Swedish Teens Busted For That Instagram ‘Sluts’ Account Are To Be Met With Big Fat Criminal Charges

swedish teens instagram slutsThe infamous Swedish Instagram account that anonymously called for pictures of underage “sluts” is still being investigated. Following the rioting of girls who claimed to either recognize themselves — or in some cases their younger siblings —  on the social media platform, authorities are pretty certain that they’ve sussed out who exactly hatched the slut-shaming idea.

The Local reports that prosecutors in Gothenburg — where the riots began last December — are hoping to formally charge two ladies aged 15 and 18 respectively. Authorities are aiming for “aggravated defamation” charges to be filed at the end of this month. But prosecutor Annika Boman tells the paper that they are still on the hunt for new information, some of which reveals that both young men and women were included in the slut-shaming account that included alleged and detailed “sexual activities” by said minors.

So far, 85 people have reportedly been interviewed in conjunction with the Instagram case:

Many of the comments, several of which used graphic and obscene language, are being investigated as possible slander.

Boman explained she must determine how many of those who reported possible defamation crimes will end up being included in the indictment, speculating that “not even half” will make the cut.

Still, looks like the rioting teen girls who flat out refused to be called Instagram “sluts” made their voices heard.

(photo: PiXXart / Shutterstock)

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  • Lastango

    “Still, looks like the rioting teen girls who flat out refused to be called Instagram “sluts” made their voices heard.”


    Those rioting teen girls were not making “their voices heard”. Rather, “The protesters are kicking down lampposts and jumping on cars,” (a witness) told the paper.”They’re going berserk.”


    I think what’s happening now is the Swedish authorities are making a show of going after the website authors and contributors to distract attention from an embarassing signal that all is not sweetness and light in the People’s Paradise of Sweden.

    That’s the style in Europe; for example, mobs are routinely described as generic “youth” in order to trivialize the suggestion that society there is coming apart at the seams. After all, some ornery citizens might begin to suspect dissolution reflects negatively on how the political class is ruling the show. But crumbling economies and rising unemployment make shoveling problems under the rug harder and harder to do.

    • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

      I so love those teens. Did you know there is a graphic novel coming out about them?

    • Lastango

      “They’re throwingbottles and stones at the police and attacking passers-by and people driving past,” Västra Götaland police spokesman Björ Blixter told the Aftonbladet newspaper…“They rushed in and were chasing one another and shouting threats,” one frightened shopper told TT…. “The protesters are kicking down lampposts and jumping on cars,” he told the paper.”They’re going berserk.”


      Do you know if that will be in the graphic novel?

      Oh, one other thing. Could there be something hiding behind that deliberately exclusive focus on “Swedish students”, “teenage girls”, and the need for instruction on the proper use of the internet? Well, well, well… lookit what we have here:


      “Jörgen From, headmaster of Framtidsgymnasiet, told Swedish Radio the school called all of its students and cancelled lessons for the day. ‘In my opinion there are anti-democratic forces at work here, that have taken on a life of their own,’” From said.



      Well said, Mr. From! Gosh, who would have guessed???

  • vlad

    koa beck you are a colored ass kissing slut yourself,they weren’t Swedish students trhey were muslim assholes.i would have went in there crackin niggr heads.