stay with their kids and that is O fucking kay. I’m lucky that my line of work is conducive to telecommuting.

    • Elena0411

      What is a “rando?” What is “mommy-shame.” You sound like a child yourself; a foul-mouthed, petulant child. I hope someone else is rearing your children, we have enough crude Americans as is.

    • Blooming_Babies

      Right m’kay, you want to sling insults at a commenter while throwing around five dollar words and pretending not to understand words that are clear the in context presented. Nice. Then suggest that someone else should be raising her children? Really go troll somewhere else.

    • Elena0411

      Again, isn’t this a parenting site. I am a parent. It is the “child free” pro animal freaks who are trolls.

    • Michaela Ferkul

      Thank you- and I’ve raised 4 kids without ever doing this. It’s just plain-out gross.

  • Tea

    Both parties were pretty at fault until the coffee incident, then the couple completely lost any leg to stand on. I don’t even really think they should have gotten a company apology for their behavior, or rather, his.. They cops weren’t called over a baby, they were called over a bratty man-child. They could have easily finished and left.

    And I’m seriously not condoning the changing, either. I would not do this, even if it meant a mat on the men’s room floor.

  • Michaela Ferkul

    Starbucks apologized to the family for what? The ignorant parents are changing a diaper where customers eat and drink for chrissakes, and then Dad is so mature he dumps hot coffee on the floor- he should have been arrested for disorderly conduct and told not to return!

  • AS

    Yeah, not siding with the parents here! As a parent it is mildly irritation when restaurants don’t provide changing tables. It isn’t that expensive to provide and it helps parents (and other patrons) as there is a designated area for this. Exceptions are fine-dining restaurants or other places where having children would be uncommon.

    However, it NEVER gives you an excuse to change a diaper in the middle of a restaurant. I have changed on a mat in the corner of the bathroom floor (away from the toilet and where there would be no traffic), sure it sucks, but it is much better than your child peeing all over a table or other patrons having to see/smell your kids diaper.

    Bravo to the snarky Starbucks worker!

  • whiteroses

    I’m sorry, but there are so many levels of no here.

    1) Starbucks doesn’t give you coffee in a ceramic mug- and even if they did, if you have a one year old, you can sort of assume that your child may melt down. So get a paper cup.

    2) The entire earth doesn’t baby proof itself because you had a baby.

    3) Fecal matter is how potentially fatal diseases are spread (you don’t know if any of these people have unvaccinated children, care for the elderly, or care for the immunocompromised), not to mention that it’s just disgusting for someone else to smell your baby’s poop. Just because you’re used to it doesn’t mean that everyone else on the earth is. I have one word for the Burgoses: norovirus.

    4) He got belligerent and poured coffee on the floor. Way to set an awesome example. Kids raising kids- in case anyone wanted to know, this is why the rest of the world thinks we’re morons.

    5) If you have enough money to buy a Frappuccino, you have enough money to buy a portable changing pad.
    6) How else were the employees supposed to react? He poured coffee on the floor and got verbally abusive with them. Of course they called the cops.

  • Kay

    If places are without changing tables then you take your kid to the bathroom and change them on the floor OR if it was the hubs and I he would take him outside to change the diaper in the car and then dispose of the diaper in an outside trashcan. Never inside a restaurant or anywhere where people eat/drink.

    Which takes me to a pet peeve, if you change your kids diaper in the car and there is no nearby trashcan you do not simply throw the diaper outside on the ground. You either schlep to a trashcan or put the damn thing in your trunk until you can find one. This is one reason it can be nice to have plastic bags on hand.

    Why the hell do some parents feel so entitled?!?

  • Karla M. Davis

    Really? Starbucks couldn’t have change tables installed in the restrooms with all of the profits they take in? How sad! What is a parent to do? Although the Starbucks server was rude, it doesn’t give the father the right to pour coffee all over the floor and become rude in return. Given the fact that the baby was already being changed in a public area, all that needed to be said by the father was, “If your shop had baby change tables installed in the restrooms like every other restaurant and cafe, I wouldn’t need to change my child here like this. Perhaps you can share your personal displeasure with corporate that they may have some change tables installed and you won’t have to worry about this again” shifting the responsibility to who should really be bearing it-the company.

    Having said that though, one should look for every other location or opportunity first such as park grass or a park bench outside (or one’s personal car if it was in a nearby parking lot) before EVER changing any child in an area where food and drinks are served and consumed-it is completely unhygienic! There are disposable change mats that one can buy and keep on hand just in case as well as the regular plastic reusable change mats. While not ideal, line the floor with paper towels, put down the mat with baby on it and change away, tossing the paper towels underneath afterwards. Always carry disinfecting wipes to wipe the back of the reusable pad that touched the floor and wash it once at home again. While we would all hope Starbucks shops would be more accommodating, parents need to be prepared for ALL situations and not assume something may be available.

    • StormCat

      I don’t think any establishment has a responsibility to provide changing tables. The owners/managers can run their place as they see fit. If a person doesn’t like it, they can spend their money elsewhere. It doesn’t give them the right to disrupt a business to show their disdain for it’s lack of accommodations. What about stores with no public restrooms? You can’t pee in the corner to show your “personal displeasure” with their choice.

    • CaneCorsoMom

      “If your shop had baby change tables installed in the restrooms like every other restaurant and cafe, I wouldn’t need to change my child here like this. Perhaps you can share your personal displeasure with corporate that they may have some change tables installed and you won’t have to worry about this again” shifting the responsibility to who should really be bearing it-the company.

      What?!? NO. In no way is it EVER ok to change a baby’s diaper in a place where people eat/drink.

      UGH!! Stop being so entitled! People changed kids looooooong before there were changing tables, and I highly doubt that it happened in the middle of the restaurant.

    • Jules

      Nice name. Cani corsi are beautiful!

    • Diane

      Did you even read her entire comment?

    • Elena0411

      Dogs cannot read. She whelped a litter.

  • ali

    It sucks that some places don’t have changing tables, but that’s why you bring a mat with you. You always have the option of changing baby in your car. I would never change my little one where others can see, least of all a food establishment. Of course, emergencies do happen. I think it was right for the employee to hand them a rag. It’s your kid, you have to clean up after them regardless of where you are. The staff didn’t kick them out, they just wanted them to clean up. Even if they give an attitude, you’re an adult and you should know how to deal with people you don’t like. Acting like a toddler throwing a tantrum is not one of them. Spilling that coffee on purpose is pretty despicable. Bad lesson to teach your children about how to treat others also.

  • Book_love

    The title of the article is kind of misleading. It sounds like the police were called because the father poured his coffee on the floor and began arguing with the employees.

    The employees definitely handled the situation badly, but to be honest, a few years ago when I worked at the food shop in Ikea, a girl put her chewed gum on the plate of sample cookies I had put out and I told her to “pick up her f-ing gum and put it in the garbage”. Sometimes the rudeness of people gets to you.

  • K

    That couple was completely out of line. That is so gross that they changed the baby where people are eating. I think being asked to clean up after yourselves is fine. Pouring hot coffee on the ground is absurd. These people sound like jerks.

  • Zettai

    If this was my business I would’ve made an arrest. WTF were they thinking? Take your coffee to go and find somewhere to change your kid!

  • Monica Kagy

    nowhere to change your kid?? GO OUT TO YOUR CAR AND DO IT!!!! noone wants to smell a nasty diaper or see it being changed in a restaurant or any public place!!! disgusting!!!!!

    • Citymouse

      Not siding with the parents here, but not everyone drives everywhere and has access to a car for changing.

  • Erica

    I’m siding with the baristas here. You just don’t change a kid in a public eating area. Do that Sh*t on your own kitchen table. Can we make this an unofficial rule, please? What if this story went another way? What if the place was soooo busy that no one noticed the couple changing the kid and right after someone else sat down and enjoyed a nice meal (i.e. no one there to sanitize the table) and that someone got e coli or something. Than it would be Starbuck’s fault and they’d get their butts sued. Yeah, so let’s just keep that stuff in the bathroom. Don’t forget to wash your hands.

  • StormCat

    What is wrong with these parents? It’s not the world’s job to cater to you and your precious snowflake. No one owes you anything just because you have a kid. Then to purposely spill a drink where someone could fall and get hurt? Come on people. Grow up! If you don’t like the way an establishment is run, DON’T GO THERE!

  • Amber

    Good. I hope more restaurants start throwing people out and/or calling the cops when some disgusting jackass decides to start handling urine and feces in the dining area.

  • Emily Clocke

    The counter around the sink in Starbucks washrooms are huge. She could have changed the kid in there. The floors in Starbucks washrooms (or at least the Starbucks near my home) are freakishly clean too, so that would have even been a viable option.

    • Emily Clocke

      Also, the cops should have been called on her the minute she decided to name her son Thiago. Poor kid :{

    • Elena0411

      No one who has ever had a child would place their baby on a floor in a public restroom or the sink. The bathroom may LOOK clean, but it’s a public bathroom where adults with contagious diseases relieve themselves.

    • lola

      So, the floor of the bathroom is dirty but changing feces at the table where people eat is okay? It’s fecal matter regardless if it comes from a baby or adult. The other people from above comments were right about you, you are a troll. Hope you get a nice shit sandwich since you are so eager to serve it to others. Nasty.

    • Guest

      There is no counter around the sink at all at the Starbucks locations near me.

  • Simone

    If it wouldn’t fly with an adult, it’s no go with a kid, as far as bodily functions are concerned. Wouldn’t change your grandfather’s catheter bag in a coffee shop? Don’t invite us all to share your baby’s intimate cleansing needs then.

    How is this not part of general legislation yet regarding food service areas? Do they really need to have signs up for complete idiots explaining that it’s not safe or appropriate to handle bodily waste fluids in the same room as food and drinks service?

  • Tusconian

    IDK, I’ve been in food service situations, and someone flinging around coffee, screaming “strong words,” and speaking to me in a manner that is WAY more disrespectful than daring to ask a customer not to spread infant fecal matter all around a public food service area is a hostile situation, not calling the police because “ew gross, parents with babies are in here.” Depending on what exactly happened, I would at the very least refuse to serve them ever again, and at most threaten to call the police. Whether the cops actually got called would depend on the situation escalating or not. I had to do it several times when I worked in a bar, and no one ever waited around after the first warning to see if I got to the phone though. It would be nice to have changing tables, but actively endangering the health of hundreds of people, making a mess, screaming, and treating service industry members as subhuman simply because they are in the service industry (that nasty remark he made had ZERO to do with feelings of disrespect, it was one hundred percent elitism) are not the ways to get what you want.

  • Vikky

    I’m sad that the dad wasn’t ARRESTED!
    Seriously, he:

    1–introduced fecal matter to a public dining area
    2–trashed the place (vandalism?)
    3–cursed and flipped off the employees

    I’m pretty sure one of more of these is ILLEGAL!
    Teach that nut a lesson. he got an APOLOGY. What is he going to do to the next customer service person? Injure them? It’s only a matter of time before this jerk actually hurts someone!!!!

  • CB

    Whenever I read a story like this, I wonder: why didn’t they just use, like, the floor in the handicap stall? I know when my siblings were little, and when I was babysitting, my mom/neighbors always had a pad or a towel or something in the diaper bag, which I assumed was standard issue. Is there a reason other than inconsideration that someone would use a public eating area rather than wiping the floor with a diaper wipe/hand sanitizer, laying down a pad, and just using the floor?

  • Eileen

    I remember a couple of years ago people were complaining that fecal matter was found to be present on tables/counters in Starbucks. It was a big scandal for a couple of minutes. Ladies and gentlemen, we have discovered the source!

    Seriously, I’m all for changing tables. But since when have the employees at a corporate-owned store been responsible for facilities? That’s like complaining to the barista that the wifi is slow. And I have never been in a Starbucks bathroom that wasn’t cleaner than my bathroom at home…which means put a changing pad down on the floor of that giant single-occupancy stall, and change your baby in the place where fecal matter is supposed to be. Then wash your hands. If there isn’t any soap, you’re allowed to complain about that.

    For me, though, throwing the coffee on the floor is where the parents lost all credibility. That is not okay. It’s fine to expect friendly customer service, but providing good customer service requires employees to look out for ALL customers, which includes not allowing customers to do things that are unsanitary or unsafe – like opening a diaper on an eating table, or deliberately creating a wet floor hazard.

  • Allyson_et_al

    This is on the parents, not Starbucks. I have two kids, and I have NEVER changed a diaper at a restaurant table, because it is rude and disgusting. If one of my kids needed a diaper change and a changing table wasn’t available, my husband or I took the kid to the car. The only time I ever came close to this was changing my baby’s wet (not dirty) diaper at my seat on a plane, because I was traveling alone with a baby and a toddler and didn’t have much of a choice. These parents are completely in the wrong, to the point where I don’t even believe the father’s story that the employees were rude.He sounds way too entitled for his opinion to be taken seriously.

  • Yves

    They named this child Thiago. That is criminal enough.

  • Sarah

    Just because I’ve read all the comments, and I age that the father was way out of line and I’ve never changed my children in or around food (Gross! We go to the car if nothing el is available!), I wonder why people get so up in arms about this in one scenario, but have no problem what so ever asking a mother to breast feed an infant in a bathroom where bacteria from countless people’s fecal matter circulates the air with each and every flush?

    • raeronola

      Plenty of people have a problem with asking a woman to breastfeed in a bathroom. I’m willing to bet every woman on this thread would agree that breastfeeding in public is perfectly acceptable and should not be vilified. Believe me, if this was a story about starbucks asking a woman to breastfeed in the bathroom, the comments section would be just as pissed off.

  • XLent

    Wow! That’s just DISGUSTING!!! It’s a coffee shop, not a restaurant. How long can it possibly take to grab a coffee and walk a few feet away to their car? Instead, they cause a dramatic scene & make it a health issue for those around them? Talk about ghetto!

    • Elena0411

      How do you know they have a car?

    • XLent

      If they don’t, then they should have used common sense by bringing a changing pad, which would have allowed them to use the restroom instead of a public dining area where people have to come in contact with the fecal matter left behind. We’re not talking about an infant here (although I don’t think that would be acceptable either). This kid we’re talking about is toddler. It’s utterly disgusting to have to smell, see, and eat/drink near that & even more disturbing to be the next person to unknowingly eat/drink at that same table. This can be harmful, or even deadly, to some who may come in contact with that fecal bacteria.

    • Elena0411

      Starbucks needs to have a place to change babies. Some people still have them instead of dogs.

    • XLent

      No, Starbucks does not target children- They accommodate them because they realize that some parents might want to swing by & grab a coffee to go while they happen to be with their children. Most parents realize that it is not the type of establishment where kids hang out and therefore, they will more likely than not, grab it to go.

    • Elena0411

      This particular Starbucks did not accommodate them to the same degree as they do their older customers. And when I say “expect them to disappear from society” I am referring to those who don’t have or like children and don’t want to be “exposed” to them. I’ll bet that description fits you…

    • XLent

      So because I would prefer not to eat & drink from a table that somebody has used to change their kid’s dirty diaper on, this means I don’t like children? Reality check: Not ALL establishments cater to, or even WANT children, in their place of business. Most parents understand that the whole world cannot cater to or revolve around their choices of having children. As parents, most of us are reasonable enough to understand this. If this becomes an inconvenience, then we simply don’t bring our kids there & either this effects their business or it doesn’t. Since coffee shops aren’t geared towards children, I highy doubt it will hurt their business.
      Since when is it so crucial that your child gets a kiddie latte to the point where you feel the need to do something so ridiculously over-the-top & subject others to such unsanitary conditions for the purpose of forcing them to accommodate that?

    • Elena0411

      Why is it so crucial for YOU to get a latte? How old are your children? You imply you have some.

    • Elena0411

      There is no mention of fecal matter. Most diaper changes are urine-only. I can’t believe that I have to explain this to an adult.

    • XLent

      Elena- Why does there have to be mention of it? It’s common sense. I can’t believe that I have to explain this to an adult, unless they’ve managed to get into High School without the basic elementary & Jr. High level of knowledge in science to know how bacteria spreads. A child does not have to go “number two” in order for there to be fecal matter in his diaper. It would be HIGHLY unlikely that there is absolutely no fetal matter- even if the diaper was clean, because chances are that child has already “gone” at some point that day & bacteria does not just disappear- it spreads from the little remaining left from an earlier diaper change.
      Coffee is not a necessity & coffee shops are not establishments meant to cater to children. If you choose to go to an establishment that is not suited to cater to children, then you should come prepared to for something as simple as simple as a diaper change. If you bring bottles, snacks, baby wipes, and diapers, then chances are you have a diaper bag & changing pads are designed to fit into these diaper bags. If that’s too much to handle, then don’t go to such an unnecessary establishment with your kid. Only a lazy person would argue that a changing pad is too difficult to throw in your diaper bag.

    • Elena0411

      There are portable urinals an adult can use. Any decent adult should carry one in their adult diaper bag and not burden businesses with installing plumbing (which is far more expensive than installing a changing table). Children are people and should be accommodated as well as an adult.

    • XLent

      Elena- Well there’s a perfect example of rational thought, lol. How did bringing a changing pad & using the restroom like normal people turn into adult portable urinals? This has nothing to do with whether or not children are people. Yes, of course they are people, but to say they should be accomodated as adults is ridiculous because they are not adults. Children need diaper changes because they are unable to use the restroom as an adult would. Therefore, it is up to his/her parents to help them through the process. In other words, it is THEIR responsibility to come prepared if they are taking their child to an establishment that does not cater to children. What this couple did was ridiculously low-class and asinine- almost as asinine as the example you used.

    • Elena0411

      Children ARE “normal people. I assume you were one once. Why should a parent have to drag around a changing table to go out? Outfit the bathroom to accommodate people of ALL AGES and there would not have been a problem.

    • XLent

      Ummm… Let me repeat what I had said earlier. Yes, I realize that children are people. What I said was that they are not adults & it’s ridiculous to say that they should be accommodated as an adult. And who said anything about dragging around a changing table? A changing pad folds to the size comparable to that of a large book. Again, a coffee shop is not targeted for children and therefore, it is the parents’ responsibly to come prepared. If a parent can’t handle such a large responsibility (sarcasm) then don’t go to such an unnecessary place for such an unnecessary product, such as coffee.
      BTW- here’s a thought… maybe they don’t want small children in an establishment where their main targeted customers consists of adults, i.e. college students who are trying to study, business people who are trying to finish work before/after work, or adults meeting for conversation/dates/business, etc. Most adults meet for coffee to sit, relax, and take a break from the children.

    • Elena0411

      Starbucks sells milkshakes, coffee, and a Children’s Hot Chocolate which is not as hot as, and a bit smaller than the regular hot chocolate. Their stores are targeted for people of all ages, including parents. They need to accommodate everyone. Why do you find that ridiculous? How do you suppose society perpetuates itself? I don’t care for many adults and their purposely rude behavior, but I would not have the nerve to expect them to disappear from society because their presence bothers me.

    • CommonSense

      Just because Starbucks runs a business that targets certain demographics does not mean they then should turn around and accommodate everyone. Seriously. You must be hell in any business that you don’t feel caters to your life.

    • CommonSense

      A parent should have to accommodate themselves when they go out, and if that means dragging around a changing table, so be it. When you decide to have children, you take that responsibility on yourself. You should not expect all businesses to accommodate for YOUR life choices. I’m so glad that as a parent I have common sense and not your attitude of entitlement.

    • Elena0411

      Having a child is as “normal” as having sex. Unless you are barren, you need to use artificial methods to avoid it. It is not a “life choice.” Doubt you have children.

    • CommonSense

      Now that’s just stupid. Moron.

    • CommonSense

      Who cares??? It’s disgusting and unhygienic either way. What is wrong with you people that expect society to cater to your every whim and desire? Get over yourself. You must be a liberal.

    • Rachel

      If they can’t afford a car, then I imagine they can’t afford to buy a five-dollar cup of coffee and then throw it on the floor.

    • Elena0411

      In many cities with good public transportation cars are not needed, even if the public can afford them. And a tall coffee is two dollars, not five.

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  • Elena0411

    It is incumbent upon public places to have proper facilities for human beings. A changing table is necessary for babies (small, new HUMAN BEINGS). I see more businesses accommodating dogs than young PEOPLE. Starbucks needs to get its act together. Dogs won’t be buying your overpriced milkshakes and their owners are a genetic dead-end.

  • Elena0411

    I’m unfamiliar with this blog. Is this an anti-natalist site or a parenting site?

  • Elena0411

    The uptight coffee dispenser should have been arrested for calling the police unnecessarily.

  • EcnoTheNeato

    I’m pretty sure there’s one person going around “down-voting” the posts that are in favor of Starbucks, or at least faulting the parents…Seriously, most of those have 1 (and usually only 1) down-vote. o_O

  • RaeV10



  • lola

    That’s disgusting! No one should be slinging toilet material where people eat. No changing table? Take your baby and walk your lazy a$$ to your car and change the kid there. Nasty. Sounds like these parents are straight up trash with the “dad” dumping his coffee on the floor. Scum bags.

  • Kiley Vaught

    okay, take the kid to your car to change the bloody diaper! people have no manners anymore. it is NOT your right to change a diaper in a place where people are eating and drinking you moron!

  • Elena0411

    The baby is adorable!

  • Manoel Ramon

    really ? what f@ck here… clean your kids in appropriate place… even your car is the best place to do this.. The problem here is parents with no sense… Only red necks think it is cool and ok !!! Star Bucks does not need to apologize for any shit like this..

  • Rachel

    I’m a little insulted by what this article implies. Simply because I am a parent–a good mother, who will change her daughter in the car or in a bathroom, with a changing mat that I responsibly carry with me–should I sympathize with this crass pair? Am I really to take the side of grown adults who a) selfishly expose an area where people are eating and drinking to their child’s fecal matter, when fecal-oral borne illnesses are a legitimate health concern (potentially to others’ children) and b) react to a problem with store employees, not by calmly asking to talk to a manager, but by dumping 20 oz of coffee on the floor and yelling hysterically?
    Businesses do have a right to call the police if someone is creating a public disturbance…you know, if a drunk person won’t leave the premises, if an irate person is swearing up a storm and refuses to stop, if someone is flinging coffee on the floor, flipping people off, and yelling.

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