Barbie May Be In Her 50s But She Looks Like A Tired 17-Year-Old Without Makeup

barbie without makeupIn yet another adage about makeup aging a person (see Courtney Stodden for examples), a photo of “Barbie without makeup” is making the Internet rounds. And without her schlack of war paint, I dare say Barbie doesn’t look a day older than 17. Okay, maybe a hard partying 17.

The iconic doll that never fails to spur a heated parenting convo pertaining to body image, feminism, and every other which plight of American girls is going natural. At least in the vision of graphic designer Eddi Aguirre, who reportedly posted his version of fresh-faced Barbie on Imgur. Although online comments are quick to cite “meth” and “the morning after,” I don’t think Barbie looks all that rough. With the braces and freckles, she looks like she and Skipper could have kicked around the same party last night — and maybe a little too late. 

This is where my new associate editor, Eve Vawter, and I have a very serious and profound editorial disagreement — because Eve says she looks like she’s been logging in those hours not at the beer keg but at the PTA with her four kids. It would appear that one lady’s “I’ve Been Up All Night Cramming For The SATs” look is another woman’s “Tired Mom.”


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  • Tea

    Weirdly, the part that bothers me are the “smile lines” (those dents by her mouth shaped like brackets.), which don’t usually show up until your mid-to-late twenties. And the longer lines under her eyes are also more age related, usually.

    I’d be totally cool with a more realistic barbie, with freckles, no makeup, a few moles, even acne, but my inner portrait artist isn’t buying this one.

    A more realistic version is this one:

    • Zoe

      Better. She’s still wearing some serious eyeliner and eyeshadow on her upper lids here, and her skin tone is too even.

      Eddi’s version is far too haggard. Harsh.

      The scruffy hair is a nice touch though. Now it looks more like mine.

    • meteor_echo

      Heh. I was an unfortunate kid who had mimic creases by the age of 15 :) Then again, I make faces which Charlie Chaplin would pay for to see.
      Though, I do like your version better – it does look more realistic in terms of removed makeup.

  • Crowther Amanda-Beth

    I agree with Eve. But keep in mind how many younger sisters Barbie has and regularly looks after at least two at time for her parentsand at one time she looked after four of t by em at once. You would look loke that to in that situation. She looks loke exhausted 24 ish yr old and given fact she is enternally never older then 28 makes scence.