Eric Christian Olsen Does Junk To Pregnant Wife Sarah Wright That Makes Me Feel Pukey

Eric Christian Olsen Doting DaddyOK, yeah, maybe I am just jealous because my baby making days are over and I would love to be all WITH CHILD and printing out this article to wave in my husband’s face to make him feel amazingly guilty that this Eric Christian Olsen is being all show-offy about what an amazing husband he is being whilst his wife is WITH CHILD. Or maybe this all just sounds super hokey and saccharine and most baby daddys don’t treat their baby mamas like this and I have every right to feel pukey. I don’t know you guys! You decide! From, who interviewed Sarah Wright:

“Eric has been the most amazing husband,” the expectant actress told PEOPLE exclusively, after debuting her baby bump in a L’Agence gown Wednesday for the Kaleidoscope Ball in Beverly Hills.

“In my first three months he cooked me food, did all the laundry and cleaning while working 60 hours a week on the show!”

The doting dad-to-be, who isn’t shy about showing his feelings, has been making sure to give the baby belly plenty of love, too.

“Every day he kisses the baby bump one time for every week old the baby is,” Wright explains. “This morning he was running late, but I still got 22 kisses on the belly before he ran out the door.”


Awww, isn’t that just the cutest? Eyeroll eyeroll eyeroll. Doting, yeah, we get it, next he will be taking her to the hospital to deliver the baby on a magical flying unicorn and bestowing a million kisses on the OBGYN for tending to his wife. Blah blah blah. Today is my wedding anniversary. My husband had to get on a plane at 4 a.m. but he promised me when he gets home he will watch me watch old Deadwood episodes! ROMANTIC!


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  • SDA

    Sorry, but if my husband had kissed my belly EVERY SINGLE MORNING for EACH week I was into my pregnancy, I would have probably thrown something at his head by at least week 10.

    I loved the fact he bought me prenatal massages and always came home with ice cream.

  • Myriam

    Unless my baby is kicking or moving, I don’t let people touch my belly, and even I rarely do! When I was 8 weeks pregnant with my second one, my stepmom (I love her very much), asked to touch my belly: I laughed and explained that whatever bump I had was mostly gaz anyway so there wasn’t much to touch!!! I have to say, I am not the most romantic, but if she likes it, than good for her!!!

  • Guerrilla Mom

    She’ll be smacking his face away by week 30.

  • Frances Locke

    Ok I am in love now. I love that you start your articles with a little F U to the trolls. You are my hero Eve.

  • Frances Locke

    Also, yuck! My partner would have been super mega punched.

  • Valeri Jones

    Happy Anniversary, Eve!!!!

  • missiemeghan

    If it makes them happy, that’s all that matters.

  • Charlene Ross

    Ugh! You are correct – super pukey!

  • Love the Deeks

    I find it sweet and each to their own…they are sweetly in love and I say leave them alone, what is it with people that just want to be mean and nasty and then go write an article about it WHY???….