Pregnant Kim Kardashian Went Somewhere Sans Kanye, So Clearly She Is Sad And Alone

pregnant Kim KardashianPregnant ladies, do you go everywhere with your partner? Does your significant other walk you to and from work each day while you’re expecting? Because if not, according to some outlets, this makes you a “somber” pregnant lady. Just ask Kim Kardashian!

The Daily Mail reports that pregnant Kim Kardashian was looking mighty sad while arriving at a Los Angeles studio — and all because her man wasn’t, you know, cradling her tummy while she walked or something:

Kim Kardashian is pregnant and embroiled in a bitter divorce battle while her boyfriend Kanye West is 5,600 miles away in Paris.

And it seems the strain is taking a toll on the reality TV star.

The 32-year-old looked decidedly somber as she arrived alone at a Los Angeles studio dressed in a matching green outfit on Wednesday.

I don’t know. To me it just looks like she’s trying to keep her balance and make an entrance into the studio without falling. Who knows what other awesome trifecta of morning sickness, acid reflux, and headaches she is also navigating while trying to look pretty pregnant for whatever TV appearance this is. You don’t exactly roll out of bed looking celebrity baby bump ready.

And sure, the couple don’t spend that much time together — like a lot of high profile couples. But I would imagine that whatever anxiety exists there (if any), it doesn’t really have much to do with accompanying her on the Pregnant Kim Kardashian 2013 Press Tour.

(photo: Judy Eddy/

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  • HS

    I’m more worried for the dress. Ugh! Cardinal rule for all women regardless of pregnancy status: never wear anything that creates back rolls!

    • Muggle

      Hey, it’s better than that horrific floral getup she showed up in to the Met Life gala. D:

      Anyway the Mail (affectionately referred to as “the Daily Fail” in its country of origin) runs articles like this close to every day. It’s annoying and total bullshit, but the Fail will come through, rain or shine.

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