Child Abuse Is Everywhere And I’m Sick Of People Justifying It

shutterstock_87396635__1365082480_70.118.110.28It seems not a day goes by lately when you don’t hear about some horrific stories of child abuse. This week alone brought a story of a 4-year-old left outside in freezing temperatures as punishment for misbehaving in his daycare class, and an even more horrific story about a little boy being duct-taped and hung upside down as punishment in another daycare. How can so many adults feel that abusing children – even those who aren’t their own – is okay?

The first story happened at a North Dakota YMCA. KVLY-TV reports: ”A parent was dropping off their child at the Y Learning Center, when they saw a 4 year old boy standing outside with no coat on. The boy told the parent he was being ‘punished’, and they called police.” It seems the teachers were having a hard time getting the child to put his outdoor apparel on, so they took him outside and told him to stand on his snowsuit until he was ready to put it on. The temperature was in the teens. The boy was brought in by another staff member and dressed. The other staff members have been suspended.

The second story happened in Pennsylvania at Just 4 Kids Daycare. The Daily Mail reports: ”According to the Department of Public Welfare, two employees at Just 4 Kids Day Care and Learning Center in Hamlin held a child upside-down by his ankles to stop him from biting staff and made the boy walk around in underwear to punish him for soiling his pants. Officials say the boy’s hands and feet were duct-taped to keep him still.”

In situations like these, I usually just like to blame these actions on a few really misguided adults. But after reading some reactions to a piece my editor Eve Vawter wrote yesterday about a father whipping his teenage girls for posting a video of themselves dancing suggestively on Facebook – it became clear that many adults are not on the same page when it comes to physical abuse. With so many having cavalier attitudes regarding the abuse of children – frankly I’m not surprised that stories of abuse are surfacing daily.

To be fair, most commenters were condemning the father’s actions. And when it comes to stories of abuse in daycare – almost all agree that someone who is not a parent should not be physically disciplining a child. But the grey area lies in those who believe physical abuse is okay in the home – that it’s a parent’s decision and that’s that. I can only believe that this fosters an environment of abuse that spills over into other aspects of life. I would put money on the idea that the teachers who thought it was okay to duct-tape a child as punishment probably had some pretty awful punishment inflicted on them when they were children as well. This sort of behavior has to be learned somewhere, doesn’t it?

The point is – we are expected to model every other right behavior for our kids. From brushing our teeth, to saying “thank you” to being respectful of others. In what way are we modeling “right” behavior when we use physical violence to correct behavioral problems? The only thing that accomplishes is the lesson that force and pain gets you what you want.

That is not a lesson I am willing to teach my children.

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  • Blueathena623

    I was surprised by the comments left on Eve’s article. Everything was hunky dory when I read it, but apparently it blew up over night. To me, one of the distinctions between physical punishment (like spanking) and abuse is abuse is done out of anger. I’m not saying that’s the only distinction, obviously, but smacking your kid because you are mad and spanking a kid to, for lack of a better phrase, reinforce a lesson, to me, is different.
    And I’m pretty much totally against humiliation punishments. Kids learn enough through embarrassment as is (I’m looking at you middle schoolers).

    • Diana

      Don’t get me wrong. I agree that people shouldn’t hit out of anger ( or at all). But I actually find it much more horrifying when physical punishment is premeditated or cold blooded.

      I can understand the motivation of an angry parent lashing out, but a pre-meditated spanking seems almost sociopathic to me. I can’t stand the idea.

    • Blueathena623

      I agree, but as I stated above, I wonder if we’re thinking of spanking in the same light. Perhaps we are, but to me, spanking is a swat on the behind that is used more to startle the child. I know I seem like I’m backpedalig, but out of curiosity I asked my husband if he got spankings, and I realized that his version of spankings (multiple hits that hurt) were way different than the spankings I saw my mom do to my little sister (I don’t remember them myself because she didn’t do them past 3ish). I wouldn’t consider them pre-meditated, but maybe you would.

    • wmdkitty

      No. Hitting is hitting is hitting, and adults ought to be modeling peaceful, constructive discipline methods, rather than justifying a violent act against a child.

    • Tinyfaeri

      I saw a comedian once who had a bit that went something like this:
      “You always hear never to hit your kids when you’re angry. How fucked up would it be if you waited until you were happy? ‘Oh, no, Mom’s/Dad’s holding the belt and smiling, everybody run!’”
      …Abuse is abuse even if it’s done with a smile, or just without the screaming and yelling, ie. dispassionately to reinforce a lesson. I’m not 100% sure that spanking is abusein all cases, but now that I have a toddler, I can’t honestly ever imagine an occasion where I would do it to her, and we’ve decided never to spank her. God help anyone who lays a hand on my child. There are other ways to reinforce a lesson that don’t involve physical violence.

    • chickadee

      Oh exactly! I mean, how could you stand calmly while your child is frightened and prepare to hit her? I’d you don’t hit when you’re angry, you can’t when you’re calm because that kind of sounds psychopathic. When you’re calm you realize that there are much better methods of discipline that don’t involve hitting.

    • Tinyfaeri

      Yep. “You just wait til I’m in a good mood!” does seem a bit cray-cray. :)

    • Blueathena623

      I see what you’re saying. I also realized that people might have different ideas about what a spanking is. In my mind, I think of a spanking as a swat on the bottom. Not that I’m trying to change your mind on spanking, I just didn’t want people to think that I pro-hurting kids.

    • Valeri Jones

      I agree 100% with your take on spanking. We’ve talked about this before, as you know. But I spank, and by that I mean that if my son does something really dangerous like try to run into the road or climbing on something where he could get hurt, I give him two swats to the butt while I say, “No-no” firmly. Also, before the spanking (except for darting in the road, obviously), I count to 3. He is 16 months old and I haven’t had to spank him in over a month because now as soon as I get to 2, he stops doing what he is doing. For me, spanking worked as a teaching tool. Now that he’s getting older and can understand my system and talk a little bit, the spankings will phase out.

      To reply to another commenter named Valerie (nice), I do not feel that what I do is abuse. It has obviously worked in my house and unless another dangerous behavior arises, there probably won’t be much of it. Yes, it does my break my heart to see him cry after I spank him. But it would break my heart even more if he were to get seriously hurt or killed because he didn’t know how to listen to me. But to back up my system, I use CONSISTENCY. Con Man knows that when Mommy gets to 3, he is getting spanked, no matter what. I think this the consistency is key to any disciplinary system.

    • Blueathena623

      To me, spanking is very age dependent. I can’t see spanking a 6 year old because by that age you can reason with them more (to a degree). I haven’t spanked my 14 month old because I know he doesn’t understand things yet (he pauses when he hears no, but he thinks its a funny game). Now, this may all be bullshit because I haven’t reached that age yet, but if I were to spank my kid, it would be in that short window of a year, maybe two, where I know he understands what I’m saying ( do not go in the road) but doesn’t have the ability to really think of consequences. Once kids can start to imagine the theoretical, I don’t think spanking has a purpose.

    • Blueathena623

      Oh, and I saw Valerie’s comment and thought it was you, and I was like “wait, what?” ;)

    • Jen

      Absolutely, if you show consequences when they are young (a quick swat on the bottom if they are doing something really dangerous etc.) then when they are older spanking isn’t a problem because they know. Mom/Dad doesn’t play I better get my butt in gear!

    • faifai

      I agree completely. “You can’t have cookies for lunch” is different from “Stop trying to climb into the oven”. And everyone talking about “premeditated” is being kinda silly; hopefully you all know what it feels like when you’re enraged, and hopefully you all know what it feels like when you’re not enraged. :P

    • Valeri Jones

      “Stop trying to climb into the oven” made me LOL. :)

    • Tinyfaeri

      Oh, I didn’t think that – like I said, I’m not 100% in my own head as far as what I think of spanking in a general sense. I can say that I was spanked as a small child, and for me personally, it didn’t do any good. Any time I can remember being spanked, whoever did the spanking was already so angry at me and I was so sorry that I wouldn’t have done whatever it was I did again. It didn’t scar me for life, and I love my parents and all, but spanking didn’t do anything but make me look forward to the day when I was big enough to hit them back and adopt a “just you try it” attitude whenever we got into a fight in my teen years. It didn’t add to the effectiveness of the discipline for me, it just added a level of antagonism that didn’t need to be there.

  • Valerie

    When you hit a child, that is abuse. People trying to make a DISTINCTION between spanking and beating is like trying to distinguish between rape and “rape-rape”. There is no difference, there is no gray area. There is a victim and there is a perpetrator You can try to justify it all you want, but it is VIOLENCE. The End. That’s all she wrote folks. Think about this, what are you teaching a child when you hit them? I love you? I want you to guess what the kid thinks. My mommy hates me. She hits me. She doesnt love me. She hurts me. Do you like your kids to flinch when you raise your hands to hug them. Does that not break your heart. When you see tears in their eyes, does that not break your heart. When you see fear, hate, anger? HOW can you feel that is okay to inflict pain purposefully and intently on another person? Esp the people you brought into this world? You are given the gift of speech for a reason. You were given a level of intelligence for a purpose. We are smarter than the average bear folks. You can think of something more productive. No, it doesnt always have to be time-out, hell, I dont how effective that is, but you can think of something, and if you cant, guess what. YOU HAVE THE FREAKING INTERNET TO HELP YOU. Other people. There are resources. Therapy. Books. Just be creative. There are many different websites that offer information on how to deal with bad behavior or whatever. Beating your kid is not the one most recommended by professionals and for good reason. It hurts everyone. I tell my kids, there are so many mean people in the world, people who will hurt others to get what they want. You are better than that. You can do better than that. There is a reason why God gave you a heart, a brain and hands. So you could love, think and hug. Hate is easy. Love is hard. Even if you don’t believe in God, you can at least use logic to discern that teaching violence will beget violence. Don’t contribute to that cycle.

    • scooby23

      THANK YOU!!!!! I’m really sick and tired of people justifying spanking. Finally there is a SANE person out there!

  • MarisaSays

    I had to stop reading the comments on Eve’s article. There is no grey area in this issue to me; child abuse is terribly wrong in every way and is never okay.

  • Rachel Sea

    These stories make me crave a community where extended families and friends are constantly involved in child-rearing. No one involved in child care or education should feel the need to resort to violence. People are expected to just know how to care for kids (or to have researched it, with the assumption that anyone has the resources for reputably-based self-study). Clearly none of these people had the tools to deal with child discipline, and that means that the wider community has failed in the duty to promote the well-being of these kids. The perpetrators will be punished, but the damage will have been done, and no one will have learned anything, which means the cycle will continue.

  • Marcy

    I had to stop reading the comments on the other story, though I did comment there.

    I freely admit that I don’t have any objectivity on the subject because I was abused. I’ve read the comments here and I’m positive that you are very nice people. You seem thoughtful and reasonable. But just as I cannot be objective, I think you may have your own blind spots. So I’m just going to point out that a few of you are engaged in THIS conversation:

    What is the right number of times to hit my small child?

    For Christ’s sake, the rest is just semantics.

  • wmdkitty

    Violence is NOT the answer, people!

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  • JaneDoe

    Thank you for this article. Please keep speaking out on this–we all need to. I am a survivor of child rape and i witnessed my brother being physically abused. I was discussing something related to this with a woman who survived severe beatings at the hands of her father. The person consoles herself by believing that everyone in her neighborhood was abused like she was. The person also encouraged me to “understand” my family’s denial and callous treatment of children because they were treated like that when they were children.

    This sort of attitude gets in the way of healing, of cultural change and the protection of our nation’s children today. Plenty of people were abused as children and do not repeat the abuse as adults. It was never right, it will never be right no matter how much we “understand” the people who abuse children

  • Bujar Baku Baku

    ju uroj nje fat te mbar ja kalofshi mir

  • Maxwell

    They need to do the right thing with respect for the children.

  • Maxwell

    I agree. Child abuse is bad.

  • James

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  • Doreen

    First things first. We all know that employers and some colleges are paying attention to Facebook. How professional, even for a part-time after school job, is this? So never post ANYTHING you do not want to follow you for life. I read through most of the discussion on this forum and the link to the original story and it was back and forth against and for this type of punishment. But what got to me is that someone had the nerve to include “It’s not fair for some kids who did something that was mildly stupid and get punished for it.” I feel bad for those children who don’t have parents that care enough to discipline. To say that “So the girls here only did twerking and posted on FB and they almost died”. First there was no excessive force or attempted murder even with the cord and to even to compare them to a story about a girl with no self-respect and/or real parenting is unreal. Both types of behaviors are unacceptable either way. We have to remember that these girls knew their dad and knew that he would react this way or similar and did it anyway. There was a time when you did not want to do something bad because it was a reflection on your parents and it would get back to them so you did not do it!!!!! And just as they knew their Dad we have to trust that Dad knew is daughters and how to deal with them. To grow a conclusion on how dad should have reacted in just a few minutes is assuming you could have done better or different. Walk a mile in someone shoes first. I cannot guide other children but I can my own and I am ultimately responsible for them and their actions until they are grown and on their own.
    I want my children to grow up to be good, contributing members of society and care about themselves and their name sake. Never do,say, or write anything that you do want the WHOLE world to see.

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