Justin Bieber Should Visit A Concentration Camp To Better Understand His Anne Frank Fail

Justin Bieber Should Visit A Concentration CampWe all know teenagers can be totally self-involved and not the most compassionate individuals. We know sometimes they put their own needs first and care about their own feelings first and sometimes pull some really stupid things because of their own immaturity and the fact they are too busy wallowing in their own overdramatic self-importance and a raging case of hormonal overload. But not all teenagers are like this, and a lot of them are smart and caring and every day they do amazing things in the world to demonstrate that they are fully on their way to becoming amazing grownup people.

If you have a teen you probably hold them to certain standards. You talk to them about what you expect from them and how they should behave and how you want them to conduct themselves when out in this great big world. I don’t feel like teen celebrities should be an exception, which was why the majority of us were pretty appalled that terrible monkey-daddy and all around dork Justin Bieber pulled another class act when he visited the Anne Frank museum and posted in the guestbook:

Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.


Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 8.08.10 AM

It’s beyond me how anyone could take an opportunity when commemorating their visit to such a sacred and important landmark to use this chance to suggest that mayhaps the “great girl” the museum honors would have been on of their fans. A girl who gave a face and a voice to the terrible atrocities of the Holocaust and who wrote a book that continues to educate and inspire so many with her courage and bravery. But like, forget that dude, because maybe she would have been a fan of the Bieb.

I’m never truly shocked at how vapid and self-obssesed teenagers are, but I would think maybe one of Justin’s entourage or maybe even his mother might have suggested a better sentiment to be left at such an important landmark. Maybe while Bieber is traipsing all over Europe and leaving his monkey places a visit to Dachau to learn some history may be a good idea.

(photo: twitter)

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  • BR

    I read about this on a news website this morning and decided not to tweet about it, because I didn’t want to give him any more publicity. Yes, I feel bad for his mother– son is a self obsessed brat.

    • russie

      i don’t think he’s a brat – i think he’s a teen who says stupid sh*t, like the rest of them (and us). try to take note of the intention behind his message – it wasn’t something that was mean-spirited, but saying “great girls are beliebers”, so, although he didn’t present it in the most appropriate way, i don’t think he’s intending to make light of Anne Frank’s journey.

    • alice

      i’ve tried taking note of his intention every way possible, and can’t come up with a single reason to defend this self absorbed brat.

      it would be like Rex Ryan writing “hopefully she would have been a Jets fan” – - a move that everyone – even JETS FANS – would deem heartwrenching, vulgar, classless, and incredibly offensive. But the Biebs does it and we say “meh, he’s only 19″ as if human standards don’t apply.

      there is no good intention behind what he wrote.

    • goofyjj

      blowing it off is EXACTLY why he acts like a self absorbed brat. he’s a moron and a jerk and narcissistic….. and on top of that, extremely insulting

    • chickadee

      Yeah, there’s no way to spin this any more positively than to say he’s a self-absorbed idiot who doesn’t understand historical context and perhaps has a problem with the concept of empathy.

    • russie

      hmm..i understand all of your outrage, but i suppose that all of you have always said the appropriate things and have never faltered or misspoken, right?

      and pulling out the “he’s a celebrity” excuse isn’t really valid because a) words can affect, no matter who they come from and, b) everyone has the right to state their opinion (I’m sure none of the other comments are scrutinized), so why should he get special treatment because he’s a celeb? can’t have it both ways…

    • WinWin

      Yes, we might have misspoken sometime in our life..but celebrity or not, when people write stuff in guest books or any place else for that matter – you give it some thought. In this situation more than a couple of minutes of thought should have been put into that comment because he is who he is. It is not like he walked into the place just for kicks and was presented with the guest book out of the blue! No, it was planned and he should have planned a good remark instead of writing down something that shows no respect.

    • Tusconian

      He’s not that young. He’s 19, not 15 or 16; he may technically be a teenager, but he’s also an adult. And yes, there is a huge difference in maturity and self-awareness that typically happens in those gap years. Most 19 year old college students would get their asses handed to them for saying something like this, so when does Justin Bieber have to let go of the “but he’s just a kid” excuse? 21? 25? 50?

  • michelle pittman

    Eve – your articles are always spot on — just one more thing to shake my head about…but it kills me — there’s so many trashy shows on MTV that encourage the it’s all about me attitude in teens — i know MANY wonderful teens who volunteer, spend their spring breaks on mission trips helping others, etc. — maybe the culture would change if MTV or another “cool” network would have a show about THESE kids and show what you can accomplish — instead of glorifying the train wrecks

    • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

      awww, thank you and I totally agree. We (as in society) glorify these creeps, look at how much pro athletes are paid vs. teachers! It makes me crazy. yes, many good teens doing stuff in the world but who cares? we care about sex tapes and drug benders and Lindsay Loahn. yeehaw.

  • russie

    i’m all about marketing and promotion of the brand whenever and wherever, but there are limits and that ending, although i see what he was trying to do, is tacky and inappropriate.
    which begs that questions that i’ve been asking so often lately, with all of the celeb news, where is his publicist???

  • Cliff

    Having had the misfortune to work with pop stars and other celebrities for several years I can tell you… It wouldn’t help. They are ,in general, bratty, self obsessed people with the empathetic capability of fruit flys. Because the narcissism is so extreme that he wouldn’t get it. He wouldn’t understand that not everything is about him. It would either bore and disinterest him or he would have to find a roundabout way to make it about him in order for it to affect him.

    • Cliff

      Oh and cocaine makes them 10 x worse. Coke+ Celeb = worst combo ever.

    • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

      Cliff, you need to dish on this more. we need names of who is truly awful! hee hee

    • Cliff

      Eve. Life wouldn’t be worth living if I were found out. Also I wouldn’t want to expose some kids idol as a P**ck. ( Though I will say that people who don’t quite win American Idol never get over it . ;-))

      I can tell you who *isn’t* a douche though?

    • Blueathena623

      Ok, let us know who isn’t a douche!

    • Cliff

      My favorites (top 6)

      David Hyde Pierce ( aka Niles from ‘Fraiser.’) – Very nice guy and kind to crew and younger actors.

      Mark ‘E” Everett ( Eels) – No Ego. You wouldn’t know he was famous.

      Patti Smith – Intense but genuine

      Caroll Spinney ( Big Bird) – Lovely man

      Patricia Arquette. – Very funny and down to earth

      Peter Buck (REM) – Friendly, involved, buys his daughters feminist literature.

  • Lastango

    Bieber leads a consequence-free life. This is some of the fruit that falls from that tree.

  • chickadee

    Bieber believes his own hype. He’s bigger than Jesus….

  • mari

    I’m sorry but clearlyyou’ve never been to the Anne Frank museum. There are images of celebrities she admired, it’s actuallya very relevant comment.She was a full person her life is not only about themisery of the Holocaust.

  • Justme

    I’ve been to the Anne Frank house and I’ve visited a concentration camp. Perhaps it’s because I’m well educated and not a class A douchecanoe, but I walked away feeling solemn, grateful and even hopeful….and most certainly not focused on myself. At least for us Americans, we don’t have to claim him as our own?!

  • CK

    Perhaps there is a new website in here, somewhere? STFUBeiber? This would obviously constitute a Beiberjacking.

    In all seriousness, though, this kid needs to fade away. To take something like this, and make it about you is the slimiest of all slime moves. I didn’t care enough to have an opinion about this kid before, but you don’t cheapen anything to do with the Holocaust. That’s always a sore spot with me.

  • faifai

    I have to disagree with the nasty remarks. I’m not a fan of the kid (I’ve never actually heard any of his songs all the way through, and I’m perfectly content that way) but it just looks to me like he’s saying he would hope that she would like him, which is a very typical and very honest comment for any child. Maybe it’s because I mentor young men who are just in Justin’s age group, but that’s really how I read it. “I hope she would have liked me.” All of you moms are hearing that kind of vulnerability and simplicity of interpersonal relationship from your own children.
    And let’s also be honest here: Anne was of the age group where she *would* have liked him! She was a typical young girl who enjoyed typical young girl things. Remembering her life is also about remembering that there was MORE to her life. It’s about remembering her humanity. She probably would have been a Justin Bieber fan if she was growing up today.
    Like I said, I’m not a fan of this kid, but don’t hate on someone just because it’s popular to hate on him.

  • Ordinaryperson
  • Barbara Calvert

    justin bieber should visit a concentration camp. It isn’t worth the waste of time to mention justin bieber’s name. It always hurts to know what Anne Frank had to go through.