Cranky Mom Wants ‘The Diary Of Anne Frank’ Censored Because It Contains A Ladybit Passage

As a mom to a kid who will be attending middle school next year, I have all sort of parental concerns. Additional homework, bullying, peer pressure, drug use, you know the usual things most normal parents worry about when their kid goes from elementary school to middle school. I do not have the same types of concerns that this morally outraged mom from Michigan has, which can be summed up with “My 13-year-old daughter was TRAUMATIZED by reading a small passage in The Diary Of Anne Frank that discusses female genitalia!” From The Daily Mail:

A Michigan parent wants parts of Anne Frank’s prolific diary banned from her daughter’s classroom. 

Gail Horalek of Northville is upset over Frank’s references to her own genitalia in the diary. She says the passages made her daughter uncomfortable and that the school should have requested parental permission before assigning it to students. ’It’s pretty graphic, and it’s pretty pornographic for seventh-grade boys and girls to be reading,’ Horalek told the Detroit’s Fox affiliate. ‘It’s inappropriate for a teacher to be giving this material out to the kids when its really the parents’ job to give the students this information.’

The passage that had Horalek’s daughter so upset?

‘There are little folds of skin all over the place, you can hardly find it,’ the passage reads. ‘The little hole underneath is so terribly small that I simply can’t imagine how a man can get in there, let alone how a whole baby can get out!’

Not to be all judge-y here, but if your seventh grade daughter has no idea what her vagina is used for, then I think you have bigger issues than what books she is reading – and if all she got out of The Diary Of Anne Frank is a teensy paragraph where she references her vagina, then you really have bigger issues on your hands. The absurdity of this complaint, considering we live in an age where kids are exposed to far, far worse just by opening up a magazine or turning on the TV, floors me. To take a brilliant and heartbreaking novel that to this day should be required reading for all humans and bitch about a tiny part that references the female body, and is in NO way pornographic, is more vulgar than anything I can imagine.

When my kids go to other houses for a playdate for the first time I casually ask if the parents have any handguns in the house, or if an adult will be home when our kids are hanging out. Next time I’m going to ask if they would freak out if their kid read the uncensored version of Anne Frank. These sorts of parents scare me to death.


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  • Véronique Houde

    This woman should ask herself why she’s the first parent EVER to take issue with a passage in the book. In the many, many, many years that the Diary has been obligatory reading material in middle school. And hey maybe, you know, it’s normal for a 13 year old to wonder how labia and a vulva look like and work, and that it’s not pornographic to ask oneself those questions….?

    • Eve Vawter

      what sort of kid is she raising that finds one TINY part in such a brilliant and heartbreaking novel and the kid focuses on that instead of like, everything else in the book?

    • jessica

      Prudes are usually the biggest perverts. Honestly and sincerely. I mean if you can manage to see sex literally everywhere, you need a good shrink.

    • chickadee

      Actually, there are at least four editions of the text, and I think some schools choose to use the version that precedes the Definitive Edition, since the earlier edition (and the one that I read in school and, interestingly, the one that both my daughters read in school just a few-ish years ago) does not include musings on the vagina (which I consider to be amusing and harmless, by the way). There is a school district in Virginia that reverted to the vagina-free edition in 2010 because of parental complaints. Because apparently the unusual and amazing nature of the female reproductive system is more morally offensive than the entire concept of the Holocaust…?

    • Eve Vawter

      Nazis versus vaginas chicky

    • chickadee

      I know which I’d rather have in my pants….

    • Véronique Houde

      Hahaha if only they knew how many kids write in and call us about the appearance of their vaginas. something like this might make them feel a bit more normal!!!

  • Byron

    That woman is out of touch with reality, with what her kid knows, with what constitutes something “pornographic”…she’s just out of touch with everything.

    I bet it is her who was the uncomfortable one when her daughter brought up the passage and she just figured something along the lines of:

    “I’m uncomfortable and since I’m not insane at all…she must be too! This school made my child uncomfortable (since it made me uncomfortable and I’m definitley positively not insane) so I’ll call them and complain!”

    Just pathetic.

  • C.J.

    My 5th grade daughter hates reading but loves history. I just gave her this book to read hoping she will actually read something without being forced. She is especially interested in the WW2 because her grandparents lived in Holland then and her grandfather was in a concentration camp (not a death camp). Her grandfather has passed away and her grandmother doesn’t like to talk about the war so she seeks out information about it. She knows what a vagina is and even knows what sex is. She also knows how babies come out. I don’t see the issue. I would think a 7th grader would know these things too, even if the parents think they don’t. If anything, reading a passage where a young girl is questioning how her body works just makes kids realize their own questions are normal. At least that’s my opinion.

    • KaeTay

      Especially since 8th grade was when they first introduced sex ed for my school.

  • Cassy

    Honestly. When did basic anatomy in literature become pornographic? These people make me sad.

  • Blooming_Babies

    Really all I can hear is a screaming speech about “dirty pillows”

  • Savannah

    Is she fucking dense?
    The Diary of Anne Frank is one of the most poignant, honest accounts of what it is like to be persecuted, and to be afraid to die because of being what you are. I believe it is a book EVERYONE who can read SHOULD read. Maybe 7th grade is a little young, but she should read it anyway. Anne Frank was 15 years old when she died in 1945; this woman’s daughter is the same age Anne was when she wrote the diary. It’s appropriate.

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