Simon ‘Man Boobs’ Cowell Says Demi Lovato Is Too Fat For The X Factor


Whelp, we can file this under both “pot calling kettle black” and “another fine example of sickening double standards in the entertainment industry.” In blatant disregard to Demi Lovato’s much-publicized struggle with bulimia, Simon Cowell has stated that he doesn’t want Lovato to return as a judge to The X Factor until she’s shed enough weight to look “healthy.”

From Jezebel:

“Simon doesn’t expect Demi to be supermodel skinny, but he does want her to look like she’s in shape,” stated the insider. “He’s set a weight-loss goal of 20 lbs. for Demi and asked her to work hard on it through the spring and summer.”

First of all, shame on you, Simon Cowell, for even daring to equate weight with health. If low body mass equals health, then oops, nevermind the world hunger crisis, guys! JK, we’re good! In fact, all of the starving adults and children across the world should count their fucking blessings, because thank god they’re not fat like all those fat disgusting unhealthy Americans!

From the interviews I’ve seen, it’s pretty obvious that Cowell is a raging douchecanoe with about the breadth of a hair’s worth of empathy for other human beings. Yes, he’s filthy nasty insanely rich and probably a damn good businessman, considering his annual salary is in the multi-millions. But wouldn’t it be nice, just once in awhile, to see someone with this kind of power and influence NOT say something asinine to a female entertainer about her body?

Or, better yet, could you imagine if he actually approved of a variety of body sizes? People in his position have the potential to actually revolutionize the warped mentalities about image and talent, but instead they just feed (ha) into the idea that a bigger-than-average body could never be seen as something desirable or healthy.

Get some freaking perspective, man. Either that or shut the hell up. But who am I kidding, this is Simon Cowell, someone who trademarked word-vomit and turned it into a hit TV show. Sigh.

(photo: Helga Esteb/shutterstock)

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  • Amanda

    That is fucking horrible. She’s recovering from an EATING DISORDER, for Christ’s sake. Hes gonna end up triggering her again!

    • Mary

      as a recovering anorexic i feel supported

  • Frances Locke

    If he really said this then he’s a mega douche, especially considering her eating disorder issues in the past. The sad part is from what I’ve read about him, Cowell sounds like a pretty decent guy. He helped a former American Idol contestant,with a young child, when she was going to lose her house and was very classy when he and his long time girlfriend split ways. He also saved someone’s life in a boating incident apparently.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending him if he actually said this crap to Demi Lovatto but after all the nice stuff I’ve read about him over the years I’m kinda hoping it isn’t true.

  • workingMOM

    nobody wants to watch ‘fat’ people (especially ‘fat’ women) on tv, unless they’re the “special topic” (eating disorders, body image, bullying, etc.), or “the funny one”.

    it doesn’t make money, so Cowell isn’t interested.

    he’s not behind X-Factor because it’s a fun, feelgood show and he wants to help people achieve their dreams for the happiness that it brings him – it’s a business, and if it’s not making money, it’s a bad investment.

    on a social level, it’s a different issue, but this is not about social propriety, but a strategic business decision.

  • stephkornblum

    If this is true, it is a horrible thing. But this “insider” quote is from Star magazine, how reliable can that really be?

  • Eryn Stilp

    Demi, for the love of god, DON’T LOSE WEIGHT!!! that woman is DAMN sexy just the way she is.

  • neatjunk

    I’m watching her now on ABC and she is HUGE. What happened to her?

    • Zoe

      SHE RECOVERED FROM HER EATING DISORDER. What if she read comments like yours for example and became bulimic again!? Think before you speak!

    • neatjunk

      Well she needs to go back on her diet she’s as big as a house.

    • Emily

      Do you understand how it feels to have an eating disorder? Do you even care? It’s the number 1 killer of all mental illnesses. So many people die because of this, and that is so devastating. People loose their children and mothers and fathers and siblings and friends. And if you don’t die, it’s still horrible. Many people are never even able to recover, and they live their whole lives in pain. But you must think that’s great, that’s why you put comments like this that could lead them closer to death. I came on here and felt sad about the article, but I thought people were gonna go defend demi. But you just said that she should “go back on her diet”? Like that you think that a skinny bulimic is better than a regular happy person? Do you have any idea how triggering that is? Honestly, eating disorders destroy your life. They’re not physical illnesses, and they’re not “diets” as you put it, they’re mental illnesses. They’re happening all in the mind, although they sometimes go hand-in-hand with weight loss. They are so serious though, it’s not fun to fast until you have heart palpitations or to purge until you start throwing up blood or to overexercise until you faint or to loose your life. And what hurts the most is the self hatred that accompanies you every day. It hurts like hell and if you want to go trigger people into destroying their lives then I really don’t understand you. I’m sorry to get angry, but I am so tired of people saying things like this and making everyone feel horrible.

  • flapjack

    she is kind of fat.

  • Zoe

    How dare anyone comment about her being to big or two fat when she has recovered from an eating disorder!? Doesn’t anyone realise these type of things can make her relapse! F*ck society! Demi is perfect just the way she is!

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  • Sad

    Probably just a stunt by the producers of xfactor that demi agreed with just so it would get media attention and they would watch the stupid show. I’ve seen more pathetic stunts than this though.

  • Jenifer

    Just because she is recovering from an eating disorder, it doesn’t mean she should get fat without caring about it. She is not that pretty or talented to start with, so the least she can do to keep up with the media is to drop some pounds, ’cause she does look fat, unhealthy and greasy.

  • Str8shooter

    He is a MAJOR a-hole and needs to get his ass kicked for saying something like that publicly about someone with an eating disorder

    That being said, I completely disagree with the author of this article who says that weight is not tied to good health. That’s just a DUMB statement!