‘Busy Single Mother’ Michelle Obama Says .. Wait..What?

Michelle obama busy single mother Michelle Obama, you know the lady who is married to the President Of The United States, was being interviewed by CBS news when she sorta forgot she was a married lady and referred to herself as a “busy, single mother.” I love this, because it’s unintentionally hilarious and when you are married to one of the most powerful men in the world I would think you would sort of remember you are actually married to him. Unless he is so busy that on occasion you feel like you are a single mother, just with the means to afford $540 Lanvin sneakers.


I say feel this way about myself a lot too, that I’m a single mom because my husband travels a lot and works very long hours.

I love what she is saying about access to healthy foods, because we all know that so many neighborhoods in urban areas are basically food deserts, where your only choice is to go to the bodega on the corner with a huge supply of candy and soda, and a few mottled brown bananas where they charge $4.99 for a bunch. When I was a busy single mother, we had a place like this on my corner where I would take my kid when I got done with class to try and scrounge up a decent dinner and we always ended up buying microwave popcorn and peanut butter and bread .But we were always offered to purchase drugs by the local businessmen who stood around outside.  It was pretty bad.

I relied on my own mom to bring us real food when she would drive up on weekends to take my kid so I could go to class, or else we took two buses to the real grocery store on occasion and as any single busy mom can tell you, there is nothing more fun than wrangling a few bags of groceries and a toddler in a stroller on city transportation. But something tell me that Mrs. Obama doesn’t know a whole lot about that.

(photo: WENN)

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  • AS

    Yeah, if I were married to the POS, I would probably feel like a single mom too!!

  • Blueathena623

    I give her some lee-way because I love Michelle. She totally has resources the average single mom doesn’t have, but considering her husband is the president, I’m guessing she does the vast majority of parenting.

    • Betty Jenkum

      I hate parenting when I’m in the Bahamas…..

    • Makabit

      People do weird slips of the tongue sometimes. Condi Rice once referred to Bush as her husband. Let it go…

  • Lastango

    I appreciate the level of effort; it’s not easy for Michelle to self-identify with a victim group.

  • whiteroses

    My husband is on another continent. I haven’t seen him since December. I feel like a single mom sometimes, but I’m not- cause, you know, married and all.
    I don’t think she’s really in touch with average Americans- but spending more than four years in the White House will do that to anyone.