Teacher Buys Student ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey,’ Mother Is Not Thrilled

615Vg-y728LA mother in Philadelphia is demanding her 14-year-old son’s teacher be fired after he purchased Fifty Shades of Grey for in-class reading. I think she may be totally over-reacting.

Philip Aidoo asked students what books they would like to read for an independent reading period and purchased them all with his own money. All of the other books he ordered were G-rated. The CEO of the charter school where he works told NBC News that Aidoo “did not have an awareness of this popular book.” He must live in a cave.

Aidoo was suspended for a week but this was not enough to placate mother Maya Ladson. She doesn’t believe his story that he had no knowledge of the content of the book:

“It clearly states on the cover, that the book is for mature audiences and has high sexual content,” Ladson said. “This was a 100-percent act of negligence. There should never be pornographic material purchased and distributed to a student by a school teacher.”

I absolutely agree that this is not appropriate material for a teacher to be distributing to a student. I’m not sure where he purchased it, but a quick perusal of Amazon.com shows that it is not totally obvious that this book is “pornographic.” The only other text on the cover – besides the title – is “New York Times Bestseller.” While I do believe that he should have looked into what he was purchasing for his kids – the student asked for it. I don’t find it hard to believe that a teacher would assume that a student wouldn’t be asking for something “pornographic” for his independent reading.

I think this mother should turn her ire in the direction that it belongs – at her son. It was a pretty manipulative move to pull. Why would you ever ask a teacher for something like that? Maybe they could avoid a debacle like this in the future by having parents sign off on any reading bought for kids that isn’t a part of the school curriculum.

The school is on break right now, but when it is back in session Ladson plans to protest outside the school with other parents. She says her son’s education has be “compromised.” The school is standing behind what they thought was an “honest” mistake. I’m sort of inclined to agree with the school here.

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  • Renee J

    I might be more upset that he purchased a badly written fanfic for the class.

  • CrazyFor Kate

    I’d just be embarrassed that my child wanted to read that pile of trash. “No, that’s not my kid. Not the one over there. I’m Jimmy’s mom. Heh.”

    • Lastango

      True. Trash is not what it used to be back when we were reading it on the sly.

  • chickadee

    Why was a math teacher holding a reading period during his class? And he’s an idiot. Anytime you ask students for a list of any reading material you check the content. As an experienced teacher, he should have known that he would be held responsible for his actions.

  • CW

    I can see naively ordering the book not realizing its content, but when it came in, the teacher should’ve refused to hand it over and made the kid pick something else.

  • Amber

    I can’t blame her for being upset. It’s smut. It’s completely inappropriate. Teachers have to worry about showing PG or, god forbid, PG 13 movies to their classes. What the hell was he thinking handing out erotica?

  • Seriously?

    She’s just pissed because now her son knows what the book is about and now she has to hide her personal copy in her closet.

    seriously, the mother is an idiot. Her son is 14 years old. Does she
    honestly think he’s virginal and pure as the driven snow? He has
    hormones. It’s obvious that he’s curious.

    If she wants to do
    her kid a service, stop complaining about the book and it’s (poorly
    written) soft core pornography content and start talking to him about
    the birds and the bees.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RetiredSceneQueen Emmali Lucia

    Oh My God you’re son is 14-years-old he’s probably already had sex before get over yourself woman.

  • Annie

    It doesn’t say on the corner that it’s a smutty book. It should, but it doesn’t. The teacher shouldn’t assume that his students would pull such a dumb move, but he shouldn’t assume that they wouldn’t either. That’s why the reading material should be reviewed if it’s not coming from the school library.

    That doesn’t make the mother any less of an overreacting crybaby.

  • Sara

    Insisting that the teacher be fired is a complete over-reaction. But……as someone who has taught in public schools for years……HOW in the hell do you order a book for a kid and not check up on what you’re ordering beforehand? That was just an unbelievably dumb move on the teacher’s part.

    Dumb, not worthy of being fired.

  • Jessie

    Eh, the poor man made a mistake. Remove the book and apologize. Her son had probably seen worse on the internet.

  • Justme

    I have a feeling that boy knew EXACTLY what he was doing by asking the teacher to purchase the book. But the teacher should have known bwtter and done a little bit of research into the student’s requests. And lastly to the mother….it is easier for her to attack the teacher than look at herself and her son to see where the problem lies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/maya.ladson Maya Ladson

    Im okay with a mistake. What doesn’t make it a mistake any longer is when you purchase the book, have it delivered to your home and still claim to know nothing of the book. A bit suspicious?

    • Jen

      I doubt he opened and scanned all the books for class. he probably just threw them in a box and brought them to school. He should have reviewed it before he ordered it, but the kid shouldn’t have been a smart ass and asked for the book. He got suspended, now he knows, everyone move on. Making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  • EmmaFromÉire

    Frankly i’m just impressed the teacher would be good enough to spend his own money on books for his students. Where can I get teachers like that?

  • Rachel Sea

    At least he wants to read.

  • Budhamissesyou

    Ladsonis an idiot in this situation. Blame your child. He is the deviant. Sort him out instead of assuming the government has to teach your child morality. God people the school is under enough pressure. Teach your children!

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