Racist Pig Attacks Muslim Woman And Baby And This Needs To Stop

peaceThe Boston Marathon bombing has brought out the good in plenty of people. But I’m having a hard time recalling the heroes when I read news like this from Think Progress:

Malden resident Heba Abolaban said she and her friend, both wearing hijabs, were walking with their children on Commercial Street when a man forcefully punched her left shoulder and began shouting at them.

“He was screaming ‘F___ you Muslims! You are terrorists! I hate you! You are involved in the Boston explosions! F___ you!’ “

Imagine yourself, for a second, taking a walk with your child around your neighborhood and a stranger comes up and starts yelling at you. That alone would be enough to jog my adrenaline and make me start searching for a safe place. But then to be blamed for a mass murder? To have my entire human existence reduced in a moment to a crude, false stereotype? That’s beyond appalling.

But this prevailing bigotry goes beyond assholes who commit hate crimes. Look at the way the media interviewed Ruslan Tsarni, uncle of the suspects, yesterday. The majority of reporters’ questions involved the family’s country of origin and citizenship status, and this continued to be the focus of discussion among news anchors. I understand our country is still suffering PTSD from the horrors of 9/11. I understand that the wide scope of law enforcement’s response to the attack does beg the question of whether this is bigger than just a criminal attack by two kids.

But that is no excuse for anyone to terrorize Muslims. That is no excuse to assault and humiliate a woman like Abolaban in the street. That is no excuse for all of this unfounded media speculation and ordinary people posting xenophobic rants to their Facebook pages. People in my family, people I’m supposed to love, have posted status updates demonizing Muslims and contributing to this chest-puffery that followed yesterday’s capture of suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

I’m glad law enforcement can finally rest and the people of Boston can leave their homes. I’m equally glad we may be one step closer to understanding why this crime occurred. But no amount of prevailing justice, radicalism, xenophobia or revenge is going to heal the injured or bring back the people who died on that finish line.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/courtney.wooten Courtney Lynn

    I just don’t get the xenophobic responses to acts of terrorism. Timothy McVeigh was a white American. Where’s the prejudice there?

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Amanda Low

      Right? Ugh.

  • Tea

    I dearly hope this person was mentally ill and not just a raging, ignorant asshat. That is completely ridiculous. That poor woman did not deserve this.

    Not long after 9/11, they threw a raging hissyfit near my home town because a “Mosque” was being built, and suddenly every political budgerigar was screaming that the terrorists had won and were claiming small town America. It had been in construction for 6 months before hand, and it was an Eastern Orthodox church (Fun Fact: Some members of which also wear head-scarfs.). That’s pretty much the moment I lost faith in humanity.

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Amanda Low

      That shit drives me crazy. There have been plenty of acts of violence committed in the name of the Christian god but people seem to think Islam is the only religion out there that houses violent extremists. Dumb dumb dumb.

    • LiteBrite

      My BIL posted a link to some attack in Egypt by Islamic extremists (I didn’t read it), with the caption “And Islam is such a peaceful religion. Yeah, right.” It took everything in my power not to comment, “Thank goodness Christians have never committed violence in the name of Christianity,” but I decided the sarcasm would be lost on him.

      I did say to DH though, “Your brother is an idiot,” at which point he replied, “Yes, I know.”

  • CMJ

    Honestly, as an Arab-American, it feels as though racism towards Arabs and Muslims is the “acceptable” racism. Not amongst my friends, but in general. (well, a Facebook acquaintance did mansplain my ethnicity to me…that was FUN!) It’s rampant in comment sections, Twitter, and various news organizations. Interestingly enough, even AFTER the suspects were identified, the racial slurs used towards Arabs specifically were disheartening and horrifying. And then, situations like the ones discussed in this article happen.

    Do white males get attacked after mass shootings perpetrated by white males? No. But all Muslims are terrorists? I just can’t wrap my head around it.

    • LiteBrite

      “The acceptable racism….”

      My sister lives near an Islamic Society building. Yesterday we drove past there on the way to her house, and I saw kids outside riding their bikes with mothers in hijabs (?) outside supervising. It’s not an uncommon site when I drive by, but this time I said to my husband, “I can’t imagine how hard it must be a Muslim in America today.”

  • Peggy

    I saw an interesting quote on Facebook the other day, saying that most Muslims view Islamic terrorists the same way most Christians view the westboro baptist church.

    • http://www.facebook.com/iwill.findu.90 Iwill Findu

      Every group has their crazy extremists that doesn’t mean that they should only be defined by them. But for most people outside of that group it’s the nut jobs that they are the most exposed to.

    • Psych Student

      I saw that too. My jaw hit the floor. I already understood that, just like with other groups, Muslims have their wakos, but for it to be put like that just really made it super clear for me in a way that wasn’t clear before.

  • Katia

    Yeah that would suck to be her getting assaulted by a mentally disturbed individual. And yeah he was wrong and made no sense. I don’t mean this the wrong way but to play devils advocate, would she rather be in America deflecting violent mental patients, xenophobes, bigots and stereotypes, or her home country where rape is probably not prosecuted and women have limited freedom. Let alone any political instability…
    Just wondering if she regrets coming here

    • http://www.facebook.com/iwill.findu.90 Iwill Findu

      Wow those are the only choices there? Assaulted by strangers on the street, or raped and oppressed? How about #3 were women are always safe to walk down the street without fear?

    • lea

      Yeh, you are so right. She should just shut up and put up. Because she would have it so much worse elsewhere. How lucky she is, only having to deal with assault by some rabid racist individual, rather than persecution in back “home”.

      I mean shit, why should she have the right to expect better than that for her and her family? Right?

    • Catherine

      Katia, that is just ridiculous.
      Everyone has the right to go about their lives without being harassed or assaulted. Being Muslim does not change that.

    • Tea

      Did you seriously just pull the “Go America, or Go Home!” card?

      My partner is from an eastern European country that had a genocide in the last century or so, and I don’t think his options are ” Well, if you’re sick of being extra-profiled (Which he is because he looks ambiguously middle eastern, despite being from a country no one has heard of), you can always just go back to the country where they want your ethnic group dead, doesn’t sound so bad now does it?” What happened to her was awful, and she doesn’t deserve it, nor should she have to put up with it because she chose to move on. I can’t even find a source as to if she’s a first generation immigrant, she could very well have been here longer than my family.She shouldn’t be grateful that all she’s being is assaulted.

      Seriously, that’s like saying that I should be okay with only being hassled and discriminated against for being disabled, because they’re killing people with my medical condition in Tanzania. (Albinism, for the curious)

    • CMJ

      No. Just no.

    • Tusconian

      The American dream, constitutional rights, and legal rights only apply to people who YOU deem proper Americans.

      I can also see no conclusive evidence that her “home” country is anywhere where women have limited freedom and rape isn’t a crime, or that her home country is anywhere but here. It’s cute how you (barely) condemn xenophobes and bigots but immediately assume that a brown woman in a headscarf can’t possibly be American.

  • Psych Student

    I read a piece by The Onion that talked about how American’s don’t have enough information to stereotype Chechenians. I know The Onion is satirical but I think this was pretty accurate. We (most people) want to so much to stereotype and then panic when we don’t know what the stereotype is. I remember when the media said the suspects were “dark-skinned males”. They didn’t look very dark to me.

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