‘Pregnant And Dating’ Reality Show Will Probably Sadly Not Feature Placenta Eating

Pregnant And Dating Reality Show Will Feature Pregnant Women DatingIt’s nice that the five ladies featured on the upcoming reality show, Pregnant & Dating,  set to air on the WE network will focus on their quest for love while preparing to give birth, but I can think of so many other topics that would be far more interesting that finding Mr. Right. From The Daily Mail:

A press release for the eight-part series, filmed in Los Angeles and North Carolina, states: ‘Not even pregnancy will keep these women “out of the game”.Each hour-long installment focuses on the drama that ensues when the group of expectant mothers embark on their quest for Mr Right.The release explains that their ’slew’ of dates are ’both rocky and redeeming.’

Yeah, yeah, love is grand and all of that but I hope this series shows the ladies asking the really tough questions to their potential mates over a plate of shared taquitos, such as:

How do you feel about eating my placenta with me? 

Do you have an opinion on whether or not I circumcise my child? 

Cloth or disposable? 

How long is too long to breastfeed? 

Do you believe in spanking?

How annoying do you find the television program Caillou? 

Are you cool with waking up at three a.m. for about 16 months?

Can you demonstrate your swaddling technique? 

And whilst these fair maids look for love, it would be totally bitching if it showed them getting in catfights over baby names and who ate the last of the Ben and Jerry’s. I can’t even begin to imagine what will be presented to potential suitors during the elimination ceremony (ZOMG BUT THINK OF THE TYPE OF ELIMINATION CEREMONIES THEY COULD HAVE CONSIDERING PREGNANT LADIES HAVE TO PEE CONSTANTLY) but it better be something like a baby rattle or a pregnancy test stick or a beige toned nursing pad.

This show has the awesome potential if it really focuses on the pregnancy aspect. If it’s just some hot babes looking for love who just happen to have blossoming midsections, I’m going to be quite disappointed.

(Photo: GRBTV)

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  • HS

    Every time I think reality tv can’t sink any lower… Gawd.

  • http://twitter.com/TwAlexLee Alex Lee

    I’m hopeful that they’ll find some guys actually enthusiastic about being a father, rather than focus on douchebros.

    Producer: “Okay, you sit down and wait for the guy. Keep your coat on.”

    Camera crew escorts guy to the table

    Woman stands up, opens her coat to reveal her baby bump

    Camera tries to focus on guy as he jumps over tables to escape, leaving an untied sneaker and 3 broken gold chains in his wake.

    Next episode: Emesis

    • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter


    • TngldBlue

      It’d be so much better if they did this right after the birth and Chuckles got to go on the dates too.

    • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

      CHUCKLES! actually, he pretty much needs his OWN reality show

    • http://www.facebook.com/valerisexton.jones Valeri Jones

      OMG…. Chuckles!

    • HS

      But why do they even have to worry about finding a father figure. Pregnancy and being a single parent are stressful enough without the added stress of making a relationship work.

    • http://twitter.com/TwAlexLee Alex Lee

      I think they’re relying on the statistics that state two-parent households are better for childrearing. Illustrating the stress of finding a good father versus the potential benefits for the child and family unit.

      Chavs are good for comic-relief, but this could be a real vehicle for giving TV dads a better reputation.

  • Andrea

    OMG, WHY???? WHY IS THIS A THING??!!???

    Surely there are better (and more important) things to focus on when you are pregnant???

  • EmmaFromÉire

    Don’t worry Chuckles, your time will come.

  • redwingfreddy

    Wow – television sinking to an all new low…Now is any “normal” guy seriously looking for a relationship with a woman carrying another man’s child?
    Sloppy 2nd’s at it’s finest.

    • Amy

      Wow. You’re just disgusting aren’t you? I suppose the only women you date are virgins who’ve never seen a man before? I guess that makes sense though, because without real world experience there’s a slim chance you might con them into dating you!

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  • conecrnedcitizen

    Seriously, what’s next? “Who Wants To Marry A Serial Killer?”

    I weep for America.

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