Kristen Bell Leaves The House For The First Time Since Giving Birth And No One Even Mentions Her Postpartum Body

shutterstock_106391798 (1)I don’t know if Us Magazine has been reading the scathing blogs, but their tune is slowly changing. I see less covers with scantily clad women, less catty comments, and more getting interviews right (like awesome coverage of Isla Fisher’s Shape feature).  And now, bless their hearts, they wrote a piece covering Kristen Bell’s first post-baby outing — and didn’t even mention her body once!! I really hope this is a tabloid trend.

When I got the breaking news email alert telling me “Kristen Bell Steps Out for First Time Since Giving Birth to Daughter Lincoln” my stomach dropped. Oh how I have come to loathe these stories. I hate reading about the newest “hot mama!!!!” and her “incredible post-baby bod!!!!” with the teaser, “we can’t wait to find out how she lost that baby weight!”

And those celebrity mothers have to feel the media pressure to look perfect the first time they venture out after giving birth. They put on their high-heels, their face full of make-up and something to prove they have a waist — all because they know eyes are on them in that moment of revealing their postpartum selves.

Well I don’t know if Kristen and Us Magazine coordinated, but neither one of them played that old song and dance today. Other than one silly comment (“Motherhood sure looks good on Kristen Bell!”) that I can easily overlook, there isn’t one mention of her body. Since the tabloid is still a visual medium with glossy pictures galore, we got a peek at her looking just like a new mom. Wearing little or no makeup the 32-year-old “House Of Lies” star stuck to her usual style in a chambray top, floral print pants and high-top sneakers — and talked about comfort and fashion.

The Michigan native — who said she “was clueless when it came to maternity wear” — added that she’s dressing for comfort now that she’s a mom. “MyLine has soft tees and dresses that are so loose and cozy. I like putting a maxi dress with some simple sandals like Matt Bernson’s, and a long necklace or a scarf from Theodora and Callum,” Bell told Us.

Kristen Bell’s pregnancy was in the press a lot — starting from the unfortunate timing of her announcement back in early November. Other celebrities were busy with last minute campaigning for Obama or helping raise funds and awareness for Hurricane Sandy devastation — which left Bell exposed for the tabloids to go on instant bump watch. And wouldn’t you know it, People magazine had published her first teeny-tiny baby belly pictures the very day she made her announcement. But since then Kristen has reversed the tabloid narrative and proven herself to be down to earth — in her jokes about having sex scenes while expecting or about her birth plan (which included whisky and a baseball bat) to the heartwarming stories of her ailing father-in-law bonding with the unborn baby and the announcement of her little girl’s arrival. It seems like she got the “first time leaving the house post-baby” coverage she deserved. I hope it’s a new trend all around.

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  • copycait

    WELL, it’s a good think you’re bringing it up, then! All under the guise of clucking about how terrible it is when other people do it, of course.

    • Carinn Jade

      bringing awareness to an issue is not the same as perpetuating it.

    • Frances Locke

      I don’t think mentioning a step in the right direction from a tabloid is the same thing at all. If she had posted a full body pic and critiqued Kristen Bell it would be a different story.

  • Alicia

    to the other posters, yes Carinn said “Kristen’s post baby bod” but she didn’t do any of the things the tabloids usually do. Carinn never said “Oh, look how great Kristen looks. She lost all her baby weight already” Or ‘she still looks pregnant, what is she doing” Having commentary about the lack of those kinds of statements is entirely different from MAKING those kind of statements.This article was just bringing attention to the fact that none of those comments were made by US Weekly, and kind of giving them kudos for their work. Discussions can lead to change. Cattiness just breeds more cattiness.

    • Eve Vawter


    • lea

      But she has made statements about her appearance, as a new mum.

      No she didn’t mention her body shape, but felt like it was necessary to point out that she was wearing “little or no make up”, and “looking just like a new mom” (whatever the heck that means!!).

      Discussion CAN lead to change, I agree. But debating the tabloids focussing on a woman’s physical appearance by focussing on a woman’s physical appearance changes nothing.

    • Frances Locke

      I think the point was they described her like a fellow human being instead of an object like they usually do.

    • Alicia

      maybe that was a nice way of saying she looked really tired … which she did, but again, she didn’t look bad. and maybe she looks exactly like a new mom because we all know she IS a new mom. Reality influencing perception??? maybe??? I don’t know. I’ve seen articles that came from a much more snarky point of view than this one did (ie anything related to the Kardashians)

  • Flora

    Except down at the bottom the first link is “Hollywood’s Hottest Post Baby Bods!”

    One of these days, Carinn, they can just say “man she looks happy, and those pants are cute!” and really mean it.

    • Carinn Jade

      at first I thought you meant a Mommyish link (no way!) but now I see it on the US piece. *sigh* baby steps. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

  • outlaw mama

    I am always available for someone to point on the media doing something nice and sane. Same with Hollywood starlets.