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The Teen Rape Epidemic Continues: Two Boys Allegedly Raped Another Teen Who Was Unconscious

teen rape epidemic continues in auroa caseAnother day, another alleged teen rape. That’s how it is starting to feel. This time, In Aurora, where a teen who was drinking passed out and two other teens removed the victim’s clothing and raped them. My pronouns are purposefully non-descriptive because the statement is written in a way which conceals the gender of the victim. From News-Leader.com:


The victim, according to the statement, told police he or she had been drinking alcohol and, after passing out, was forcibly restrained by two suspects. One suspect forcibly removed the victim’s clothing, the document says, before both suspects raped the victim.

The victim knew the suspects, the statement says, and identified Carpenter and a second attacker to police. The second suspect, born in 1997, is referred to only as “HK” in the probable cause statement.

The suspects allegedly took the victim’s underwear after the rape. Two witnesses gave statements to the sheriff’s department saying that Carpenter was in possession of the victim’s underwear after the rape.


One teen is jailed on a $100,000 bond.

I have asked parents to start speaking to their kids about rape and rape culture and the differences between consensual sex and rape, probably about a hundred times by now. I know a lot of you have done just that, and you find these stories as troubling and urgent as I do. I’m not entirely sure how we can stop this, but as I have suggested before, we are pretty much at the point where we need radical steps taken to insure this stops happening. I’m not naive, I know that people have been raped since the dawn of time, and on a minute-by-minute basis rapes are occuring everywhere all over the world. But other than donate money, the only thing I can do is take care of my corner of the world which includes raising my own kids, who live in America, not to be rapists and how to be a good friend to their peers, one who helps those in trouble and who alerts an adult if they are ever in a situation where someone is in danger, and who doesn’t participate in rape culture or degrading language or actions towards others.

I’m so sad, and sick and frustrated.

Little is known about the new Aurora case at present but it’s the same sad old story we have heard so many times over the last months, stories about Jane, about Rehtaeh, about Audrie, girls who allegedly snuck out of their homes, who went to parties with their friends and peers, who drank too much or had alcohol forced down their throats , who ended up raped.

This needs to end.

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  • chickadee

    I like the use of non-gender-specific pronouns. I recommend that for all rape reports, because then the inclination is to focus on the crime rather than on how the girl/woman might have been ‘asking for it’ or ‘leading them on.’

  • cool

    Well we do also need to teach our young girls about NOT drinking n doing drugs and the like as well. Not saying they are at fault but clearly it is an ever present factor in these cases of rape..that being the case we need to attempt to have a tighter reign on them and we REALLY need to concentrate on our young boys…because they are getting the idea that thus is ok from somewhere!

    • whiteroses

      The thing is—- it doesn’t matter if someone is so drunk they’re unconscious and so high they’re seeing pink elephants. You can still be raped when you’re sober. A person has the right to do what they want to do without fear of sexual assault.
      I’ve typed that so many times in the last month that it amazes and saddens me. Rape shouldn’t be placed on the victim’s shoulders. Ever.

    • http://www.facebook.com/paul.white.3532507 Paul White

      That’s true, but I don’t think it’s incorrect to say that certain behaviors make you more vulnerable (although I’d love to find hard evidence either way, and I haven’t).

    • http://www.facebook.com/iwill.findu.90 Iwill Findu

      There are things that are going to increase the risk of something bad happening. If you drink or do drugs there are any number of things that could go wrong from a car accident, over dose or a rape. Why are these teens not being taught to drink responsibility?

    • Edify

      Yes, behaviors such as spending time with people that they know such as family and friends. Until these girls learn to curb this behavior by living in isolation, they will get raped.
      Seriously. More people are raped by people the should be able to trust in their own homes. Focusing on these certain behaviors that you believe puts victims at risk is taking the focus away from the fact that no one had the right to violate another person.

    • cool

      Well as stated im not placing any blame on the victim at all. Also i was speaking of our “young” girls and boys (Not adults). That being said..it is the adults that should ba able to do whatever they want without fear of anything (to a degree) not those 13,14,15 & 16 year olds that shouldn’t even be drinking to begin with.. Which also begs to question where the adults (parents) were during all of this. Even adults have to drink and whatever in a bit of moderation even if it is only to be coherent enough to be in control of your own faculties, not drive drunk etc. Again though i wasn’t speaking o. Behalf of the adults but the kids that tWE THE ADULTS need to instill the morals and values in so that they can in no way think that rape nor assault nor the drinking and lewd behavior is acceptable in any way. So thought i agree with you pn ypur points of view it really had nothing to do with the point I was in fact making

    • whiteroses

      That’s actually incorrect. Even teenagers should be able to drink and hang out with their friends naked (note the use of hyperbole here) without fear of sexual assault. Teenagers make adult decisions every day, and they’re placed in adult situations every day. It doesn’t really matter if a girl or a boy has been drinking. These risky behaviors? Yeah, they make it easier for someone to take advantage of you. But getting drunk or high isn’t an automatic assurance that you will get raped.

      I suppose the idea that if you avoid certain behaviors you won’t get raped is a nice one, but it’s simply not true. And as for rape, assault, drinking or lewd behavior? That’s been going on since the beginning of time. It would be awesome if we could raise a generation of children that found rape utterly unacceptable. But it’s simplistic to think that the rape culture in which we live will be automatically fixed by teaching children not to drink, do drugs, commit assault, or engage in lewd behavior. There’s so many moving parts: teaching our sons and daughters to respect themselves and others, explaining that people who encourage you not to respect others are people you don’t need to be around, teaching them to respect their bodies and guard their hearts. We all have to work together to change this. And you can’t impose morality on children whose parents can’t or won’t teach it.

      I’m doing my part by setting up my son’s childhood so that I can teach him those important things. But based on what I’ve seen in the past three months? It’ll be a drop in the bucket.

      I console myself by knowing that every drop, no matter how small, creates ripples.

    • cool

      On that i disagree. I do know that much of what you stated was NOT rampant as it is and not going on with youngsters since the beginning of time. My whole point was the one you later stated “that we all have to do our part to raise our children” with thise qualities listed. No one suggest that there will be some magical halt to what is happening but what we CAN NOT DO is to just continue to say that because something is happening or has been happening a long time that we should do nothing about it..or (not much) can be done. I disagree. What i do know is that if we Don’t do something to curve the behavior then our next few generations won’t stand a chance because it has not gotten better on its own. Most of the times that children are in “adult situations” they do not make adult decision..but childish ones..because..lol.. They are children..not adults hence the problems we see today. One of the biggest problems though is too many parents wanting to be they’re kids friends instead of parents..and too many of the people who can make money on the bs cultures or parts of it i should say (such as gangsta or hard core rap) who by the way again are (supposedly) adults, don’t wish to lose the cash cow so they do not dare do too much to speak out against what is being said and spewed and portrayed in our music, movies, Videos and the like. I remember nit too long ago, when our actors and artists in all areas of entertainment were refusing to do such roles that would portray our race and gender perspectively in a bad light… Now here we are behind the scenes..behind the cameras..behind the mics..behind the record labels, and we are portraying ourselves even worse than what we were fighting against. But i am getting a bit off track here but only because i am passionate about it and I too am raising a son and a daughter in these tough times. I am fighting to instill some decent morals..values and ues God in they’re lives, so that hopefully they will know that it is bigger than them alone..its not all what they want when they want it and contrary to popular belief there are some things more important than money..there is integrity..charachter content..responsibility coupled with accountability. Respect for elders and for one another and things of the like. I am willing to stand with anyone who is able and ready to fight against what is happening these days..and if no one will. Then i will fight alone…

    • whiteroses

      And I’m glad that you will. But other parents won’t. Other parents who don’t see anything wrong with this behavior, who don’t care enough to stop it. And you can say over and over again that it’s not rampant, that it JUST happened, that teenagers used to not do drugs and drink illegally- but it actually is. Teenagers have, in fact, been doing this since the beginning of time. If you don’t believe me, read your history.

      I think it’s equally as dangerous to promote the belief that there’s a magical combination that will cause you not to get raped. Like, if you’re sober, this can’t happen. Or if you don’t drink, or if you don’t do drugs, then it won’t happen. Or if you don’t walk in certain areas, then you’ll never be raped. The fact remains that more people are likely to be raped on dates, or by people that they know, or in broad daylight. Yeah, we need to do all we can to promote a culture where rape doesn’t exist.

      But as long as a few boys or girls grow up thinking it’s ok, then it will continue to exist. As long as there’s victim shaming (look at Torrington, Steubenville or Tarpon Springs) and as long as people ignore a victim’s cries for help (the Kitty Genovese case) then we’ll always have a rape culture. The key is raising your personal children to not accept it, to do their best to step in if they ever see it, and to raise our children to respect others. I can’t answer for what other parents do. I can only answer for how I’m raising my son. I can demand that other parents do better, but I can’t change their child’s experiences.

    • chickadee

      I think you could actually say that we need to teach our children about not drinking and doing drugs, without making a distinction between genders.

    • cool

      Yes we can and should..but the distinction was only made because it is the girls who these guys get drunk and prey on mostly..so my point was if the girl refused to even have a drink with thwm then that would lessen the chance of that happening to them in that manner..not because of saying “only” the females nees not drink.. I also pointed out that we should teach the young “boys” that rape..assault..getting the girl drunk or high to take advantage of her, is unacceptable..but you didn’t mention that. Its only gender apecific when the crime or bad behavior itself is.

    • chickadee

      No, I mentioned it for two reasons. One, we don’t know if the victim of this particular attack was male or female, so we could be talking about a drunken male victim. Two, it is nitpicky but necessary to avoid making it sound like, ‘if only these girls didn’t get drunk, they might not get raped,’ and I am sure that is not what you meant.

    • cool

      Point well taken

    • Tusconian

      Why not our boys too? And why because of rape? Drinking and doing drugs as a teen, especially to excess, is dangerous and unhealthy on it’s own no matter what gender or where at.

    • cool

      Never said not boys too and never said it was only because of rape..read all of what was said please

    • Tusconian

      Then why say it, instead of in a totally different discussion? Why make that your major point? This discussion is predominantly about rape, with drugs and alcohol being a side issue. Rape would happen even if they were all drinking decaffeinated soda at high school parties. Why not post your drug and alcohol rant on one of the million blog posts out there about the dangers of drugs and alcohol specifically?

      Especially since, I strongly suspect, in many cases, even if the girls don’t know it, the alcohol consumption wasn’t high enough to render one completely unconscious as if dead, and the drug consumption wasn’t voluntary. When I said these things would happen if they were drinking soda was serious; teenage boys and young men have more access to date rape drugs than most people realize

    • cool

      First off i said what i said because i felt a need to. Secondly i do not “rant” and third..the article even its title states another teen rape while unconcious on drugs or alcohol. So right there says that the alcohol is not a “side issue” but part of the main point of the discussion which seems to be the “use of alcohol / drugs” in these rapes. The point that they would rape a girl even if they were drinking soda is made moot when you then add to that that they have access to date rape drugs..which again is the same point..using drugs or alcohol. Would it make a differeyif the drug or alcohol was not in the equation? HELL YES. The perpetrators in question obviously can’t or don’t have the strength or feell it to be easier if they drug them ir get them drunk. The whole point if using a drug or alcohol seems to be to make it easier..make the victim less resistant and hopefully not able to remember (which is often the case) or know that they ever were even raped. Anyone who thinks that the alcohol and or the drugs is not a major part of this is not really looking at this with open eyes. These people are people they know and trust..so no I’m sorry this wouldn’t happen in this manner without the drugs and alcohol. Then it would have to be forcibly done..and the woman would fight..and scream..and all that she could to keep it from happening…and may kick his ass. This is precisely why the drugs and alcohol was used..to make it easier to do and get away with. Hope you can see that now.

  • Victoria

    My god, has this been going on the whole time and just didn’t get new coverage (but is just currently a hot topic and so gets recognition) or is this something that’s becoming more common as youth culture changes??

    • Blooming_Babies

      Nope I’m gonna say that it’s been going on the whole time… Sad, sick, wrong

    • Melissa T

      It’s been going on for a long, long time.

    • Tusconian

      It’s been going on for a long time. I suspect if we could somehow accurately survey rape stats from across history, we’d actually be at a fairly low point, just because we have a broader, but more solid definition of what rape is, our society actually slut shames somewhat less than in the past, justice is available to victims at least in theory, and of course, the internet allows for more exposure of these situations. While that increases the victim blaming, it also increases the support, and just the news reaching people outside the immediate community.

      The internet and ease of social media also allows this proof to get out more easily. Ten years ago, most teenagers didn’t have cell phones, and even fewer had cell phones that could take a picture. And that picture would be grainy and miniscule, and cost 25 cents to send (assuming that the picture-takers’ friends all had phones equipped with texting and picture capabilities, which they probably didn’t). Facebook wasn’t a thing, myspace was barely a thing, and platforms like Twitter and Instagram were not even a concept yet. Taking a video with a cell phone wasn’t even a thing, nor was connecting to the internet. It was for phone calls, and texting if your parents were super rich (and you had to keep it to a limit). The only way for something like this to happen only ten years ago would be to bring a digital camera to a party, take the pictures, then send them around via email, which was more trouble than it was worth. If something like this happened ten years ago, they couldn’t bully someone by handing around pictures instantly to the whole school. There would be only word of mouth gossip, and no matter how disturbing the gossip is, teenagers just don’t care about that type of gossip if they weren’t there and all they heard was a rumor, so the bullying that follows these cases wouldn’t be as noteworthy (though it would still happen). It certainly wouldn’t reach students at other schools or across the country.

    • Victoria

      Somehow the social media aspect seems to make it so much worse then before. Once it goes viral, it must be so much harder to pick up the pieces. I guess I remember rumors about girls getting assaulted at parties in high school, but it was never anything more than vague gossip. Now there’s permanent, digital evidence, and everyone in the school has seen it. Horrible.

    • acmavm

      Oh good grief. If you had any idea of what COLLEGE coaches have covered up for their star players, you’d really be appalled.

    • Victoria

      I’m appalled at all of it, frankly. It seems like everyone knows, which is the worst part.